The Park – Where An Unexpected Horror Will Be Unleashed

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The Park is a “walking simulator” video game. The main character walks through the environment and you the player explore and confront the scenarios she confronts. There will be some items to check out along the way. You will witness some monologues and learn about the characters along the way. You will find out what happen to the amusement park too. Of course, you can ride the rides and check out the area during the process. Horror players can also check out The Park wiki reference page to learn more about this video game.

An amusement park is supposed to be fun but in the video game, The Park, horror is the main attraction. When you go to an amusement park the scariest things are the wildest ride, the traditional house of horrors or the carnival workers themselves. This psychological horror offering will send shivers up your spine at some points, but it is more disturbing than horrifying. The Park video game is manufactured by the innovative crew over at Funcom and is designed for the PlayStation 4 or Xbox One game console. This video game is not for the faint at heart. There is something incredibly eerie and unforgiving about an abandoned amusement park and this game exploits it to a tee.

The Park Gameplay Environment
The animation artistry gameplay of the video game, The Park of it’s eerie and disturbing surroundings brings the player to suspense at every turn.

The Park – The Story

The Park video game revolves around a mother searching frantically for her lost son in an abandoned amusement park. Perhaps it was once a fun destination where happy people enjoyed hours and hours of fun. Now it is dreary and a bit odd. Construction issues, accidents with fatalities, and unexplained murder have cast a shadow over this strange environment. The woman is on a non-stop search for the son she loves and she will let nothing stand in her way in The Park.

The Park – Characters

The main character in The Park video game is Lorraine. She has recently been widowed, which has placed all of her love and focus on her son Callum. She feels like she has not been a good mother and doubts her abilities. Her battle with inner conflicts slowly unveils themselves as the story progresses. Her struggles and insecurities lure you into her character. As you learn more about her and her son it becomes painfully obvious that their relationship is threatened by a presence, not of this world. The anxiety builds and the characters blossom in The Park.

The Park – State of the Art Graphics

The graphic design and audio in the game are intense. The creepy disposition of the amusement park is contrary to everything that makes us feel secure and comfortable. The shadowy images place you on edge and the utilization of newspaper clippings that tell of the dastardly tales that haunt the location take you on an intimate ride through sinister looking backdrops. The music and graphics support the tense theme of the story and are actually the positive features of The Park game.

The Park – Game Play

Do not anticipate battling demons, ghosts, and shadowy figures in The Park video game. This is not a fighting game or one that will lure you into technical challenges and scenarios. It is more like a journey where the main character is slowly coming apart emotionally in an environment straight out of the dark side. The player learns about the dreadful history of the amusement park, which only adds to the terror of every turn. You will be able to ride the rides, but it is more for sightseeing than thrill seeking. It is more like being the main character in a short horror film. However, the focus is on intensity rather than combat.

The Park – Explore

The Park video game offering is designed to be an exploration, rather than anything else. It is a psychological horror story that takes you through her journey step by step. Every ride divulges another electrifying secret about the amusement park. Do not be surprised if the hair slowly rises up on your neck. It is the strange but subtle moments that make this game worth exploring further. The anticipation of what lurks around each corner is almost unbearable.

The Park – Call Out For Callum

As The Park game progresses Lorraine begins to call out for Callum. The desperation in her voice becomes ever more apparent as the journey lengthens. Before long her desperation turns to downright panic and causes her cries to become more piercing and emotional. There are visual clues and a seldom distant reply from Callum, but this can all be misleading.

The Park – Enter the Mind

In many ways, The Park video game from Funcom is more of a mind game. It takes you into the mind of a distressed mother battling her own emotions, doubts, and fears. The lure of the game is how these emotions tie in with the creepy abandoned amusement park and the horrors that led to its demise. Funcom takes you on a slow thrill ride into the mind and causes you to question your own emotions. Although the interaction is not vast and challenging, it does keep you on the edge of your seat. You will find yourself rooting for this lost soul to find her son and to escape The Park.

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