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The Warriors is a beat ’em up style game for the most part. You play as a gang, The Warriors, and you will face off against other gangs in and around New York City. You will play as several characters doing so. It is not purely a fighting gang, however. While the main aspect of The Warriors video game is the fights, you also have a detailed story and several other missions which are included. The missions will have you doing things other than fighting, like chasing, as you move your way through the storyline. There’s even side missions you can do which will tell you about how certain members of The Warriors actually became part of the gang.

The Warriors Video Game for the PlayStation 2
An image from the gameplay of The Warriors video game from Rockstar Toronto

The Warriors Story

Based on the 1979 cult classic movie, The Warriors gives you a classic beat ’em style video game that closely follows the original story. Follow some of your favorite Warriors as they go to war across Coney Island and other gang territories around New York City. Made by popular developer Rockstar Toronto, this game gives you the chance to relive or, if this is your first time, fall in love with the members of the hit film.

For the story, you have the gang members attempting to prove their innocence in the midst of a murder case. To do so, they have to reach Coney Island, their home. This is not easy. They have to travel and bop (fight) their way across New York City, heavily populated with other gangs, in order to reach their home turf. Your goal is to bring your gang to Coney Island successfully. All of this takes place just months before the timeline in the movie.

Meet The Warriors

There are several members in The Warriors, and you can play as many of them. No game would be complete without some bad guys. Your big baddie in The Warriors is Luther.

Below are the main protagonists for the game, but there are more available:

  • Cleon – The Warriors leader and Warlord. He is your main guy for the first half of the game.
  • Swan – The guy below Cleon. He is Cleon’s Warchief and he becomes your main guy for the second half of the storyline part of The Warriors game.
  • Mercy – The love interest of Swan throughout the game.
  • Luther – The guy who is out to get you and is the leader of The Rogues gang.

Several other characters make their appearance throughout the game, too. You also have minor characters assisting you as you make your way across the city and onto your home turf. Along the way, you meet a variety of bad guys who want you dead. The game is full of characters, big and small names alike, that will either help or harm you.

The Gangs of The Warriors

The main gang is, obviously, The Warriors. This is your crew, and it is you against the entire city. Every area of the city has a gang. Your goal is to take out each gang and take control of their turf on your way home. The Warriors gangs that you will face include:

  • The Destroyers: They are a heavy set and their turf is on Coney Island, which is also the same turf as that of The Warriors. The Destroyers and The Warriors are local rivals that are currently at war with each other to see who will rule the turf of Coney Island as a single solitary outfit (one gang). There can only be one.
  • The Orphans: They’re considered a Minor League Team type of gang and real low class. They’re so far down they’re not even on the map.
  • The Turnbull AC’s: They’re bald headed anarchists and they love a good rumble. They terrorize their turf over on Gunhill in the Bronx in an old green colored bus and are a heavy set.
  • The Jones Street Boys: A cocky bunch from Brooklyn that protects their Bensonhurst turf and they’ll bash your skull in if they catch you trying to invade their turf.
  • The Rogues: This rowdy, mischief bunch of punks and outcasts are led by none other than (Luther). They wear a skull like logo on their black vest outfits while driving around in an old hearse as they patrol their territory in that of the famous Hells Kitchen in Manhattan.
  • The Lizzies: An all fierce female gang in New York City. They may look pretty, soft and sweet, but they pack some serious heat on unsuspecting gang-bangers that thinks with the wrong head.
  • The Hi-Hats: These bunch of clowns with suspenders may look funny, but they pack one hell of punch as a gang group. Their leader is that of (Chatterbox) who is an overweight pseudo intellectual art lover in his spare time. Their turf is located up in Soho which is in the lower part of Manhattan.
  • The Punks: A known roller skating type of gang that loves wearing overalls and they love also love a good fight. They are usually caught hanging around Union Square and it’s subway stations.
  • The Hurricanes: This is a family based gang of badass Puerto Rican brawlers whom are full of machismo. Their turf is located up in Spanish Harlem. They wear old fashioned styled hats. Hurricane members are sometimes found hanging out around the local (Stripes and Solids) bar. Better watch your back, essay.
  • The Savage Huns: This is no ordinary gang. These martial artist street thugs are located in Chinatown in the lower east side neighborhood of Manhattan. Their leader is sometype of warlord called (Ghost) whom is considered (a mute) that nods war commands to his soldiers. He’s also well disciplined in martial arts.
  • The Furies: Also known as (The Baseball Furies) gang. They are well known as a painted face and silent type bunch of major leaguers who will kick your face in. They have heavy rep (gang reputation) which is spread all throughout the many territories of neighborhoods in New York City.
  • The Gramercy Riffs: They are the supreme gang in the entire city of New York and they have major rep. Their very intelligent, political, wise, magical, visionary, one and only like Warlord is (Cyrus) and his Warchief is called (Masai). The Gramercy Riffs control the entire gangs network in New York City instead of competing for turf.

These are just some of the gangs that you will face in The Warriors game. There are numerous others populating the city. Remember, each one of these gangs have a common goal – which is to destroy you.

The Gramercy Riffs Gang
An image taken from The Warriors 1979 film where Masai has officially become the Warlord of The Gramercy Riffs after the assassination of their former Warlord leader, Cyrus. Masai asks the Riffs about The Warriors and who they are in this famous scene from the film.

You fight all of the gangs again when you play Armies of the Night. This is an unlockable feature of the game. It is a side scrolling game in which you will play as Swan. You are on your way to rescue Mercy, whom the Riffs kidnapped, and you have to fight your way through every gang to get to her.

The Warriors Warchief Commands

In The Warriors, you have warchief commands. These are commands that you can give to your fellow Warriors at nearly any time. These give you the ability to tell your members what to do as a way to assist you in battle. The following commands are available:

  • Wreck ’em All – This will have your members take out all threats, gang members and average civilians alike.
  • Watch My Back – Your Warriors become a wall around you, ensuring that no one can harm you.
  • Hold Up – All Warriors will stay in position.
  • Scatter – Your Warriors war party members will go into immediate hiding.
  • Mayhem – Everyone will destroy or rob anything nearby.
  • Let’s Go – Any gang members of The Warriors in your war party will follow you.

The Warriors Weaponry

You have a large variety of weapons available to you in The Warriors. You can use both melee and projectile weapons. Some of these weapons are:

  • Machetes
  • Sledgehammers
  • Bricks
  • Bottles
  • Pipes
  • Brass Knuckles
  • Steel Toe Boots
  • Knives
  • Molotov Cocktails

Numerous more weapons are available to you throughout the game.

The Gameplay of The Warriors

The Warriors is a single story game that does not branch out much. You complete missions by brawling with other gangs across the city, moving through the story as you do so. Between missions, you can speak with other Warriors members to play with the extra material available.

Fights in The Warriors are rather straightforward, too. You have grab and combo attacks, and you can play alongside other Warrior members. You continue to fight until you build up enough rep in The Warriors game to progress the story.

Let’s Play The Warriors Together

You can play along with a friend. The Warriors has a multiplayer function that gives you and another person the chance to play as gang members. When in multiplayer mode, though, only one person can use the Warchief commands.

The Warriors 1979 Film

The entire game takes from The Warriors 1979 full movie film. For the most part, the game is set prior to the film’s story. As you make progress, though, you will get to the story you see in the movie.

Most of The Warriors movie cast members that are from the original movie made a reprise of their former film roles for The Warriors video game, doing voice acting for each of their characters.

Cheats and Secrets of The Warriors

There are several cheats available in The Warriors. These include:

  • 99 Credits in Armies of the Night
  • Weapon cheats to immediately get specific weapons
  • Infinite Health / Rage / Sprint

These are a few cheats available. Cheats may change with each platform version of The Warriors.

Enter this chat when you are playing the Armies of The Night mini-game.

Get 99 credits in Armies Of The NightUP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT

If you want to make The Warriors game an easy experience. You can use the cheats below during gameplay. These cheats are designed for the PlayStation 2 version of The Warriors video game only.

100% CompletionL1, SELECT, SQUARE, DOWN, L2, RIGHT
$200 Dollars, 3 Pieces of Flash, and Some CansR1, R2, L1, X, DOWN, L1
Baseball BatSQUARE, R2, DOWN, DOWN, L1, L1
Bum Advice UpgradeCIRCLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, R2, L2, CIRCLE
Complete Mission You're OnDOWN, SQUARE, X, SELECT, R1, LEFT
Infinite SprintDOWN, SQUARE, LEFT, X, L1, SELECT
MacheteL1, X, R1, R1, SELECT, R2
Unbreakable Baseball BatL3, L3, CIRCLE, UP, CIRCLE, SELECT
Unlock Combat Stamina UpgradeX, L1, DOWN, SQUARE, UP, X
Unlock Cuff DropsUP, X, UP, SELECT, L3, L1
Unlock Cops Cuff Key DropsLEFT, X, X, R2, L1, DOWN
Unlock Flash Capacity UpgradeL2, X, R2, L1, L1, CIRCLE
Unlock Flash UpgradeDOWN, LEFT, UP, UP, SQUARE, RIGHT
Unlock Hobo AllianceR1, R1, L1, R1, L1, UP
Unlock Steel Toe BootsR3, R2, R1, L3, L2, L1
Unlock Weapons DealerRIGHT, R1, CIRCLE, X, SELECT, SQUARE
You Have Infinite HealthUP, TRIANGLE, L3, SELECT, X, L2

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