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Project Horned Owl is a first-person shooter for the PlayStation console. You play as a cop tasked with taking out robots that have taken over the streets of your city. Led by a dictator, their goal is total control and destruction. You and your squad will go out into the city with your mech suits to take out each one. The game is compatible with the KONAMI ENFORCER Gun, too, allowing for a more immersive experience. With the interactive environment, anime graphics and cut scenes, and engaging gameplay, it is a great game for any type of gamer.

Project Horned Owl Gaming Screenshot
Here’s an image screenshot taken from the actual gameplay of Project Horned Owl for the PlayStation 1

Plot and Story of Project Horned Owl

Project Horned Owl places you in Metro City, a futuristic city where robots have taken over. A dictator has sent these robots to kill, destroy, and take over your home. As a cop, it is your job to stop them. You are going to wear your mech suit, take your squad, and go out into the streets. You have to destroy as many of them as possible in order to succeed. Do not let a single robot get away, and do not let the dictator win. To save Metro City from falling, and the innocent civilians from certain death, you have to give it all you have.

The Characters You Meet in Project Horned Owl

There are two main characters – Hiro and Nash. In 1-player mode, you can choose either one. There are no major differences between them other than character appearances. In 2-player mode, each of you will play as one. Both will go through the streets in type 2-player action, shooting down robots with one another.

There are also a few other characters that play minor roles in the game, including the woman who guides you through the action.

Anime and Cut Scenes of Project Horned Owl

One of the appealing aspects of Project Horned Owl is the anime cut scenes. The hand drawn anime cut scenes will show you the entire scenes as if you are watching a show. The quality and voice acting of them are exceptional. There are high quality animations that will remind you of many popular anime series of the time, such as Lupin the Third and Detective Conan, along with other anime classics.

How to Play Project Horned Owl

Playing Project Horned Owl is simple. There is not a lot to it as it is a rather standard first person shooter. You choose your character, go through the initial opening scene, and head out into the streets. Instead of walking around, though, the character will move for you. You are not controlling the movements of the character at all. You are controlling the aim and gun. If playing with a controller, you can use the joystick and firing butting to take out aliens. If playing with the KONAMI ENFORCER Gun, you can just aim and shoot.

Behind Project Horned Owl – Alfa System

Alfa System is the company behind Project Horned Owl. It is a major development company in Japan that has worked on numerous popular titles. Other titles include the Tales of the World and Phantasy Star series. They are a popular developer for anime-style video games in Japan.

The Music of Project Horned Owl

Quality and excellent production value lead to a great soundtrack. Like the anime, the soundtrack meets the high standards of the developer. Professionals in the field came in to handle the entire soundtrack. It fits both the universe of the game as well as the time of release. It is similar to many animated and video game series that came out during those years. Project Horned Owl has the music, and look, of what you would have imagined for a futuristic city during the 1990’s.

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