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Project Cars Sports Racing is one of the most desired video games that people are seeking for enjoying gaming in whole new way. This game is based on car racing and it is proudly presented by Project Cars team. It is apparent that people can only enjoy racing stimulation only on PC but to break this wall, we have come up with a unique and advanced game that you can play on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 video game consoles. Project Cars is an eye catcher and that is why most of the pro gamers are waiting to get their hands on this wonderful game. Future Technology and a great deal of depth in visualization has made Project Cars much more exciting to play. People can enjoy Project Cars with their friends and family members from all around the globe using the internet. There are many things that were taken care of such as the complex nature of Project Cars and to solve all of these problems, the Project Cars creators, management and designs team has worked with sure dedication, passion and determination.

Project Cars – News and Latest Information

Even though Project Cars will be released worldwide on May 7th, 2015 in leading nations such as United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada and rest of the world, it is very clear that no demo is offered to people, so that means you don’t have any chance of playing this game before it’s initial release. You can play Project Cars with many people worldwide because it offers various competitive modes. One thing is for sure – You will get upgraded cars every month as per the information till date. You can enjoy this game on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One with the highest resolution and frame speed that will make gaming far more interesting with this game.

Project Cars – New and trendy Cars

You can enjoy racing with most of the leading cars that will set the right atmosphere for perfect racing competition in Project Cars. There are numerous world famous cars that have been included in this amazing video game. Including the great looks and aspects of Italian Sports Cars and other powerful racing cars of the United States and many other cars from different countries around the world. Project Cars possesses all the leading teams, drivers and obvious racing cars. Here’s a list of the cars that you’ll be driving in Project Cars:

  1. Retro Touring – If you are fan of classic cars then Retro Touring is the right option for you to enjoy previous hits like BTCC and TOCA tour. You can also enjoy highly rated cars such as Escort Mk1, Ford Sierra RS500 Cosworth, Classic BMW and Mercedes by opting for this tour.
  2. Road Cars – To make this game extra special we have added all the cars that you see in your day to day life such as Luxurious cars, classic cars and including car that you own.
  3. Karts – If you pick up history of racers then you will find that many champion racers like Michael Schumacher, Juan Pablo Montoya etc started their career from kart racing. That is why it has become most prominent racing option and millions of people enjoy this race worldwide. It is for sure that this platform is the right for the future champion. Complete against numerous racers and become king of speed. It is beneficial to develop quick reflexes, precision control and instinctive decision making. You can also seek awareness about the significant parameters that are necessary for achieving success and becoming a pure winner.
  4. Super Cars – There are many things that makes a super sports racing car, such as – perfect power distribution, sleek design, impeccable handling and many other things. That is why these cars are a dream of every person who loves car racing video games. Whilst Project Cars players will get chance to handle these cars on their own and will race on testing tracks for themselves to test their cars out before competing against other race car drivers.

Project Cars – Various Tracks and Locations

You will enjoy Project Cars in the most exciting way as it offers various world famous tracks that are used for top races across the globe. These racing tracks will test your skills of handling speed giants with precise control. Here are these world famous Project Cars tracks that you’ll be racing on:

  • Nurburgring, Germany – (circuit type with four layouts including Nordschleife and its 3 stages)
  • Zhuhai, China – ( GP type, Karting Circuit)
  • CadwellPark, United Kingdom – (GP type, Circuit)
  • Sakitto, Japan – (GP, International, National, Sprint type, Circuit)

And many more located all over the world

Project Cars – Split Second Velocity – Total Destruction Type Racing

Another racing game that I would like to mention that has the racing mechanics of Project Cars is a video game I like to play called Split Second Velocity. In Split Second Velocity, players take on the role of contestants on a reality TV show. The single player mode of Split Second Velocity is spread out across 72 events in 12 “episodes” of the show. Whether you are playing Split Second for the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, the video game doesn’t do much with the reality show premise; it’s a backdrop for the wild Split Second racing itself. Fortunately, a racing game as crazy as Split Second Velocity doesn’t need a lot of setup.

Project Cars – Slightly Mad Studios

All thanks to Slightly Mad Studios that is publishing Project Cars with the distributing help of Bandai Namco Games. In order to run this wonderful car racing video game, Slightly Mad Studios Proprietary MADNESS is required because it provides a perfect platform for enjoying Project Cars with full functionality. The Project Cars engine was originally built for providing interface between future generation games and devices and it works easily with most of the latest generation PC Specifications as well as with leading video gaming consoles. We must congratulate Slightly Mad Studios Studios for providing such technology that has opened the gateways of future gaming.

Project Cars – Insight to The Driver Network

Project Cars is built including all types of race cars, race tracks and racing motorsports mechanics with the latest and highest track locations of the past years. To check your ability practicing alone is the best option as it keeps your weaknesses hidden from your Project Cars competitors. You can practice according to your needs by choosing free practice and improve your Project Cars skills day by day. You can even choose your desired race track for the day and enjoy private testing of your own skills without any restrictions.

Project Cars – Recommended Graphics

The Project Cars video game is offering one of the finest graphics that can be offered by any service provider till now and that includes 12K resolution with the video output of 1080p, 60 frames per second for PS4 and 900p, 60 frames per second for Xbox One.

Project Cars – Play Online with Friends

You can always choose the Project Cars playing option from Private, Public or Friend lobbies to enjoy this video game according to your comfort. If you want, try playing the Project Cars video game with your friends from all over the world. Then you can choose online options and even invite all of your friends to compete against each other on the race track.

Project Cars – Purchase Your Copy Today

So what are you waiting for? Reserve your copy today! Bring Project Cars home and start racing against other race car drivers for an impeccable gaming experience that will be sure to have you playing for hours on end on the edge of your seat. Why watch car racing sports on television or even in car racing films, when you can actually control all of the experiences of a real race car driver in the comfort of your own living room or bedroom? Get out there on that track and show your competitors who’s king of the track. 

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