SilverLoad – Satanic Priests, Vampires, and Werewolves, Oh My!

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SilverLoad is a great game that has made a comeback from its original release. If you have an interest in the older movie American Werewolf in London, you are sure to enjoy this Western Horror game and all its twists and turns.

SilverLoad Gameplay Image
A screenshot image taken from the gameplay of SilverLoad where the main character arrives at the town’s evil church, where a sacrifice of the survivor and wife’s kidnapped child is due to take place

SilverLoad Plot

You stumble across a group of travelers who were recently raided. One of the men’s sons have been kidnapped and you are tasked with finding the missing boy. There is a storm gathering and you have to journey to the ominous town of SilverLoad to find the man’s son. This is where the nightmare begins as you find out there are monsters roaming the streets and your six bullet gun might not be enough to protect yourself from the dangers that lay ahead. SilverLoad has been cursed and the residents are now werewolves and vampires who prey on outsiders.

SilverLoad Characters

  • Gunslinger: You play as a mysterious hero who is half Native American and was raised by a white couple. It is no coincidence you stumbled into SilverLoad and it is later revealed through childhood memories that you have a connection with the town.
  • Campfire Man: A widower who lose his way a long time ago, he now has a problem. His son was kidnapped and he asks you to find him in the mining town of SilverLoad.
  • Survivor and Wife: Though the wife instantly doesn’t like you, her husband is nicer. He was recently wounded in the raid, so he gives you a compass to help you get through the storm without losing your way. They also have a trunk where you can pick up goggles, a needed item.
  • Hotel Owner: He is not very friendly towards you and may be persuaded to let you stay in the hotel, if not, you must sleep in the barn.
  • Leo Remington: Leo is an anthropologist who came to SilverLoad accompanied by his colleague Carl Whitehead. They were trying to find a collection of cursed Indian relics in the game.
  • Cain: Cain is the leader of a small gang in the game. The gang particularly likes to mess with outsides and can either be avoided or killed.
  • Store Owner: A Scotsman who comes off as gruff but is not a bad person. He’ll sell you pretty much anything you need.
  • Barber: Would you let someone with a razor near your throat in a town full of werewolves and vampires?
  • Carl Whitehead: Leo Remington’s colleague, you can find him in the blacksmith’s area while he is transforming into some type of vampire.
  • Barman: He may not own the saloon, but you can buy any drinks from him.
  • Undertaker: He’s quite creepy and is willing to take your picture with two recently deceased and shot criminals.
  • Gambler: If you can find the loaded dice and equip them, you can make some money off of this guy.
  • Town Idiot: He may not be the brightest and you can use this to your advantage. Help him to sleep and his belongings are yours.
  • Sheila: The typical pretty girl in the saloon. Does this make her trustworthy or a deceiver?
  • Sheriff: The Sheriff is the Satanic Priest’s second in command and is by no means a good person.
  • Satanic Priest: This bad dude is behind the town’s curse. He is trying to make a deal with the devil to free himself from the town.

SilverLoad Gameplay

The game is mainly a point-and-click type of mystery. There are a few shooting scenes which mix up the usual gameplay so you don’t get tired of the same old style. It can be a little hard to navigate, though once you get used to it, you won’t have a problem with moving around and playing the game.

SilverLoad for PlayStation 1

SilverLoad is available for the PlayStation 1. Before its release on the PlayStation 1, it was for the PC. The SilverLoad PS1 video game version of SilverLoad PC is much better than the PC version in many ways as far as actual gameplay goes.

SilverLoad Solving the Puzzles

The puzzles are not always the easiest to solve and since there is no hint-system in the game, you will likely need a guide to help you through the game, unless you enjoy a lot of guess work and trial/error. There are quite a few guides for the game though, so if you run into an issue, you can find a solution somewhere online. If you’re having trouble in figuring out certain puzzles in the game. There’s plenty of SilverLoad walkthrough guides that are available online to help guide players through this game with no trouble.

SilverLoad Overview

If you are looking for a fun point-and-click meets shooter meets hidden objects game, then you should really check this game out. It is a very interesting mix since it combines Horror with a Western twist that is pretty rare as far as games go. The best thing about the game is the unique storyline which will keep you invested in the SilverLoad game until you beat it. It was a good game when it was first released but the newest version is even better for PS1 players.

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