Xbox One – All You Need To Know

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Xbox One is the latest new gaming system offered by Microsoft. It is the successor of the extremely popular Xbox 360 and is classified as being an all in one entertainment center. Google TV and Apple TV as well as the latest offering from PlayStation are the biggest competitors.

Xbox One

The Xbox 1 is the third gaming system in the Xbox family and was unveiled to the public in May of 2013. With the last new gaming system from Microsoft being the Xbox 360, which was released in 2005, the new Xbox one has been much anticipated. There are some pros and cons of the new console and while most people might want it right now, for some waiting is seen as their best option. Below is everything you need to know about the Xbox One.

Xbox One Specs

The Xbox One has many great features that are not found on the Xbox 360. One of the new Xbox one specs is that it has a Blu-Ray and DVD player as well as a game DVR. Some of the other Xbox One specs include:

No HDCP Encryption for games
RAM: 8 GB DDR3, Bandwidth: 68.26 GB/s, Clock 2133 MHz, plus 32 MB eSRAM, Bandwidth 204 GB per second, 102 in and 102 out.
Flash Memory: 8 GB
CPU: 8 Core AMD
GPU: Clock speed of 853 MHz, Shader Cores of 768 with a peak throughput of 1.23 TFLOPS
Storage: 500 GB hard drive with external hard drive support coming
Cloud storage
Mandatory game installs
Second Screen
Cross Game Chat
Voice commands: a Kinect 2 is necessary
Live Streaming available with Twitch TV
Reputation preservation
Networking through Wi-Fi, Gigabit Ethernet,
HDMI input and output

Xbox One Games

The Xbox One games are some of the best available. All of the most popular titles are available for the Xbone. The console takes gaming to a whole new level as it was designed by gamers for gamers. The Xbox One Games offer a stunning realism and an advanced AI will adapt to the way that you play. The new multiplayer versions of the Xbox One games make game play much smarter as well as faster. The games are distributed through the Xbone games store delivered digitally and also sold on Blu-ray discs. The game is installed directly to the hard drive and requires the disc to be able to play. However, if a game is installed onto another console and the owner does not have access to the disc, they will be given the option to purchase the install through Xbox Live.

Xbox One Controller

The goal when developing the Xbox One controller was to keep the aspects that gamers love about the Xbox 360 controller, while at the same time improving it. When you first look the controller seems to be exactly the same. However, there have been a few changes. The handle contour has been improved, the analog sticks are off setting, and the menu and view buttons are where the back and start buttons used to be.

Xbox One Review

When the Xbox One was first revealed there were several complaints about the new policies and features for the Xbone games. However, some of the controversy over these policies has been cleared up by Microsoft. Overall, Xbox One looks to be the top new gaming system just as its predecessor. The new features of the gaming system are designed to make it a full entertainment system that can be used by the entire family.

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