Ultra Street Fighter IV – Are You A Warrior?

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Ultra Street Fighter 4, the latest edition to the Street Fighter series is a 2.5D combat game and is a successor to Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. It introduces five new characters, stages and revamped characters based on feedback from their fan base. The kind of supremacy and legacy that the series has, it is not surprising that this time around the developers have out done themselves in giving the players absolutely new and exciting new characters, rebalanced gameplay, different modes and stunning graphics to look forward to.

Ultra Street Fighter IV – Unique Characters

Introduction of New Characters: Five new characters that have been introduced in this version of the game are viz., Poison, Hugo, Elena, Rolento, and Decapre. Each possessing a unique play style, the roster of characters now stands at a massive 44.

Brand New Environments: This new edition offers the gamers a bigger palette of battle environment, viz. Pit stop 109, Mad Gear Hideout, Cosmic Elevator, Blast Furnace, Half Pipe, and Jurassic Era Research Facility, taking the game to a whole new level.

Rebalanced Gameplay: The developers of this game have taken feedback from their most devoted fans and incorporated their ideas into Super Street Fighter IV’s all the original 39 avatars. This has ensured into developing highly sophisticated and well balanced version of Street Fighter game.

Ultra Street Fighter IV – Fresh Game Modes & Features

Brand new modes and features further add to the suite of Ultra Street Fighter IV gameplay options:

Team Battle – This mode functions when a player chooses to play in the online mode only. The player can create or be a part of a team so as to play the eliminators. It is all about endurance in this mode of play as the health bar is carried forward after clearing each stage.

Online Training – This mode will let you train and practice together with your friends or gaming partners online, which in turn will help you to perform better when you get into the real fight.

Red Focus – The player’s avatar can charge their Focus Attack by holding down the medium punch, medium kick and the light punch buttons all at once. The moment they do so, the player’s character will flash red.

Delayed Standing – enables the gamers to alter the timing of their character’s recovery time i.e. the period required for the Ultra Street Fighter IV characters to get back on their feet. Simultaneously, pressing down any two keys when one’s avatar is brought down in a hard knockout, the Ultra Street Fighter IV character will consume extra time frame delaying the enemy attack.

Ultra Combos – enables the gamers to select either of their character’s Ultra Combos without doing any damage. Thereby giving players various options in tactics and style of play.

Selection of Edition – The Ultra Street Fighter IV players will be able to select any of their favorite character’s versions so as to create the desired matchups in order to know who the best of all is!

Ultra Street Fighter IV – Online Matches & Game Updates

Online matches can be uploaded directly on YouTube if one wishes to; this feature has been retained from Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition. Carrying forward certain features from Hyper Street Fighter II, gamers can choose the version of their character they would like to impersonate.

In the mid of April 2014, the Japanese NESICA systems launched Ultra Street Fighter IV. However, the game was not fully functional as their fifth new character, Decapre, was still undergoing fine tuning. Capcom added her to the roster of arcade version much later as an update patch.

Ultra Street Fighter IV – Capcom

Capcom revealed two new Ultra Street Fighter IV features viz, Save/Reload states and Network Simulation when Ultra Street Fighter IV was about to release. With the option to Save/reload, the players can easily halt the gameplay in training mode and later play it again at their will. One can save a state by pressing start and reload the same by pressing select/back. This feature helps the Ultra Street Fighter IV players to tackle and rehearse various scenarios and figure out which defensive/offensive options best suit the situation.

By using Network Simulation players can simulate online environments offline. This helps the Ultra Street Fighter IV players to get the taste of the gameplay without getting directly into the online mode. The offline training mode has similar features to the online training mode. The last Capcom fighting games to have this feature was, Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition and Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

The developers decided to add two more modes i.e. the Training Mode Fight Request and Offline Battle Log in order to make the gameplay more convenient and user friendly. In Training Mode Fight Request, players can warm themselves up by practicing various combos in between the online matches; this will enable them to master their moves and strategies beforehand. Because of this new feature, players won’t have to run over the Arcade Mode again and again just to get the needed practice.

Next is the Offline Battle Log, when a player activates this feature, the offline matches get automatically archived and can be replayed just as the players replay their online matches. Also, the gamers will be able to upload their offline matches to YouTube, should they choose to do so, as they can with their online matches.

By pressing the select/back button one can configure the character select screen, doing this will mobilize the entire process of getting prepared before a match. This Button Configuration feature was last seen in the Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition.

Capcom, the major Japanese developer and publisher of video games launched the Street Fighter series back in August 1987. Since then, the series has had total home software sales of 33 million units by 2012 and arcade cabinet sales of over 500,000 units generating more than $1 billion in revenue, qualifying it for the list of best-selling video game franchises. The best-selling game in the series, Street Fighter II, exceeded $1.5 billion in revenue. In 2012, Complex ranked Street Fighter at number 10 on the list of the best video game franchises.

The digital upgrade version for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is available now and the retail full version will come out on 5th August 2014. The PC version (both upgrade and retail) will be out by 8th August 2014 respectively. However, the market reports are already out and leading reviewers have scored the game 4-4.5 out of 5 stars! A critic goes on to say that it is “undoubtedly one of the finest examples of the fighting genre in this generation.” So all you gamers out there, be ready and fasten your seat belts for August 5th & 8th as arguably the BEST fighting game aka the Ultra Street Fighter IV is coming out for you, enjoy and play on!

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