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Xbox video game console was the result of a revolutionary invention in 2001 by Microsoft. This video gaming console marked the birth of an era of an unbelievable gaming experience and changed the level of gaming on soft media forever. Although, Microsoft has always been a world leader in gaming for ages, but the rumors of the new age Xbox video game console was first heard of in 1999. The concept at the time seamed unreachable and just a distant dream. However, Microsoft, being the world leader as it is from computer technology, was the first to make this dream an actual reality for video gamers world wide.

Xbox – What is it? What’s it all About?

The Xbox video game console was known to be the first of its kind, a real life video gaming console, which made the video games experiences come to life and the platform was developed in 2001. This was the first video game console for sale after the traditional ‘Atari Jaguar’ video game console. The Xbox machine and the software provided for its players is used to play the Xbox video games with or without a broadband connection. The Xbox video game console soon saw competition coming up in the form of Sega’s ‘Dreamcast’ and Sony’s ‘PlayStation’, which although gained immense popularity, but could never catch up with the fame of Microsoft Xbox video game console.

Xbox Hardware

In the March 2000, the CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates, officially announced the launch of a hi-tech video gaming console, which would become a breakthrough in the gaming arena. The Xbox video game console is equipped with a Pentium 3 processor with a computing speed of 733MHz. The CPU was designed and run by Intel technology, which is the best of its kind all over the world. The graphic processor has an inbuilt computing speed powered by Nvidia NV2a of 250MHz.

The Xbox video game console has a 64MB inbuilt RAM with 8GB hard drive to enable a fast gaming experience as compared to other consoles that hang the system. The console is compatible with out-of-the-box internet support with equal compatibility with the broadband services.

Xbox Controller

The first controller for the Xbox video game console was developed in the year 2001, to enhance the compatibility and experience of online/offline video gaming. The original model of the controller consisted of a panel with two analog sticks and a pressure sensitive control pad, which was used for the directional movements within the video games being played. Also, the Xbox controller had a back and start button to retrieve or start a video game, accompanied by two analog triggers and accessory slots each.

The most striking part of the Xbox controller consisted of six 8-bit analog buttons for action during the game of Green (A), Red (B), Blue (X), Yellow (Y), Black and White colors.

Xbox 360

With other competitors in the market, Microsoft improved upon the launch model of Xbox and brought in Xbox 360 in the year 2005. This version of the Xbox gaming console was an absolute hit and was completely sold out all over the world and emerged out as the sole winner amongst its competitors. This console had advanced features to include streaming of soft media, purchase of music, TV programs and movies. It also provided for third party access and the first of its kind in video gaming technology – A Motion Control System. The storage space improved over the years in this gaming console and was improved to a phenomenal 250GB.

Xbox One

Closely followed by the release of the Xbox 360, came another breath taking version of the Xbox One in November 2013, in North America. The new Xbox One was part of the eighth generation of the gaming consoles in the world which was competing against the Sony PlayStation 4, which was also a part of the popular console list. The Xbox One emphasized the use of internet within the games to enhance the experience of the player by making it a multiplayer interphase. People from all over the world could play and compete within different video games to have a better gaming experience, but the security policies of Microsoft where criticized because of the use of surveillance device within the set-top box.

The Xbox One console not only had a box which aided in connecting players from all over the world, but also had an enhanced voice control. Now that’s pretty cool.

Xbox Live

The Xbox Live is a service created by Microsoft, which enables the player to enjoy their video gaming experience online with other video game players. The concept was used by the Xbox in 2002 but later had to be updated for the use in the upgraded Xbox Series.

In 2007, the service was launched on a Windows platform with the support of Windows Live in order to cover all the forgotten aspects that would enhance the gaming experience.

The service is available for free use to all the owners of the gaming console and is subscription based. This was an upgrade, since the old Xbox Live service was only offered to only the gold service customers. This was essential one of the most strong pillars on which the concept of the Xbox was based is to allow the users from all over the world to interact on a much larger platform that would not only allow them to play video games together, but also to chat with each other to increase communication.

The Xbox Live is the service which enhanced certain features of the two launched popular versions of the Xbox video game console, namely Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Xbox – Microsoft Game Studios

The video gaming wing of the organization that deals with the designing and launch of the popular gaming console series is called Microsoft Game Studios. Microsoft Game Studios was developed and established in 2002 in order to regulate the further up gradations and launches by the company. This subsidiary of Microsoft which deals with the gaming consoles and Xbox Live is also fondly known as the Microsoft Games or Microsoft Studios.

Xbox CD-R/CD-RW Compatibility

The Xbox series has always been extremely compatible with all kinds of CD-R/CD-RW ranging from games to music and videos. The only aspect is that mostly the corrupted files of pirated CD-R/CD-RW are incompatible due to their unsafe recording, which can also be overcome eventually by the use of certain high-tech software available in the market making the Xbox video game console the most popular choice among the players who enjoy gaming at multiplayer interphase.

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