Sniper Elite V2 – War In Nazi Germany 1945

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Sniper Elite V2 is a tactical shooter video game made by Rebellion Developments in 2012 and produced by 505 Games for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and afterwards the Wii U video gaming consoles. Sniper Elite V2 also has a self published version exclusively for Microsoft Windows. Sniper Elite V2 is a remake and sequel of Sniper Elite 2005 which occurs in the same location and time frame, the clash of Berlin that takes place from April to May 1945. However it’s changed by narrative. The story of Sniper Elite V2 is about an American Officer who would capture or get rid of the scientists that are involved in the German V-2 Rocket plans while the Soviet Red Army attacks. A prequel termed Sniper Elite III was introduced in 2014 for existing and new generation video gaming platforms.

Sniper Elite V2 – The Plot

In the gloomy days of the end of WWII amidst the wrecks of Berlin, one projectile could change history. Lieutenant Karl Fairburne is the main character in Sniper Elite V2. He is a German American OSS official and experienced sniper who is put into Berlin in the year 1945, during the last days of World War II. Sniper Elite V2 references Operation Paperclip and the predecessor Operation Overcast; the USA plan is to engage the scientists of Nazi Germany. Karl is opposed by both Soviet and Nazi enemies as he monitors key people and targets involved with the growth of the Ballistic Missile V-2 in Sniper Elite V2.

Sniper Elite V2 – Gameplay

The Sniper Elite V2 gameplay is front and center here, and it is delivered with high class and authenticity. If you think that you have had your fill of every other World War II genre video game that is out there in the video gaming industry, Sniper Elite V2, without a doubt, will literally blow your mind with it’s highly intense gameplay.

Sniper Elite V2 is a 3rd person strategic shooter which emphasizes a less straight approach to strategy and encouraging the player to utilize stealth and for players to stay away from enemies in up close combat. Many one player levels gives the Sniper Elite V2 player with multiple ways to go about taking out their targets in this video game, which includes multistory structures as well as side roads to obtain different vantage points and you’ll even be able to keep away from direct firefights. Sniper Elite V2 is set in World War II; the player has to utilize the right types of weapons for each mission. Your sniper rifle is the first weapon of choice in the game; even extra side arms are on hand which includes pistols and submachine guns. Moreover, even hand grenades, are used. Even special tactical weapons such as trip wire booby traps, dynamite explosives and land mines can be used to take out enemies. Binoculars are also utilized to tag opponents in view, you can use this strategy to get an overview layout of the area which will show enemy movements and enemy positions to the player. When using your sniper rifle weapon, you can use the scope to point out specific factors that could determine the result of your shot by taking sensible ballistics into consideration, which include strength, bullet drop and wind direction, potentially changing the shot by using your sniper rifles scope. The bullet could even ricochet off of targets or surfaces and strike enemies to take them out in Sniper Elite V2.

In diverse postures like lying down or crouching on the facade could also solidify or secure your shot, but, the Sniper Elite V2 player can also have the capability to take a deep breath to have a steady shot and doing so will slow down time to steady your aim at your targets. Another capability in Sniper Elite V2 is that if the player’s character is seen, their last position and movements can be seen by your enemies. Your last known position is revealed as a white outlined figure, the Sniper Elite V2 player should evade from that current location and keep enemies from knowing your exact location if you’re detected by enemy troops. This is why stealth in Sniper Elite V2 is your best approach strategy. You should only use your sniper rifle as a last resort if you’re detected and caught in a shootout with multiple enemies. Use your sniper rifle to take out the main objective enemy or any enemies that gets in your way of accomplishing your main objective. Your best bet is to stay out multiple firefights as possible with multiple enemies. Stay silent, keep your head down and stay out of sight. That’s what actual snipers do, right?

A main feature of Sniper Elite V2 is the X-Ray Kill Cam where you’ll see a very cool animated and experienced bullet shot that will show up in slo-mo action that follows the bullet projectile you fired from your rifle to the enemy target. You’ll see where your bullet projectile will impact your target precisely in X-Ray Kill Cam form that will show the body part of your target being struck and the amount of damage your bullet projectile will cause to your enemy targets bones and organs. If you’re a precise type of a sniper in Sniper Elite V2. You can actually snipe your enemies own hand grenades to trigger a detonation to take them out a single enemy or multiple targets at one time nearby. This sniping technique can also be used on military cars through targeting valves and fuel tanks. The Sniper Elite V2 sniper rifle scope will also calculate notable shots by briefly showing you distance and other sniping aspects.

Sniper Elite V2 – Sniper Elite III – The 3rd Installment

The 3rd installment in the Sniper Elite series was presented in March 2013. Sniper Elite 3 takes place during World War II in North Africa and has been illustrated as “as more of a sandbox play”. On the option of gameplay, Kingsley said that they wanted Sniper Elite players to feel like they are dealing with missions and enemies which are real, believable and from which they can truly make meaningful options on how to handle them.

Sniper Elite V2 – New Content on Hand for Your Game

Ever since the release of Sniper Elite V2 it has been constantly backed by Rebellion Developments, taking in new features as well as content, which include 10 free multiplayer maps.

Four additional Sniper Elite V2 one player mission packs are on hand for purchase, which includes the final sniping mission called “Kill Hitler”. Every downloadable content pack also has two new real weapons for your Sniper Elite V2 armory.

Sniper Elite V2 – Multiplayer

Sniper Elite V2 supports online multiplayer where video gamers engage in a two way play scenario in a sequence of different game modes.

Kill Tally: is where two Sniper Elite V2 players will fend off more numerous and hard waves of enemy soldiers and cars in a restricted setting with an endless supply point of explosives and ammunition. While Sniper Elite V2 players could fight for high kill counts, Sniper Elite V2 players should keep each other active and alive to work as a team.

Bombing Run: is another Sniper Elite V2 game mode where Sniper Elite V2 players must search the area in order to repair a truck to escape before the entire area is bombarded.

Overwatch: is the 3rd mode where two Sniper Elite V2 players can take diverse responsibilities to complete the mission objective. One single player will play as the operator who will undertake said amount of goals. The operator will be equipped with binoculars and short range firearms which can be utilized to tag opponents for the other Sniper Elite V2 player who takes the task of a sniper that covers the operator all throughout the mission.

Moreover to these individual game modes, the Sniper Elite V2 missions from the one player campaign could also be played with 2 players. On the other hand, the Wii U version of Sniper Elite V2 also has multiplayer, co-op modes as well as the leaderboard modes, too.

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