Sniper Elite 3 – One Shot, One Kill

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Sniper Elite 3 is a premeditated shooter video game devised by Rebellion Developments. It is being published by 505 Games for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming consoles. Sniper Elite 3 came after Rebellion Developments’ Sniper Elite V2 which was released in 2012. So it is a continuation of the plot of the exclusive O.S.S. sniper Karl Fairburne and his war strategies in World War II. The plot unfolds in the wild terrain of World War II’s North Africa with the protagonist facing a new and deadly foe.

Sniper Elite 3 – Plot

The plot consists of eight stages, but with the design in the player’s favor, each stage is a song to sail through. Each stage is huge with many objectives that will enable the player to get a clear progress, but reaching and methods used in tackling the objectives is left to the player to decide. The player can enjoy choosing the options of destroying a German motor pool or snapping up top-secret plans. There may be many deaths to die, so completing a single level may take many hours.

Sniper Elite 3 – Story

The story Sniper Elite 3 takes into the game play Tiger tanks and latest weapons as the fear of Germany’s Afrika Korps trying to outnumber the Allies is present. There is also a lurking fear that the Nazis have developed a super weapon that could wipe out all hopes of succeeding in the whole war and not just in Africa alone.

Centred on a secret tank program, a wonder weapon, the plot unravels with Sniper Elite 3 seeing The O.S.S. agent Karl Fairburne, an American, in North Africa on an assignment to help intelligence forces. He provides sharpshooter skills to the Allied forces on the rugged terrain of Africa’s open landscape and as a part of the mission Fairburne has to operate the wonder weapon, revolving around a tank program, which supposedly purports to crush the Allied force that crosses its path and have the potential of turning the result of the war, when it turns into reality.

As the player has the benefit of choice, he can focus on a wider range of movement, thanks to the features of non-linear game play of Sniper 3. The player can easily shoot with a long range angle even over the most unequal terrain, be it rugged ranges of mountain or the rambling plains. He can do so as he has the benefit of customized weapons. Thrown in for additional excitement is the presence of busy cities and isolated villages, which aid in planning location based attacks. Newly introduced is a vehicle kill-cam. These are armored cars and tanks that gamers can drive and create huge amounts of destruction with single shots into the gas tanks of these vehicles. Also provided is the already famous X-Ray kill-cam. But this time the X-Ray kill-cam is designed to accommodate more advanced graphic details that includes circulatory system and muscle layer.

Sniper Elite 3 – Multiplayer

The kill-cam techniques used in the previous versions remain a favorite but they might have lost their charm if Sniper Elite 3 had not come up with the competent design. The protagonist Karl, who is an American sniper with a gravel voice, is able to destroy the Afrikan Korps almost unaided.

The player gets to do lots of interesting stuff which is rare to find in video games. He is given a free hand with the exploration and even murder of the Nazi using whatever method he likes. With all these clichés a part of it, and the occasional funny dialogue thrown in for good measure, the story- Sniper Elite 3 has this competitive edge.

Sniper Elite 3 – Weapons

To avoid deterrents such as a guard, who might spot you when you run or try to peep out of a cover, Sniper Elite 3 supports you by initiating you into taking slow, stealthy steps and tagging the guards when you use binoculars. The game guides you through moves such a being close to noisy machinery so that any sound you make when taking a shot with weapons other than your pistol with silencer, the shot is covered. Another option you can choose is to move away immediately to another place after shooting with a rifle for instance.

For maintaining distance with a furtive outlook, there are two standout modes Distance King and No Cross. These modes reward and separate teams on the basis of their range and the kills they make. The more rewarding modes are Co-op and Overwatch which aids the players with buddies, binoculars and rifles thus enabling them to work as a team. With such thrills to opt, Sniper Elite 3 gives the player a fun filled feeling of being in a secretive, furtive mission just like in a cat and mouse game with his senses raised on high alert.

Sniper Elite 3 – Gameplay

Played on gaming consoles, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One, Sniper Elite 3 is the sequel to Sniper Elite V2. It is more advanced with extra effects. The Snipter Elite V2’s rigid and rather direct gameplay approach has been traded for an open, creative approach in the shooting modules. Yet the changes do not include X-ray vision carnage that has been retained to create the same carnage as the bullet hits the target.

What makes the game play in Sniper Elite 3 distinct is the long range shoots in slow motion. This creates a dramatic tension and allows the player to hold his breath when aiming, seeing the red dot on his target shrink, allowing him to mount the excitement as time slows. The player gets to see close-up of the bullet when it is in flight. This is accentuated by a roar that rises slowly but steadily causing an air of doom that will be created by the bullet when it hits the target. This enhances the anxiety of waiting and at the same time, thrills the player when he hits the target; the resulting combination in Sniper Elite 3 makes the weapon one of its kind and unique when compared to others of the same type.

Now get out there on the battlefield and change the course of history with a single bullet. “One Shot, One Kill” will be your ideological means to do just that in Sniper Elite 3.

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