Saints Row IV Gat Out of Hell

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Saints Row IV: Gat Out of Hell is an expansion pack to the fourth edition of the Saints Row franchise scheduled for release in late January for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. What’s more, those who buy it on next-gen consoles will also receive a copy of Saints Row IV itself, which was originally only released for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, alongside Personal Computer. Next-gen buyers will also receive another expansion pack in a bundle called Saints Row IV Re-elected. Let’s take a look then at what the new game will offer and what the other expansion pack, Saints Row IV: Re-elected was all about.

Saints Row IV Gat Out of Hell – Characters

Johnny Gat: Gat is a character that is present throughout the series, and for Saints Row IV Gat Out of Hell, he is one of the playable characters. He has a strange obsession with guns and is often associated with violence, since he loves it. He is the second-in-command in the Third Street Saints.

Kinzie Kensington: Kensington is the second playable character in Saints Row IV Gat Out of Hell, and has also been a series-long constant. She is a former FBI agent, who was dismissed unfairly after being framed for selling United States military secrets to Israeli authorities. She eventually joins the Third Street Saints.

Dane Vogel: This is a returning character who was featured in the early games but not after that. He had a primary aim of destroying the Third Street Saints and converting into a modern utopia the Saints Row neighborhood.

Dex: Another returning character, Dex was a member of the Third Street Saints appointed to quieten down the gang activities around, and during the events of the first game, he is appointed to take down one gang and also supervise Johnny Gat while he was in charge of another.

Viola and Kiki DeWynter: Viola and Kiki were characters in Saints Row: The Third and are set to re-appear in the DLC game soon. They are expert assassins for the Morningstar gang, and supposedly have their own ‘section’ of hell in this game.

Satan: The main antagonist for the game is Mr Evil himself, the devil. He is portrayed classically, with his trademark pointy ears, red body, and wings that stick out of his back.

Saints Row IV Gat Out of Hell – Plot

Wondered why quite a lot of characters who have ‘died’ are now popping up again? Well, that’s because Saints Row IV Gat Out Of Hell is set in, well, hell. The story is a scenario where Satan kidnaps the leader of the Saints in order to make him marry his daughter. Yes, you read the right. In order to rescue him, and stop Satan, Gat and Kensington must find old allies – and enemies – down in hell, in order to form a team. Since the game isn’t released yet, this is most of the insight that can be provided.

Saints Row IV Gat Out of Hell – Graphics

Since this is a more modern game than the older Saints Row games, this comprises of better graphics, and the older character that are re-vamped in this edition will certainly look better than ever before. In terms of Satan, as mentioned earlier, expect an old-fashioned mythological appearance of evil. Classic twisted face, red complexion all round, sinister wings sprouting out of his upper back, oversized claws for hands, and Hellboy-like horns sticking out of his forehead, only bigger and more curved. They’ve paid exact attention to detail for this one. The setting should be expected as a run-down, reddish boiler room (exaggeration). It should represent what centuries of people have been describing as hell, the place where the bad people go after they die.

Saints Row IV Gat Out of Hell – Gameplay

Like most Saints Row games, this will be a third-person shooter game, for the most part at least. It is, as always, littered with quests, secondary missions, objectives and collectibles. This game also introduces ‘angelic flight’, in which the player receives wings and can fly. It is also accompanied by a ‘Satan’s Wrath’ bar, which when filled unlocks cut-scenes and expansions to the story.

Like a lot of third-persons in today’s era, expect a lot of free space to move around in, during or outside of a quest or mission. The side missions and other objectives, such as in Harry Potter and The Order of The Phoenix, will be plentiful, and they will cost you time if you are not careful. They might also be confusing and tricky, something which is evident in games like Batman: Arkham City, where a lot of the side missions are set by The Riddler, and for those of you who know Batman folklore, The Riddler knows his way around riddles, and life for the user will be made difficult. Expect the playable map to be too large to discover casually, as a lot of time will likely be needed to explore them, and find and accomplish all of the side missions. Also, those collectables will not be so easy to come by, as proven in games such as Prince of Persia, so this game will probably need a lot of time, energy and effort put into it. Do not expect a walk in the park. Only the most dedicated can get through the whole of the game.

Saints Row IV Gat Out of Hell – Saints Row IV: Re-Elected

For player that buys Saints Row IV Gat Out of Hell on Sony’s PlayStation 4 or Microsoft’s Xbox One, the ‘eighth-gen’ or ‘next-gen’ consoles, they will also receive a copy of the other expansion game for Saints Row IV called Saints Row IV: Re-Elected, as part of a bundle. In this game, aliens invade Earth and transport the Saints to another simulation of Steelport, the fictional city they live in. The objective of the game is very simple: escape the simulation, or else you can lose your life in an attempt to do so. Since Saints Row IV Gat Out of Hell hasn’t yet been released, details on the plot are quite limited.

It is clear Saints Row will only continue to grow, and with this standalone DLC pack, which means players don’t have to own the base Saints Row IV Gat out of hell in order to play it, it looks as if its ideas are vast and endless.

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