Street Fighter V – Anime Street Fighting Action So Fierce, It’s Brutal

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Street Fighter V is a continuation of the previous Street Fighter games. If you have played any game in the series, or heard of it, you might have an idea what it is. It is a side-scrolling fighting game with a long list of characters. Street Fighter V is the newest installation in the series. For consoles, Street Fighter V is only available on PlayStation 4. All releases offer graphics, gameplay, story, and character options that you would expect of a new AAA title in a hugely popular franchise. With this being part of the main series instead of a side game, it also offers the depth that you crave out of the series. It is a lot of fun with plenty of new things to see. Cross-platform also means that you can play with your friends, regardless of the platform of choice. The Street Fighter V release date will be February 16th, 2016 exclusively on the PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms for players.

Street Fighter V
A Street Fighter V image taken right from the action itself.

Street Fighter V Story Mode

There are always people out there who assume that these games have no stories to them. They look at the fighting games and call them pure beat ’em ups. While, yes, the Street Fighter series focuses heavily on the gameplay and fighting aspects, it does offer an actual story mode. If you have ever played a Street Fighter game before, then you know this. Street Fighter V gets you engaged in the fighting and it makes it addictive. For people who loved playing the Street Fighter games, Street Fighter V will offer some greater details into previous stories between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV.

For those who do not know, each player has his or her own story. Unlike other games, where there is a wide reaching story that you explore regardless of character choice, the story that you explore depends entirely on the character. With so many characters available in V, the replay ability is high. You can play as any character and find new points to the story that you would not see with other characters.

How to Play Street Fighter V

There are not a lot of new aspects to how you play Street Fighter V. If you have played Street Fighter games in the past, or any games of a similar nature, then you most likely understand the basics of it. You have several moves that you can perform with a specific combination of buttons. You can do combination hits, as well, and there are special moves. Each Street Fighter V character has a unique set of moves and special movies so what you can do is unique to each character.

To win in Street Fighter 5, you have to make precise and constant attacks while also avoiding as much damage as possible. While some approach Street Fighter games with the mindset of pure offense, even button mashing, strategy is the best way to play. By using the movies strategically, as well as the new features in Street Fighter V, you can take out opponents quickly.

The Street Fighter V Characters

As anyone interested in the game, you want to know more about the Street Fighter 5 characters. Sadly, it is difficult to go into a full explanation about all of them. Right now, though, you will get a total of 16 characters. Capcom has already stated that they have more characters to release through regular updates, and have even stated what many of the characters are. Characters include old favorites such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, and Maki along with several new characters.

Capcom will continue to build up this list of characters, too. Players on PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, and Linux can all have access to an ever-growing number of characters. If there is a favorite of yours not currently mentioned for release, you may see him or her later.

The Gameplay of Street Fighter V

The overall gameplay of Street Fighter V is what you would expect. Again, it offers similar experiences and playability that the previous titles did. It continues to build on it, though, by slightly altering various features and options.

Some things unique to Street Fighter V include:

  • A Stun Meter to determine how close you are to being stunned by the opponent
  • V-Gauge, which opens up new attack and counterattack options
  • Several small changes to encourage strategic battling

Street Fighter V Graphics

As any player, you care about the style of the game. With Street Fighter V graphics being a new one, it does look good. It has a somewhat anime style to it, though not to the extent that you get with JRPGs or Visual Novels. The Street Fighter V anime style is closer to what most fighting games offer.

Before Street Fighter V, There Was Ultra Street Fighter IV

Ultra Street Fighter IV or (Ultra Street Fighter 4) is a release not long before Street Fighter V, coming out in 2014 and with continued updates. It brought in new features and options while continuing with the fighting game experience. It, like Street Fighter V, shows that Capcom can still bring about innovation in this genre.

New Game Mechanics of Street Fighter V

All of these mechanics, including the V-Gauge and the removal of some features, have changed the way that you play. Again, it is about encouraging strategy over power. You now have a game that, while easy to get into at first, will rely on your skills for success. It is a fighting game that needs more than just button mashing.

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