Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox – The Innovative World of Video Gaming

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Microsoft Xbox is the most popular video game console manufactured by Microsoft in 2001. Microsoft Xbox was designed to compete with Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s GameCube. It is being used as a source of home entertainment. The enhanced features of … Continue reading…


Titanfall – Wreak Mech-Style Havoc

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Titanfall for the Xbox One and Xbox 360, the first game from Respawn Entertainment, is a first-person shooter set for release on March 11th, 2014 in North America, and just two days later in Europe. It is being published by … Continue reading…

Xbox One

Xbox One – All You Need To Know

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Xbox One is the latest new gaming system offered by Microsoft. It is the successor of the extremely popular Xbox 360 and is classified as being an all in one entertainment center. Google TV and Apple TV as well as … Continue reading…