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Resident Evil Revelations – Although originally a Nintendo 3DS game, PlayStation 3 and PC gaming advocates will be happy to hear that Resident Evil Revelations, also called Biohazard Revelations, will soon be available on both platforms, as well as on Xbox 360 and Wii U.

The survival-horror Capcom video game is scheduled for release on May 21st in the States, and will hit UK shelves on May 24th. And Resident Evil Revelations is all set to impress. It boasts enhanced high-definition Resident Evil Revelations Graphics, exhilarating lighting effects, superior audio delivery, and even a complementary Resident Evil Revelations Story line.

It has been announced that a Resident Evil Revelations pre-game demo (referred to as a “pilot version”) will also be released in the coming weeks, so gamers will be able to sample it first.

Resident Evil Revelations Story

The Resident Evil Revelations Story interprets the events that took place between 4th and 5th Resident Evil games, shortly after the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance was established by the original series protagonists, Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine.

In Resident Evil Revelations, Chris and Jessica Sherawat (his latest partner) are missing in action, and Jill teams up with Parker Luciani to go and seek them out in the Mediterranean Sea, aboard an isolated cruise-liner that is known as the Queen Zenobia – their last known whereabouts, in line with the Story.

Here, they are unable to find Jessica and Chris, and instead come across bloodthirsty, T-Abyss-infected Resident Evil Revelations freaks, aka ‘Ooze’. They are then purposefully led into a trap in the Story, where they are knocked out, divided, and locked in separate Zenobian rooms. They eventually manage to escape and meet on the bridge, however, and happen upon Raymond Vester of the F.B.C. They also stumble upon threatening footage.

Meanwhile, Chris and Jessica discover a landing strip amidst the mountains—which turns out to be an operational Resident Evil Revelations Veltro command center—and make contact with O’Brian. He informs them that Parker and Jill have now gone missing, and orders a recovery. In the interim, agents Cetcham and Lumley are sent to the airstrip to gather Intel.

As the Story advances, Parker and Jill manage to contact headquarters to request an extraction. The call is cut short, though, when O’Brian receives a phone-call from the ESF, informing him that the ship is now the target of the Regia Solis. Shortly after, an air strike ensues, and the airbase is decimated.

Jessica and Chris eventually reach the ghost ship, and Parker and Jill run into an opposing masked Veltro agent, who hints at major conspiracy. He is shot by Jessica before he can reveal anything more, and then apparently dies – but not before he can whisper something to Parker. Upon unmasking the Story operative, they learn that it is Raymond.

Thereafter, Jill and Chris head towards the ship’s lab with the intention of preventing viral contamination of the sea. At the same time, Jessica and Parker try to figure out how prevent the liner from sinking. During this time, several dramatic events unfold, and it is discovered that there was indeed a conspiracy.

Queen Zenobia perishes in the Resident Evil Revelations Story. But Chris and Jill succeed at neutralizing the virus, and they are soon extracted by pilot Mathison. Before that, though, they encounter a wounded Luciani, but he takes a nasty plunge into a cluster of flames, despite their rescue efforts.

At the end of the Story, Jill and Chris learn the whole truth about the mission. They engage in a drawn out battle with Veltro’s transfigured leader, but get the better of him. After the truth goes public, the F.B.C. is dissolved, and Parker, Keith and Quint are shown to be alive. Chris and Jill then wake up in Resident Evil 5.

Resident Evil Revelations PlayStation 3

Both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 stay true to the series. Much of the signature Resident Evil Revelations gameplay returns in the game, including elements such as suffocating environments, limited weaponry and ammo, explosive shoot ’em up moments, and an emphasis on Resident Evil Revelations eerie exploration.

In Resident Evil Revelations PlayStation 3 single-player mode, horror lurks around every corner, and surprise attacks are common. For competitive gamers, Resident Evil Revelations also features an insanely difficult “Infernal Mode,” in which enemies and items are shuffled around to make Resident Evil Revelations that much more challenging.

Resident Evil Revelations Xbox 360

Other key features on Resident Evil Revelations Xbox 360 and Resident Evil Revelations PlayStation 3 include an improved ‘Raid Mode,’ where gamers can access nifty skills, weapons, enemies and characters, such as Rachel, and a handy Resident Evil Revelations ‘Genesis’ bio-scanner that makes concealed items, traps and enemies easier to find.

Additionally, there is a terrifying new PlayStation 3 and 360 foe to contend with; a freakish mutant that goes by the name of ‘Wall Blister,’ who seemingly enjoys whipping good guys. Resident Evil Revelations also makes full use of, which will enrich gameplay.

Resident Evil Revelations Graphics

Impressive hi-def visuals and audio significantly enhance the Resident Evil Revelations Story and Resident Evil Revelations Xbox 360/PS3 experience, and since you will not be playing Resident Evil Revelations on a small hand-held device, getting to feel as though you are actually in the game, annihilating devilish degenerates, is actually pretty easy.

During gameplay, you also have the choice of changing between first- and third-person view, as per your preference, and characters can still move while aiming weapons. A great Resident Evil Revelations Story, improved gameplay, and magnificent audio and Resident Evil Revelations Graphics, make getting Resident Evil Revelations a must – buy it!

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