Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster – Face Your Fears With A First Look Inside

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Resident Evil 0 is one story in a massive franchise. Resident Evil has had a large amount of respect, love, and followers for years thanks to its difficulty, engaging storyline, and ability to offer unique or rare features. Resident Evil 0 hits on all of the marks. It gives players the chance to experience this franchise in a new way. For people who loved the previous games in the series, it brings over all of the same concepts and ideas that you expect. For newcomers, it is a good welcome that will make you want to play all of the rest of the games. If you are the type of person who finds zombies, shooting, action, and a bit of horror exciting, this is the game that you want to play. An Resident Evil 0 2016 release of the original was remade into an Resident Evil 0 HD Remake for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One players.

The Story of Resident Evil 0

As anyone who has played the games knows, Resident Evil does have a complete story to it. In Resident Evil 0, the story starts like any other, with an accident related to Umbrella. This time, it is on an Umbrella owned train. Leeches attack the train, causing it to crash. Just hours after this crash, reports come in that there are attacks on people in the area. These attacks state that the individuals are exhibiting cannibalistic behavior. The STARS police force heads in to see the situation. As they do so, however, their helicopter has a failure and must crash land. The landing puts them near a crashed military vehicle, inside of which is Billy Coen, a man accused of murdering 23 people. Playing as Rebecca, you take Coen with you to figure out the problem. This is when you run back into the train.

The train is full of Resident Evil 0 zombies as well as a mysterious individual. The individual shows control of the leeches, which he uses to attack you as well as the people controlling the train. As you fight in Resident Evil 0, you regain control and you change direction.

After getting off the train, you explore and uncover more facts about the man, the leeches, the virus, and the situation at hand. You learn about Umbrella’s creation of the T-Virus and the mysterious man’s involvement. As you explore, you also run into the man once again and fight him. After defeating him, Rebecca and Coen part ways, with Rebecca going towards a large mansion. This is the mansion that you see in both the game and Resident Evil film.

Whom You See in Resident Evil 0

There are several characters that you see in the Resident Evil 0 remake. The two biggest are the ones the player controls, of course. They are:

  • Rebecca Chambers: A young member of STARS. She comes along to help and learn as a newcomer to the team. Along with helping at the scene, she has to find the convicted murderer Coen.
  • Billy Coen: Convicted murderer and ex-Marine, Coen was on his way to his own execution when the attack occurred. The vehicle he was in was hit, giving Coen the chance to escape. It was during this escape that he ran into Rebecca.

You will meet other characters along the way, too. Some are:

  • James Marcus: A founding member of Umbrella and scientist, Marcus disappeared decades before the incident occurred. Most presumed that he’s been dead for these years.
  • William Birkin: Another scientist. He had a great deal of respect for the work of Marcus and developed an interest in it.

You will meet many more, too, including the members of STARS.

The Gameplay of Resident Evil 0

For the most part, there is nothing new or innovative about the gameplay of Resident Evil 0. It offers a straightforward and exciting experience, yes, but the gameplay remains largely the same. It has the basic setup for a game in the series.

It does have some key differences, however. One difference is the use of character switching. Previous titles allowed you to choose between one of two characters. In Resident Evil 0, though, you can play as both of them. You can switch between Rebecca and Coen as often as you would like. This gives you the ability to play to your strengths and use them strategically.

More Than Resident Evil 0: Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2

Like any fan of the series, you may know about both Resident Evil and Resident Evil 2. Both of these were the early releases of the series, the first to come out. They set the standard for the rest of the games, including Resident Evil 0. Resident Evil also received a remake, which such a standard for all games. They both prove how strong of a player the Resident Evil series is in the gaming world.

How People Feel About Resident Evil 0

As with any game in the series, Resident Evil 0 was reviewed by a wide range of people. From critics to average players, nearly everyone had played it. The response, overall, was positive. While some people had negative things to talk about, the majority liked it. It offered a difference in experience without moving too far from what everyone wanted. Resident Evil 0 showed itself to be a true success.

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