Watch Dogs – Hack A High-Tech Future City

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Watch Dogs is an upcoming action-adventure video game which is now released on May 27th, 2014. It will work on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was scheduled to announce on November 19th, 2013 but Ubisoft found some difficulty, therefore it’s going to be released on May 27th, 2014 Watch Dogs video game received over 173 pre-release awards and nominations for its graphic display at E3 2012 and 2013. Also it received three awards and four nominations from Game Critics Awards.

The main characters of watch Dogs named Aiden Pearce who has hacking ability and can hack every electronic system by his ability. He wants to protect his family, friends and the people who love the most. Aiden Pearce’s smart phone is connected to the CtOS (central operating system) crime prevention system, a fictional tool originally designed for use by the Chicago Police Department. It helps him to find all robbery events which occur in city.

Watch Dogs Aiden Pearce?

Aiden Pearce is the main actor of Watch Dogs who is high skilled hacker in ctOS (central operating system) which is a specific type of device. He is a proficient hacker who can hack CtOS (central operating system) from his specific device, known as ex-fixer or Profiler. Aiden can find all events which occur in city because his smart phone always connected with ctOS (central operating system). He tries to protect those peoples who are being targeted and attacked again by enemy.

Try to use Chicago version which is super-dialed, one of beautiful city which runs on ctOS (central operating system). Whenever Aiden’s causing of accidents and dying of people, People of Chicago is calling him a murderer.

Aiden is a tall Caucasian male with green eyes, Light facial hairs and medium brown hair. He is about 6’1 feet tall. Aiden normally wears a sweeter with long sleeve, usually un-tucked. He wears modern brown coat which look him smart.

Aiden has a great interest in computer from his childhood, he tries to learn computer and at last when he become adult, he is going to use his knowledge to prepare a system which commit clandestine scams. He is high computer expert; therefore he starts to prepare a system from his knowledge which he gathered but Pearce plays role of Criminal which was given to him to find all those people who are doing wrong things.

Aiden is a main character of the game who wants to protect his friends and other people which he cares. He protects his mother and sister and tries to do anything to keep them safe. He loves his family to much, at last he is going to revenge from those people who harmed their family members.

Aiden has a calm personality with outstanding performance, he is able to keep a clear mind and work through the problem systematically and do a good job. His body strength is demonstrated which help him to chase down his criminals and silence them with his telescopic baton.

Aiden has a good ability of hacking, disrupting or working on any electronic device to take down the corrupt system, He use his Profiler system which plays an important role on his ability But Pearce is capable of coercing and controlling, he can do control almost every element of the world around him. Pearce is highly proficient in hand to hand fight, lethal and non-lethal tactics, driving, hacking and gunplay.

Watch Dogs Story

A person who is interested in Computer programming from his childhood, he tries to learn as much as he can. At last, when he become adult, he is going to use his knowledge to prepare a system which commit clandestine scams. He has a duty to find all those people who are doing wrong thing around Chicago.

He love his family, friends and other people to much, At last he is going to find all those people who harmed their family, Aiden is a calm and his body strength is demonstrated which help him to chase down his criminals and silence them with his telescopic baton. He finds robbery and other events from his ctOS (central operating system) device, whenever an event occurs. Aiden want to kill all those people who wants wrong things.

Watch Dogs Gameplay

Watch Dogs has feature of working both online and Multiplayer modes. The multiple modes can be played while in single player campaign. A player can hack and upload virus on your system. Before they upload virus on you system, kill them before they finish hacking. You have the ability to hack them back or kill them. Other multiplayer modes will be active at a later date.

The Multiplayer mode will allow a player to play Watch Dogs on a console. Maybe after release, you can find it on Android or iOS device to play on your smart phone or tablet. When it will announce for smart phone or tablet, then you can play it anywhere in the world. You will be able to use hacking tools to help the console player escape police.

Watch Dogs Hacking

Watch Dogs is a world of hacking, all of hacking mechanic is done by Aiden Pearce’s smart phone, multiple hacking applications that has been installed in his smart phone, namely profiler and crime prevention system. This helps him to prevent hacking bank accounts, computer data and much more. Hacking is the most heavily marketed features of watch dog’s video game.

He has the ability to access chunks of information in the city of Chicago through his profiler application. His phone is connected with ctOS (central operating system) which helps him to find people’s age, occupation and some information about that person.

The application designed to help watch Dogs members to feel more active and alive to hack accounts of people in Chicago. Additionally, Pearce’s smart phone is always connected to ctOS (central operating system) crime prevention system, a tool which is designed by the Chicago police department. The app helps him to find robberies or other events which occurs in the futuristic high-tech city of Chicago.

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