Until Dawn – Something Sinister Has Come to The Blackwood Mountain Ski Lodge

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Until Dawn video game is a unique survival horror and adventure filled video game, which is being published by the Sony Computer Entertainment, and is developed by the Supermassive Games. It is the most awaited upcoming horror game, which is created exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Until Dawn Plot

In the Until Dawn PS4 game, the 8 characters end up spending a night in the log cabin, and get hunted by a serial killer. When the friends get trapped in the remote cabin in the mountain getaway, things turn ugly. They feel that something sinister is happening, and they are not alone. So, gripped by the tensions and fear, the players will have to take snap decisions, which can lead to either life or death. Each decision will have a unique outcome, and will create a unique story.

You can even check out the trailer below to see what all the hype is going to be about for this video game upon it’s release in the next few days.

Until Dawn Characters

Until Dawn has 8 main protagonists in it. The names of these characters are Chris, Ashley, Emily, Josh, Jessica, Mike, Matt and Sam. These are played by some of the popular Hollywood characters, including Hayden Panettiere, Rami Malek, and Brett Dalton. They have given some fantastic performances, and give an adventurous life to the game. They make a visit to the Blackwood Mountain Ski Lodge, and all these characters can actually be controlled. These characters are all young, and were responsible for causing humiliation to Hannah Washington, who was the sister of Josh.

Until Dawn Gameplay

The players will have to play multiple times, so that they are able to understand what it entails. The mechanics of the game will utilize “Butterfly Effect”, which is the new in-game system. Due to this effect, the actions of the players might result into major unforeseen consequences. The players will have to take some difficult decisions throughout the game, and the butterfly effect will blur the difference between the right and wrong decisions. The players can make the choices, which will determine the outcome, with thousands of possible outcomes available in the game.

The game involves focusing on some real time events, and on discovering some clues. There is a system, which will help in tracking the progress, and will help the players in piecing the things together.

Until Dawn Supermassive Games

Until Dawn is developed by Supermassive Games, to be played on Sony’s PlayStation 4. The Until Dawn release date of this video game was going to be released for the PlayStation 3, but was cancelled only to be released in 2015 for the PlayStation 4. Until Dawn is the game, which will give the ultimate thrilling experience. So, when one plays Until Dawn, he would surely be awake until the dawn, and make sure that the game is over.

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