Remember Me – Cherish Your Memories Forever by Capcom

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Remember Me (Video Game) is rated 7 out of 10 on – DONTNOD and Capcom do it again, and brings fresh entertainment to our dusty consoles. Remember Me, a brand new 3rd-person action-adventure video game, has just hit stores worldwide, and positive reviews are already piling up. It’s available on PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and this game appears to be awesome on either platform. Reviewers rave about the design, the story line, the gameplay mechanics, and the overall concept.

Remember Me Surveillance Society Horror and the Digital Age

The year is 2084, and a bizarre, futuristic version of Paris, known as Neo-Paris, is now a grim reality for once-free citizens who have no choice but to accept it. Their memories are no longer their own, and the few that are can be made to be someone else memories. Privacy is not a right anymore, either; it is a privilege – one that only a handful of few people enjoy. But surely, not for long – Nilin will see to that!

Remember Me Story

The story tells the tale of how a malicious corporation, called Memoryeyes, has developed an implantable brain device that facilitates the upload, sharing and manipulation of personal memories online. This gives a small minority of people immense control over the general population, and inevitably, a new breed of rebel emerges. The ‘Errorists’, as they are known, have one clear objective: to topple Memoryeyes, creators of this surveillance state.

Remember Me Gameplay Mechanics

The gameplay mechanics are strongly centered on the ‘remixing’ of memories within the game, where you, Nilin, the protagonist, have the ability to manipulate the actions of other characters by hacking into their brains and stealing or reorganizing their memories, which could change the world. Another of the gameplay mechanics is the ability to create special fight move combos that can deliver up to 50k combat combinations throughout the story.

Remember Me Combat and Exploration

Combat and Exploration are highly praised, too, with gamers especially noting the stunning environment, incredible visuals and sound, and the fact that Nilin manages to keep things interesting without any flashy guns. In fact, there is an emphasis on martial arts and hand-to-hand combat in the game, and Nilin is no amateur. The gameplay mechanics fit in perfectly with the Remember Me story, combat and exploration scenes.

Should You Remember Me?

Why the heck not – get it. Remember Me is a brand new game, with an exciting new plot and characters, and a whole new world to explore. The story is captivating, the gameplay mechanics are exciting, and there’s certainly nothing wrong with a bunch of combat and exploration sequences. The environmental elements are absolutely amazing. Bottom line, this video game will keep you entertained for a good many hours, and give you something to remember me as well. It’s worth it to buy this game. Don’t forget to Remember Me by buying your own copy to play.

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