Resident Evil Zero – Take A Historic Look Back to Where The Horror Began

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Resident Evil Zero is the prequel video game that should have started the Resident Evil series franchise. Fans of the Resident Evil series probably already know Resident Evil Zero. The original came out on November 12th, 2002 for the Nintendo Gamecube. It is one of the more popular games from the series. It follows the same basic storyline that you get in most of the survival horror games, where you and another survivor have to fight through your way to stop and get out of the zombie apocalypse. Against zombies and the Umbrella corporation, you have your hands full with enemies. Recently, a new and remastered version has come out. It is out for new consoles, including PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One, along with a PC release.

Resident Evil Zero
Here’s an image that was taken directly from the actual gameplay of Resident Evil Zero. The remastered version seems more clear, which is great for HD fans that loves sharper and smoother image gameplay.

A Walk Through the Story of Resident Evil Zero

For anyone who has played the original Resident Evil Zero that was created for the Nintendo Gamecube, the new Resident Evil Zero Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Xbox One release of Resident Evil Zero follows the same story. There is no shift in story, characters, or design, with only graphic improvements. It starts with Rebecca Chambers and her STARS force. As a rookie medic, this is her first mission on the field. She has gone to an area in the Arklay Mountains with reports of cannibalistic behavior and murders. There, the team splits up and she runs into Billy Coen, a former Marine who was on his way to his execution for a crime for which he was presumed guilty. The two find a train filled with zombies and a strange man, and they stop it before it goes out of control.

After they leave the train, they enter a large abandoned building. Inside, they learn more about the Umbrella corporation, the Arklay Laboratory and their role in the zombie outbreak. Throughout the game, you uncover the truth of what happened on the train and the reason for the zombies. You eventually find the strange man from the train and learn that he is the cause for all of this. After defeating him, Rebecca goes towards a mansion in search of her team. It is here in this mansion that the story of the Resident Evil 1996 video game, the next in the Resident Evil story, begins.

The Resident Evil Zero Survivors

There are a few survivors in this zombie outbreak. You play as two of them, but there are several others that you meet along the way.

Those other characters are:

  • Rebecca Chambers – Rookies STARS medic whose first mission is this zombie outbreak. She teams up with Billy as a way to fight the zombies and come out of this alive. At the end, she goes back to find her lost STARS members.
  • Billy Coen – Ex-Marine who was on his way to his execution when the train accident occurred. While we find out later that he is innocent of his crimes, he does escape to freedom quickly once the zombies attack. He helps Rebecca to survive the horror.
  • James Marcus – The main antagonist of the series and the final boss. He is the man behind the leeches, zombies, and deaths, as well as being the strange man that you’ll see on the train.

How to Win Battles in Resident Evil Zero

The majority of the weapons in Resident Evil Zero are standard. They are realistic weaponry that you find in most other Resident Evil and similar games. They include a handgun, shotgun, rifle, Molotov cocktail, and others. All weapons have the appearance and functionality of their real life counterparts.

Resident Evil Zero Graphics

For the original, it was high quality and rather groundbreaking. The graphics in Resident Evil Zero, from 2002, grabbed a large amount of attention and became a major selling point. For the PS3 release, the graphics are upgraded to high definition. Since it is a rerelease, the upgraded game is not revolutionary or groundbreaking. For a game that was released over 10 years ago, however, it does look good in its remastered version. You have a big jump forward for the graphics, creating a more engaging world.

Challenges and Puzzles of Resident Evil Zero

Resident Evil Zero is not just another shooting game. Shooting is a main component of the game, but it has depth. Beyond the story and shooting, you also have puzzles. These puzzles gives the player more mind boggling challenges that will force you to work smarter. Several types of challenging puzzles are found throughout the game and you will have to finish them to progress further.

The HD Step After Resident Evil Zero

The original looked and played exceptionally well, but the Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster version is what most people want. For PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and other modern consoles, including PC, this HD version us a step up in terms of graphics, like mentioned above. There is also the Resident Evil HD rerelease to match Resident Evil Zero’s release.

The Man Who Helped Make Resident Evil Zero Happen

Koji Oda has played a major role throughout the Resident Evil series. This applies to Resident Evil Zero, too. He helped to make the game happen as director. It was his vision that brought everything to what it became.

Resident Evil Zero Mechanics

There was nothing special or amazing about the game mechanics of Resident Evil Zero. One aspect of it that was big during its initial release was the ability to switch between the two main characters. Other than that, and a few upgrades and changes, Resident Evil Zero offered a solid gaming experience that matches what one would expect.

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