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Splinter Cell Conviction is a video game long awaited by millions of fans of the Splinter Cell series. However, is Splinter Cell Conviction a real follow up to Splinter Cell Double Agent or is it different from its predecessors, a video game of its own?

Splinter Cell Conviction is a must have for stealth and action video gamers alike. A remarkable storyline, a chic presentation, and Sam Fisher like you’ve have never seen him before are enough to get thrilled about this game. Though Splinter Cell Conviction does have it’s flaws and for this reason, you may get annoyed by a couple of cheap deaths, but you just cannot ignore the remarkable moments that this video game has to offer gaming fans around the world.

Splinter Cell Conviction – The Plot

The Splinter Cell Conviction storyline plot is separated into two parts. The major part is the Splinter Cell Conviction one player campaign that places the Splinter Cell Conviction player in the control of Sam Fisher. The Prologue part of this game, on the other hand is accessed in the multiplayer co-op mode that places two Splinter Cell Conviction players in the control of Archer and Kestrel.

Splinter Cell Conviction does have some issues. First and foremost the storyline campaign is relatively short and you may find it a bit effortless. Secondly, checkpoints are not well spread out. They’re most likely to be a setback in longer Splinter Cell Conviction missions as you go through each mission objective. There are cases where you may even find yourself surrounded by enemies and you cannot do anything about it. You have to use your wits, stealth tactics and strategy to get through each mission in this game. There are also situations, at some degree of how Sam Fisher shot an opponent through a wall.

In general, each Splinter Cell Conviction video gamer who’s into stealth video games (like myself) must have the Splinter Cell Conviction video game added to their Splinter Cell video game collection. If you’ve ever played Splinter Cell Chaos Theory as well as Splinter Cell Double Agent you’ll notice how this video game is already progressed in the storyline plot. Even if Splinter Cell Conviction has its drawbacks, you cannot underestimate this game. All these conditions where you get yourself in a room full of foes can’t erase the fine looking graphics as well as the stylish world that Splinter Cell Conviction will provide the player. You could also play 3D flash games online; there are many really good free flash games out there on the internet. A number of them are even multiplayer games.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell Conviction – Published by Ubisoft

Splinter Cell Conviction is an extremely interesting video game where players will need to complete a specific amount of stages through killing opponents. In this version, the Ubisoft Montreal developers have supplemented state of the art features that take account where players can mark their targets and then execute all opponents on the spot rather than killing them individually. This is an exceptional way to take out multiple opponents at one time. The player can also set the main target to which enemy can be executed first and the other enemy targets that will be executed after that initial main target is executed first.

Splinter Cell Conviction – The Gameplay

Splinter Cell Conviction is different to a greater extent from other Tom Clancy Splinter Cell video games. The most significant disparity in Splinter Cell Conviction is the stealth gameplay in which the Splinter Cell series turned out to be famous and seriously acclaimed for. In Splinter Cell Conviction, there are many shootings that takes place. It doesn’t even matter if it is because it is the simplest means to go into a hostile situation, or due to the reason that enemies in this game detected you will carry out the shoot out scenes, the game has decent cover gaming mechanics that allows the Splinter Cell Conviction player to unleash Sam Fisher’s stealth, agility, wits, weapons, technological gadgets and his technique uses of hand to hand combat maneuvers over his opponents that will help Sam Fisher to accomplish his mission objectives by any means necessary.

Of course, flying projectiles is not the only means to go about winning the Splinter Cell Conviction video game. If you’re smart, you can utilize Sam Fishers gadgets that are given to you for options to beat your enemies, you could set up traps such as remote mines and largely lessen your enemies numbers to the point where you can only shoot those who are lucky enough to be alive at this point. But it is not all that simple as you may think. The more enemies you kill, the more that your opponents will be aware of your existence in certain areas of each mission, to the extent where you will be capable of luring them to your traps, too.

The execution mechanic also takes in a nice twist to Splinter Cell Conviction. When Sam Fisher kills someone through his melee fighting abilities, he acquires execution points. With these execution points, you’ll be able to mark opponents and allow Sam Fisher to kill them with a stylish head shot maneuver.

One of the best features of Splinter Cell Conviction is the graphics that is compared to other past versions of Splinter Cell games. Remember that lights and your environment changes during the evening scenes. Some missions are extremely remarkable and provide a wonderful artistic view in the Splinter Cell Conviction game which might increase the Splinter Cell Conviction players interest to keep playing through each mission to see what the players ending results to this game will be.

Below are some other features of Splinter Cell Conviction which you will be capable of experiencing:

New Stage of Action: A full masonry of state of the art innovation enables Splinter Cell Conviction players to outflank enemies with the Last Known Position Technology. You can tag and kill your foes utilizing the Mark and Kill feature and many more.

A Blockbuster Experience: An exceptional storytelling style keeps the Splinter Cell Conviction player on the edge of his or her seat as the player navigates the explosive field of a renegade agent where trust is impossible and fairness could lead you to go above and beyond to uncover the reasons of why Sam Fisher is being hunted.

New Stage of Immersion: Revolutionary new graphics direction provides a completely flawless gameplay experience in which the Splinter Cell Conviction player completely is engrossed in the Sam Fisher storyline.

Splinter Cell Conviction – Multiplayer

Splinter Cell Conviction Multiplayer mode involves a system link or an Xbox 360, split screen as well as online cooperative mode, moreover to a Deniable Ops type (where you must get through a level completely undetected), involving 4 modes which pit Splinter Cell Conviction players in game modes like…

Hunter Mode: Where you must complete your mission by either killing or disabling a designated amount of enemies, or by infiltration, where you can actually kill a certain number of enemies without ever being noticed.

Last Stand Mode: Where Splinter Cell Conviction players would need to secure an explosive as opponents try to disarm it.

Face Off Mode: An aggressive sequence of Hunter Mode. Face off is a competitive multiplayer style game mode. You have the capability to execute the opposing player.

Infiltration Mode: Is basically like Hunter mode. But the only differences is that you cannot be detected at all or your mission to complete the level will fail. If that happens, you’ll have to retry the level over again from the start. They even have lasers and cameras in the mix with this mission as well as enemy guards out on patrol.

Last Stand Mode and Hunter Modes can be played in the one player mode and these types of mission objectives does not always have to be played with other players in co-op formats. So remember to keep that in mind.

Splinter Cell Conviction does not have the Spies vs Mercenaries Mode that is in the previous Splinter Cell video game. Patrick Redding, the co-op game director stated that the stealth in Splinter Cell Conviction is made in new factors like the Last Known Position with the Mark and Execute functions.

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