The Order 1886 – A PlayStation 4 Exclusive

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The Order: 1886 is a brand new adventure game designed for a single player for Playstation 4 exclusively which is set to release on February 20th 2015. Developed by Ready at Dawn and SCE Santa Monica Studio, the fact that The Order 1886 will be launched and released in 2015 was announced in 2013 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo event. Published by Sony Computer Entertainment, this adventurous video game follows a set of events taking place in London based on an alternate history.

The Order 1886 – Story

The Order 1886 is set in the Victorian Era in London and travels back to the Dark Ages. It is after the events that happened during this era that inspired the creation of The Order 1886. An event unknown that took place during the period of the Dark Ages led to the mutation of a chunk of the human breed which were then labelled as. ‘Halfbreeds’. This brought about an undesirable change in history in addition to making the future of Europe extremely gloomy. To bring about a revolution Arthur got together a group of knights whose sole purpose was to defy the advances made by the Halfbreeds which in turn would ensure the protection of the rest of the society.

Black Water is a magical potion that needs to be ingested by the knights in order to ensure that they can fight the battle for an extended period of time, even centuries as it is this potion that makes them a lot stronger. However, even this magical potion could do less to make sure that the Halfbreeds do not win. However, the winning streak of the Halfbreeds comes to an end with the onset of the Industrial Revolution. The soaring development in technology leads to the creation of varied kinds of instruments and weapons to beat the Halfbreeds. The Order 1886 is the story of the war that still continues in that period and how 4 great warriors try to combat the same to bring peace back into their world.

The Order 1886 – Characters

The characters of The Order 1886 are versatile and set in the Victorian Era. Given below is a detailed list of the main characters that you are likely to come across while playing the game.

Sir Galahad: As a player of The Order 1886, Galahad will be the character that you will be portraying. He is known for his exceptional skills as a hunter and a tracker. These skills of his have been sharpened over the years as he fought against the Halfbreeds. He has seen a lot of violence and bloodshed to be affected by the same and therefore, his conduct is a lot calmer and peaceful, not to mention professional.

Sir Perceval / Sebastien Malory: He is the person who took Sir Galahad under his wing and not only is he his guru and guiding light; he is also a very dear friend. When it comes to keeping up with the relentless capabilities and skills of Galahad, Sir Perceval is one of those few knights who can match up to his standards. He is one of the highly respected knights and will go to any heights to make sure his loved ones are safe.

Marquis De Lafayette: The American and French Revolutions paved way for his superior tactical ability and that is perhaps one reason why he is an apprentice to Sir Perceval and easily one of the most important members of The Order.

Lady Igraine / Isabeau D’Argyll: Isabeau was mentored and guided by Sir Galahad and his mentorship introduced her into The Order as one of the youngest members. Not only is she extremely talented and passionate about her skills but at the same time, she is also extremely headstrong and has a deep and profound respect for Sir Galahad.

The Order 1886 – Gameplay and Graphics

Gunplay is essentially one of the most important aspects in terms of the gameplay as a major part of the game revolves around it. Besides, the makers have included myriad ways to kill the opponent and that encourages players to make the most of the situation by picking weapons that will give the maximum result with minimum effort. The weapons in use have been designed keeping in mind the Victorian Age. The makers made sure that they stay aware of the timeframe and not make weapons that are way too futuristic for the period depicted. Players can move from the soft cover to full cover and vice versa rather easily. In addition to the massive range of weapons and guns, there are also several gadgets that will be in use.

The Order 1886 – Weapons

The Order 1886 features a range of weapons like the arc gun, a thermite gun, a combo gun along with a monocular, a communicator and a frag grenade perfect for varied situations. Thanks to advancement in technology, these weapons ensure the safety of the citizens throughout The Order.

The Order 1886 packs a visual punch and is thoroughly mind boggling. The use of high resolution textures makes it visually extremely appealing and the mo-capped facial animations make the characters seem life – like.

The Order 1886 – Ready at Dawn

Ready at Dawn Studios is based out of Irwine, California and is a very popular video game developing company. The earlier members who were well known for their contribution to Naughty Dog and Blizzard Entertainment came together to form Ready At Dawn Studios.

The Order 1886 is one of the most anticipated adventure games of 2015 and with so much to look forward to, it is likely to take the gaming world by storm.

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