Purchase The PlayStation 3 Slim Or Keep The Long-lived PlayStation 3?

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The sincere PlayStation 3 user will already have their original video gaming console in their possession. Individuals definitely will have liked the terrific graphics as well as video gameplay in which this particular machine has more of than the old … Continue reading…

The Trials and Tribulations of Final Fantasy XV for The PlayStation 4

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Final Fantasy is one of the biggest game franchises in existence, starting with the first one released in 1987. It is also the longest living franchise with its games spanning all four of the PlayStation consoles. This game is world … Continue reading…

Titanfall 2 Logo

Titanfall 2 Is Not as Fast-Paced as Its Predecessor, but It’s Still a Blast

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Titanfall 2 combines first-person shooter combat with parkour as you get the protagonist Jack Cooper and his friend the Titan BT-7274 out from behind IMC lines. It is designed to be suitable for players of all skill levels, so the … Continue reading…

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan – The Popular Anime Series Now Has It’s Own Video Game

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Attack on Titan the game, also known in Europe as Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, is based off of Hajime Isayama’s manga that was turned into an anime (Shingeki no Kyojin for you technical geeks out there). It will … Continue reading…

PS4 Controller

2 New PS4 Models Expected

During a scheduled press conference on Sept. 7 at the PlayStation Theatre in New York, Sony Corporation is expected to announce two new variants of the popular PlayStation 4 video game console. The Japanese company said in June it would launch an enhanced graphics version of PS4 and rumors of the other variant began in earnest…

Continue reading…2 New PS4 Models Expected

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