Split Second Velocity for PS3 & Xbox 360

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Split/Second Velocity (Split Second PlayStation 3 in North America and Japan) is a fun and addictive racing game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The idea behind Split Second is split second racing where lightning fast reflexes are all that keep you from smashing your Split Second PlayStation 3 car into the countless hazards that threaten to destroy you at every turn. While you’re racing down the eleven tracks that Split Second Velocity has to offer, you’ll also be trying to wreck the other Split Second Velocity racing competitors. In other words, anything goes in Split Second; Split Second PlayStation 3 and Xbox360, that is.

Split Second Velocity – Taking a Closer Look

In the Split Second video game, players take on the role of contestants on a reality TV show. The single player mode of Split Second Velocity is spread out across 72 events and 12 “episodes” of the show. Whether you are playing Split Second PlayStation 3 or Split Second Xbox 360, the game doesn’t do much with the reality show premise; it’s a backdrop for the wild Split Second racing itself. Fortunately, a racing game as crazy as Split Second doesn’t need a lot of setup.

Split Second PlayStation 3 – Demolish like a Demon

The key to Split/Second Velocity is triggering events known as
“powerplays.” As competitors perform stunts such as jumps or drifts while playing Split Second PlayStation 3, they build up what is known as a powerplay meter. Once it’s full, one can prompt events that totally destroy other vehicles. Triggering these events during a round of Split Second Velocity is endlessly satisfying, but players could just as easily fall victim to Split Second Velocity powerplays themselves if they are not careful.

Split Second Xbox 360 – Stunning Graphics

Of course, the Split Second game graphics are great on Split Second PlayStation 3 and Split Second Xbox 360. The low camera angles provide a great sense of speed during the Split Second racing events, and the environments are all incredibly detailed on Split Second PlayStation 3. The Split Second Velocity controls are also really smooth. Drifting feels natural on Split Second PlayStation 3 even with the most slippery Split Second vehicles and players can perform stunts easily while playing either Split Second PlayStation 3 or Split Second Xbox 360.

Split Second Velocity Racing – The Downside

Split Second Velocity is a blast to play, but it isn’t perfect. Split Second is an arcade style racing game, so players who are more used to realistic racing simulations may be just a little dissatisfied when they play Split Second PlayStation 3. Triggering powerplays on Split Second PlayStation 3 may be great fun, but there’s still little for gamers who want more depth than what Split Second Velocity has to offer. There are other game modes in Split Second PlayStation 3 and Split Second Xbox 360, but it would be easy for some players to write Split Second Velocity off in favor of more realistic racing games.

Split Second Disney – Sure to Satisfy

Despite the Split/Second PlayStation 3 shortcomings, Split Second Velocity will be sure to please avid gamers who are looking for a simple yet satisfying racing experience. Split Second PlayStation 3 gives you just that. Pick up Split Second Velocity today to see how much fun destroying other cars at high speeds can be.

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