Sleeping Dogs – A Cop Adventure In China

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Sleeping Dogs: The Video Game is a fun filled, action packed and interesting video game that has been hailed as a masterpiece of creativity. If you’re a video game lover and you have not played this game. Then you are missing out on an exciting adventure. Sleeping Dogs is an accolade because of its development span some years before it was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 video game consoles. Sleeping Dogs is created by United Front Games and Square Enix London and published by Bandai Namco Games, this video game has generated a lot of positive responses and acceptance by gamers from different parts of the world. Want to learn more about Sleeping Dogs the video game? Well, read on as we touch on every part of this game from its development to the action adventure video game that we now have. I believe you’ll find it quite interesting.

Sleeping Dogs – The Early Challenges

Sleeping Dogs ‍had a difficult development challenge which began in 2008. After some careful development plans, Sleeping Dogs was released in 2009. It was initially intended as part of the True Crime series. However, something dramatically happened in 2011. Activision Blizzard announced the cancellation of the Sleeping Dogs video game. That cancellation fueled some concerns and dappled expectations. The situation remained this way for about six months before Square Enix bought the publishing rights of the game without the True Crime license and renamed the game Sleeping Dogs. Having overcome this early challenge, Sleeping Dogs was ready to hit the gaming world. But, where was the game actually set?

Sleeping Dogs – The Setting

If you are playing the Sleeping Dogs video game for the first time, you may think the game was set in America. This confusion is understandable because a lot of the characters spoke in American accent. However, Sleeping Dogs is set in Hong Kong, China. When the game was being developed, United Front staff visited Hong Kong to carry out field research for the visual environments and sound for the game. Not just American accents would the user notice, but there is also British accents as well. As an action packed game, you should expect different character and accents. So, that is as far as the setting goes. Let us now look at the meat of the game.

Sleeping Dogs – What Type of Gameplay Can You Expect?

Have you ever wondered what it requires to go undercover into one of the world’s most deadly underworld gangs? Sleeping Dogs will bring you the adventure of a spy cop in Hong Kong, China. This game produces a flurry of intense scary moments. Dwelling in environment full of grotesque thugs is not something you would like. But in this game, it is something that becomes the vocal point as the adventure move on. You came up with Wei Shan who is a spy cop. There are local gangs of criminals and he found his way into the gangs. As expected, Wei is immediately asked to prove his loyalty. To do that, he was asked to complete some missions for the ‘Water Street Gang’ against their rivals. The story began like this and the rest is for you as a player to discover yourself.

The combat system is designed as a ‘hands on’ approach which somehow is a unique part of the live recorded video games. Wei has the ability to drive different vehicles and can operate, walk, jump, climb and swim at the same time. And what is more, he is very good as a singer when needed. You as a gamer will need to gather different XP to illustrate commitment towards the police or the gang. You will surely love the game for its nifty game mechanics where there are 2 different experience systems to go with. The character can play between a cop and a triad is interesting for some reasons. As a player you will gain experience as a cop by completing undercover cop cases without killing the innocents and wrecking the place mindlessly. Another feature of the Sleeping Dogs game is the combat fighting using fist fighting techniques. Sleeping dogs was developed in such a way that weapons are kept out of the hands of the player as much as possible. So, when playing the Triad, fist fighting is used most of the time.

Sleeping Dogs – Game Graphic Depictions

The graphics was the weak part of the game. There were complaints about the graphics in the game forcing the developer to make an improvement on the graphics style. A reworked and subtitled version was released in October 2014 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. This version features improved graphical resolution and gameplay, setting and audiovisual quality that has been praised by many people. These changes were brought about as a result of the feedback the earlier version received. One impressive part of the graphic is near accurate depiction of Hong Kong city streets in the game. The design and graphics rendering of these Chinese streets is one of the high points of Sleeping Dogs.

Sleeping Dogs – The Game Soundtrack

The Sleeping Dogs soundtrack of the game is good and flows well with the game’s actions. There is no question about the quality of the soundtrack as it flows with the action packed attributes of the game. The video game has a stimulating base of fights that will get your blood pumping and aptly aided by the soundtrack. One aspect of any good live recorded video game is that it produces no dull moment and this is what you will experience as the battle ranges on. Creating the fitting soundtrack for a game of this proportion requires careful planning and this is what the developer was able to do well.

No doubt, being an undercover cop with dangerous missions of infiltrating the triads and participating in combat is incredibly enjoyable. Sleeping Dogs the video game will surely provide all the thrills you crave for.

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