Watch Dogs 2 Is The Best Adventure Sequel With A Whole Different Story

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Watch Dogs 2 is the intricately well-crafted sequel to the top selling and sporadically original Watch Dogs video game. It is for the PS4 and the Xbox One. The first follows the activities of vigilante mercenary Aidan Pierce as he does crazy cool hacking things to avenge the death of his niece. This game was so well-received that the designers decided to release a sequel, which focuses on Marcus Holloway in the bay area of San Francisco as he tries to take down the advanced surveillance system with the hacking organization introduced in the original game called DedSec. In order to better convey a realistic game play, legitimate hackers were consulted for the interactions in Watch Dogs 2.

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Watch Dogs 2 Synopsis

Marcus Holloway of Watch Dogs 2 is the main character in the game whose primary goal is to dismantle the invasive surveillance surrounding the Bay Area. He works with DedSec to accomplish this dream, after being falsely accused of hacking Blume. Marcus is from Oakland, and he realizes that the ctOS is causing harm to innocent civilians, like himself. Because of this, when he is recruited by DedSec, he decides to accept the invitation to join in order to take the ctOS down and investigate the creator behind the system itself, the Blume company. You can check out the Watch Dogs 2 trailer below to see how thrilled Watch Dogs fans have been long awaiting this sequel.

Watch Dogs 2 Hacking Is Your Weapon

Just like the first game, Watch Dogs 2 is focused on the weaponization of hacking skills. The differences between the first and the second are expansive and distinct, however. In the newest edition of the Watch Dogs enterprise, there are a multitude of hacking opportunities for players. The ability to hack and subsequently drive cars has been improved, and the newfound ability to hack objects opens a whole world of possibilities. There are various ways to resolve each aspect of plot complication, and multiple people can hack the same thing at once. There are different modes that the game can be placed in to unveil more and more interesting additions to the game play. As stated prior, the actual hacking that takes place inside of the game was investigated and researched before the creation of the game. People who spend their lives hacking were consulted and interrogated to bring the best possible interaction to the game for a more realistic feel.

Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay
Marcus Holloway plants fake electronic evidence on a suspected Drug Dealer with an aerial drone that he hacked with his laptop (In Game Footage Screen Cap)

Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay

When it comes to the original Watch Dogs, there were some constructive critiques of the methods used in game that the developers took to heart. A vast amount of things have been improved upon and created. The driving feature was completely redone, making it more accessible and easy to use. It is also possible to fire a weapon while driving in the second game. The movement and kinesiology of the played characters has been improved upon, causing the interaction with inanimate objects to be more appropriate. One of the new features is that Marcus has more equipment than was present in the prior game, including a quad-copter and a remote controlled car that improve upon his hacking options.

Watch Dogs 2 Universe

The universe of the Watch_Dogs video games takes place in an alternative modern day era, with the second one being based in 2016. The gameplay is centered around four distinct areas: San Francisco, Oakland, Marin, and Silicon Valley. The operating system is arguably villainous, connecting all surveillance and security systems together to create some sort of Big Brother-type all-seeing entity to record and detect misbehavior.

Watch Dogs 2 You’re In Control

Within the options for the game, three different methods of player interaction are available. You can choose from Stealth, Aggressor, and Trickster, and each branch has a set of skills that are specific to them individually. The options that you decide on within the game will improve skills in each area, making it so that certain attributes are more well-developed than others. There are different ways to resolve each potential issue within the game, and they will all result in an improvement for one of these three categories.

Watch Dogs 2 Marcus & DedSec

In the Watch Dogs universe, DedSec is the biggest and most prolific organization of computer hackers who have all banded together to put a stop to the ctOS. They attack the system to reveal that it is flawed and unnecessary, and they voice their opinions on the easily hacked ctOS website. DedSec’s leaders are the Counsel of Daves, all of whom have “dave” as a part of their usernames. Marcus is a strapping young lad who came into contact with DedSec through being framed by the Blume company, and one of his missions is to increase the amount of people who have downloaded the DedSec application in-game, which would allow for the organization to have more resources to pull from. DedSec refers to themselves as the “watch dogs” of the city.

Watch Dogs 2 Connect With Friends in Multiplayer

For the second game in the Watch Dogs universe, there are two distinctive multiplayer modes that bring different things to the table. The first type of multiplayer is online invasion, which allows for one player to intrude upon some other single player to plant viruses. This was introduced in the first Watch Dogs, and the other player must find and kill the invading player in order to save their game from destruction. The second mode is called Bountyhunter, which is automatically initiated by chaotic activities. Police and a select few other players will spontaneously join the chaotic player’s game, with the sole mission of retrieving the bounty on their head. The instigating player can also call in recruits to help them defeat the police and attacking players. A player can place a bounty on their own head with the in-game smartphone if they so choose, without behaving in chaotic manner. This new update for Watch Dogs 2 is quite exciting.

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