Quantum Break – A Break in Time Game from Remedy Entertainment

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Quantum Break is a new game from Remedy Entertainment that has exceptional gameplay and an engaging story. It is about men who have time-related abilities. Your character, Jack Joyce, can freeze time. You will use your time abilities throughout the game to take down bad guys and to defeat the main antagonist, another character with time abilities. Your goal is to win, of course. With a variety of firearms and skills at your side, you can come out the victor. With a popular writer and director behind the game, Sam Lake who is best known for Max Payne, you know that you can expect greatness here. You can check out the Quantum Break official site for more information. For those of you that are looking for a Windows 10 version to this video game. You can also purchase your own Quantum Break Windows 10 copy from the official Quantum Break site.

Quantum Brake Gameplay Image
An image taken from Quantum Break gameplay

The Story of Quantum Break

Quantum Break starts similarly to most hero and villain stories. Two intelligent, young individuals are doing an experiment. In this case, it is an experiment with time travel. Their goal, of course, is to make time travel a thing. Even with their bright minds, things go wrong. Very wrong. Time around the two students because to break down, and both of them begin to mutate and change. They begin to take on new powers. For Jack Joyce, the main protagonist, the power gained is the power to stop time. For Paul Serene, the main antagonist, the power is to see into the future and make choices based upon that vision.

Jack and his companion, Beth Wilder, end up on the run from Serene’s corporation, Monarch Solutions. Along the way, you will fight against various enemies. Using your abilities and firearms, you will attempt to take down as many of the enemies as you can. Your goal is the same as any. Survive, defeat enemies, and get to the last area.

Quantum Break Characters

You have a long list of characters in Quantum Break. All of the Quantum Break characters play a vital role in the story. A few of the characters include:

  • Jack Joyce: The main character. Throughout the story, you will play as Jack and you will use his special time-freezing abilities.
  • Beth Wilder: Companion of Jack and the other main protagonist in the game.
  • Paul Serene: The main antagonist. Caught in the experiment-gone-wrong with Jack, he uses his time abilities for evil. He is after Jack and Beth, and you have to escape him and succeed.

Again, these are only a few of the characters that you will meet. You will come across many more characters along the way.

Fight The Good Fight in Quantum Break

You have several weapons available to you in Quantum Break. The main weapon of Quantum Break is going to be your ability to stop time. While it is not a traditional weapon, like a firearm, it is still a valuable weapon nonetheless. You are going to need to use it during your fights wisely. It will be your biggest assist. When you come across enemies or situations that could put you at risk, you will have to freeze time so that you can move around them. It is easy to use this weapon and it is something you will use heavily.

As a shooter game, there are guns available for you to use in Quantum Break. You can shoot your enemies with regular weapons. They are to complement your various time abilities, allowing you to take control of situations and remove threats. The weapons are as powerful as you would expect of normal guns.

Quantum Break Looks Good

The graphics of Quantum Break are not exceptional, but it is still a beautiful game. One of the most exciting and attractive aspects of it is its good graphics. You have a game that looks good and that gives you some stunning moves, captivating cut scenes, and a large amount of detail.

Quantum Break Gameplay

Gameplay is a mix of video game and TV show. The Quantum Break gameplay is engaging and popular for this reason. When you play through the game items, you do have a regular game. You are using your time abilities and your weapons to take out enemies. You are also using your weapons to take enemies. It is a normal shooting game in many respects.

There are puzzle aspects of it, too. You move obstacles around and you get yourself into important areas. It also allows you to get through dangerous areas without harm. It is an important aspect of the game and it is one of the major uses for your time abilities.

You also make decisions that can change the stories. Throughout the game, you get to make choices for the protagonist and antagonist. It gives you clips from the TV show when you make the decisions.

What Everyone Thinks of Quantum Break

The reviews of Quantum Break are exceptional. People love the story and the TV show aspect of it. While many parts of it are not terribly innovative, it is new and intriguing on its own.

Quantum Break Mechanics

The Quantum Break game mechanics are popular. People love the mix of game and TV show, as well as the various parts of the game itself. Quantum Break offers a unique, rarely-tried approach.

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