WWE 2K16 – An Amusing Professional Wrestling Game Has Finally Arrived for WWE Fans

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WWE 2K16 comes as a reliable wrestling game with a professional interface. This game was developed by Visual Concepts. This is actually the 17th game that has used the name of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) and the 3rd game among the WWE 2K series. WWE 2K16 is a follow-up video game to the previous game (WWE 2K15). Unfortunately, PC gamers won’t be able to play it due to the only suitability to major consoles including PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. This game officially announced on June 16th, 2015 to introduce the first 6 members on the roster.

Previously, there were many rumors that swirled around the gaming community that the announcement of WWE 2K16 would be released in October 2015. However, it was released sooner in June. The game comes with many wrestling members on the WWE 2K16 full roster. There will be about 120 wrestlers or more. In fact, this game may have twice the amount of wrestlers than the previous versions. There are many soundtracks included in WWE 2K16. The most famous one will be Rebel Yell by Billy Idol. For those who love a simple, yet amusing wrestling game, WWE 2K16 can be your best choice. It gives you the chance to try all of the wrestling characters with their own unique wrestling styles and techniques inside the ring.

WWE 2K16 – The Story and Plot

The story and plot behind WWE 2K16 has not been even told yet. We can find some stories that go along with some of the events, but there will be no details about them. In WWE 2K16, you can play different modes such as (My Career) and (WWE Universe). Both of them actually are similar to WWE 2K15 in terms of the storyline. Let’s just say that this game was developed for its wrestling amusements and entertainment purposes instead of the adventurous storyline.

WWE 2K16 – The Gameplay

WWE 2K16 has some very interesting gameplay. You can choose different modes to play. The major attention that WWE fans and gamers should focus on in WWE 2K16 is to improve and tweak some modes that players have ever played and seen in the previous versions. It means that we won’t find fresh and new modes in this game. In (My Career) mode, you’re able to build a career for a particular wrestler or you can make a fictional character or become a skilled wrestler. WWE 2K16 players can also use a tool that will even let you scan your face and use it in the WWE 2K16, pretty cool huh? You can use it as one of the wrestlers face.

When you play WWE 2K16, you can also combine rivalries and cut scenes among the wrestlers based on the appearances and different wrestling matches. (My Career) Mode will give players the chance to book a particular wrestler before the wrestling event. There’s some WWE 2K16 features that has been dumped out from the previous version. There are other modes that have been included in WWE 2K16 such as tornado tag, handicap tag team, and ladder tag match. There will be several tweaks you will need to accomplish inside those modes. Overall, WWE 2K16 will become more interesting to play compared to the previous WWE 2K versions you’ve probably already played up to WWE 2K16.

In WWE 2K16, you won’t face any loading screens anymore. They have been removed from the game. When it comes to the entry scenes of the wrestlers, you can even perform a direct attack during entry scenes. The game developers say that both the manager AI and referee have been enhanced so that they will become more realistic in the game. The movements are also improved and reworked. The animations for any wrestlers movements have been reworked as well. Another thing that has been improved is its commentary features. There’s also a 3rd broadcaster added to the team of commentators. It means that there are 3 total commentators in the game including Jerry, M. Cole, and Bradshaw Layfield.

WWE 2K16 – The Roster

The developers of this game have given information about the upcoming wrestlers that will be included in WWE 2K16. They explained that there will be a WWE 2K16 full roster list of more than 120 wrestlers in the game to choose from. Most of them are the stars of WWE. There will be WWE Divas as well to choose from. You can freely choose any other characters from different environments. Film and political figures like Arnold Schwarzenegger are even featured in the WWE 2K16 pre order versions. Although there have been many names on the roster which have been reported, there are only some useful WWE wrestlers and Divas that you can play such as Triple H, Emma, Booker T, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and many others. Yet, there’s a wrestler that has been removed from the game. Which is Hulk Hogan.

WWE 2K16 – The Improvements

WWE 2K16 includes many game improvements to satisfy WWE fans and players. Importantly, it includes a deeper creation suite. WWE 2K16 gamers will be able to experience more robust game style while playing. You’re able to create your own entrance and a wrestling superstar. WWE 2K16 even gives you the freedom to modify anything such as a show, arena, championship event, and many more features. Next, you’re able to enjoy its overhauled online mode. You can play WWE 2K16 with other WWE community of gamers. Also, there’s many substantial enhancements of the game. You’re able to get improvement in wrestling moves, controls, pin-fall, submission, AI difficulties, types of matches, and many others features.

Another significant improvement in WWE 2K16 is the authentic feel and look. The latest quality of this game will present more realistic wrestling movements and animations. It will boost your experiences to play this game. Unlike the previous versions of WWE 2K, there will be 3 narrators that may lead the way you play during matches. Those commentators will give free narration for you. Moreover, you can fight anytime you want, even during the entrances. In summary, you are able to increase the excitement when playing a realistic wrestling game such as WWE 2K16. Why watch WWE wrestling on television, when you can actually play WWE 2K16 from the comfort of your own home?

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