Wolfenstein The New Order – Nazi Experiments

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Wolfenstein The New Order is developed by Machine Games and is a first person shooter video game which was released on May 20th, 2014 for the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows. The game takes us through an alternate history set in the 1960’s where the Nazis are dominating the world politics and William Blazkowicz a war veteran is trying to spoil their attempts to gain control over the world.

Wolfenstein The New Order – Story

About 3 years from the annihilation of the Black Sun Portal, the Nazis have come up with futuristic technologies which have enabled them to become the uncontested superpower of the planet. In 1946, Captain Blazkowicz along with Fergus Reid, the pilot, and Private Probst Wyatt III ravages a weapons building center run by his archenemy Deathshead Strasse where they get captured and are brought to a laboratory for human experimentation.

However the Blazkowicz manages to make their escape from the laboratory but in the course of their escape he suffers from a nasty injury in the head which puts him in a state of a coma. He continues to remain in a vegetative state even after being brought over to a Polish asylum where is being taken care of by Anya Oliwa, the head nurse and her family, who are running this facility under German authorities. However after 14 years in 1960, the asylum is ordered to be shut down and its patients are to be executed. Just when he is about to be executed our hero comes to his senses and single handedly finishes off the entire extermination squad. He then visits the farm of Anya’s grandparents and informs them that the Nazis have won the war. Then he proceeds towards Berlin with Anya as his companion. On their arrival in Berlin they break into a prison and rescues Reid and Wyatt and learns that the Resistance has been revived once again.

Next we find the Resistance launching an attack on a Nazi laboratory in London. The documents they find there reveal that the Nazis are depending on the reverse engineering technology of an organization of ancient times known as Daat Yichud. They also learn that Set Roth a member of this organization is festering in a Nazi prison camp. Our protagonist then goes inside the camp undercover and meets Set who tells him that the Nazis are using technologies developed by the Jews to create robots for mass destruction. During his attempt to destroy the prison camp, Blazkowicz and Set are taken prisoners. However before that he finds the battery to the device for controlling the robots in the camp. Just before being executed Set takes control of the robot which then helps him in their mission of destroying the camp.

Set agrees to lead the Resistance to locate a cache of Daat Yichud which can be accessed by an U-boat. This is followed by a series of action packed events in which we learn that Deathshead has launched an attack on the base of the Resistance. Our hero manages to rescue the Resistance men and makes his way to the workshop of Deathshead on top of a tower. A bloody fight ensues between Blazkowicz, Deathshead and his robot, at the end, Deathshead gets killed, but Blazkowicz gets severely injured. Finally we see the Resistance survivors boarding the helicopters and a heavily bleeding Blazkowicz ordering the Resistance to fire the nuclear weapons.

Wolfenstein The New Order – Characters

The team of Wolfenstein The New Order developers has explicitly stated that their aim was to create a highly cast of characters whom players would love to interact with. As stated earlier the protagonist of the Wolfenstein The New Order game is William BJ Blazkowicz, whom the players have already been acquainted with in the previous games of the series. We often find our protagonist communicating in short monologues with his inner thoughts, some of which reveal that he has been through quite a few traumatizing experiences. The character of Blazkowicz has been created in a way so that the players can relate to him.

Wilhelm Deathshead Strasse the main antagonist in the game is already familiar to the players of Wolfenstein. Fergus Reid is more like a father figure to our protagonist. The other characters in Wolfenstein The New Order includes Anya Oliwa, Bobby Bram, Adolf Hitler, Gates, Irene Engel, Max Hass, Olenka Targonski etc.

Wolfenstein The New Order – Machine Games

The development of Wolfenstein The New Order began as early as 2010 when Swedish game developer Machine Games received the franchisee rights from id software. The Wolfenstein The New Order video game was envisaged as an action adventure game which draws inspiration from the other games previously released in the series. Wolfenstein The New Order especially focuses on the elements of adventure and combat and is playable from a first person perspective. There is a distinct break from the series tradition since here we delve deeper into the character of Blazkowicz who is portrayed as a savior. The Wolfenstein The New Order game has been collectively developed by several studios all over the world.

Wolfenstein The Old Blood

Before going in further to describe the Wolfenstein The Old Blood video game in complete details, lets take a quick look at the upcoming game in the series. Scheduled for release on May 5th, 2015 this game would be a prequel to Wolfenstein The New Order. This game comes with 2 different story lines. The first part of the game would take the players through Blazkowicz’s attempts in breaking into the Wolfenstein Castle where he needs to make off with the compound coordinates of General Strasse. The second part finds Blazkowicz travelling to Wulfburg to meet a Nazi archaeologist who is trying to discover certain artifacts that are capable of releasing a dark primordial power.

Wolfenstein The New Order – Game Mechanics

When it comes to game mechanics, Wolfenstein The New Order isn’t much different from the other first person shooter games. However the wide array of weapons along with the stealth mechanics of the game makes it all the more interesting. The fun and fluid gun play is sure to keep you engrossed for hours and some of the weapons you will be using include machine guns, sniper rifles, pistols, knives, laser rifles etc. You all pretty much know the drill.

Wolfenstein The New Order – Graphics

Wolfenstein The New Order looks visually stunning at least when played on the PlayStation 4. The fluid animations, along with the steady frame rate throughout the game are sure to keep the player engaged. When you visit the non German cities you will find them completely destroyed and replaced by Nazi art deco style buildings. To put it simply Wolfenstein The New Order comes with stunning effects which are the best and one will hardly find anything to complain about in this game.

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