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PlayStation is a video game console developed by Sony. The first PS was released in 1994, followed by PlayStation 2 in 2000 and PlayStation 3 in 2006. PlayStation is a series of video game consoles that was created and developed by Sony computer entertainment. It consists of four home consoles, media center, and a line of controllers, two handheld devices and a phone, multiple magazines, as well as online services. PS was the first game console having reached over 100 million units sold after its initial launch. The PS 2 was also the most selling home console that sold over 155 million units. Sony’s PlayStation 3 sold over 80 million around the world. The latest home video game console is the PlayStation 4 that was released in 2013 and sold over 1 million consoles in the first 24 hours. There were major series of controllers that was utilized by the PS series that is also known as the Dual Shock controller. It is a line of vibration feedback type of gamepad. PS Network is an online service with a majority of users all over the world. It is the same as an online virtual market. The PS online virtual market allows customers to purchase and download a vast number of video games and numerous forms of multimedia. Online service based on subscription known as PlayStation Plus and social gaming networking services called PlayStation Home. The 7th generation products of PS utilize the XrossMediaBar which uses the best graphical user interfaces (GUIs). A latest touch screen user interface known as a LiveArea that was launched for the PS Vita which integrates social networking essentials into the interface.

Sony PlayStation History

Sony Computer Entertainment was jointly established by Sony and its subsidiary Sony music in 1993 to handle the ventures of the company into the video gaming hardware market and the first PS home console was publishing in 1994. The Sony computer entertainment of America was established in 1995 as a division of Sony electronic publishing which is located in foster City, California.

In 2005 the PlayStation was launched in North America which introduced an unparalleled gaming environment for the platform. It offers to take customers to their entertainment point anywhere and anytime via connecting the internet by playing online video games, view photos and more. In 2009 they made it easier than ever before to take and download material or content from anywhere with the PlayStation portable device. Sony computer set the goal of generating a video gaming platform that would become as pervasive as the VCR and it has changed the industry forever.

PS Sony Computer Entertainment

Sony computer entertainment, Inc is a multinational video gaming company in Japan. Sony relates to America distributors and markets for PlayStation home consoles. They published and expanded the software for the video game console while managing third party license programs in the United States. Sony entertainment handled the area of research and development, sales and production for hardware and software, in favor of the PS home consoles and handheld systems. They are the publisher of massive video gaming titles and they have composed numerous supplementary for the largest market of any company.

PlayStation Video Game Consoles

The home entertainment device which has the ability to display outputs of video signals or visual images, also known as video game consoles. These video game console are used to differentiate the console machines for playing video games, home computers or arcade machines. These video gaming devices consists of the handheld game consoles, micro consoles, dedicated consoles and home video game consoles etc. a best video game console is a form of interactive multimedia that is used for entertainment purposes that consists of manipulated images, sounds, audio and video effects that are generated by a video game console. The latest multimedia normally comes in the form of a disc and you can play a video game by inserting a gaming CD disc into the game console. Game demos can be downloaded from the console via the internet. There are some built in games that are available in simpler consoles. PlayStation 2 even included USB ports and modems for online game play. The PlayStation 3 includes as new generation of enhancement features such as a 3.2 GHz cell processor, 4 USB 2.0 ports, Bluetooth 2.0, Gigabit Ethernet port, media file storage and multiple user profile etc. Games that are encoded on CD-ROMs allow faster loading, better graphical user interface (GUIs) and best visual environments.

PS Controllers

The PlayStation controller is published by Sony computer for the PS video game consoles. It was the original version that was publishing with the original PS in 1994, the model of this version was the SCPH-1010. Shoulder buttons have been added to the PS controller to allow more freedom of movement and gaming control. The updated gamepad was added for navigation. The main concept of shoulder buttons is for the use of the index and middle fingers for two way directional controls. There are different symbols that have been used in controller for numerous functions such as the circle and cross symbol used on the controller to indicate the sign of Yes and No in certain video games. Next are the triangle symbols that are used for point view and square symbols for access to the main menu functions or during video gaming instructions.

PS Video Game Home Consoles

PlayStation 1 Introduction

When Sony launched the PlayStation 1 brand, it was big business all over the world. It is a video game console which was introduced and developed by Sony. The first version of the home console was presented for major improvement in graphics and effects for video gaming entertainment. The games that were encoded on CD Rom have the ability for faster loading and it became the main source of improvement in graphical user interface with extraordinary visuals effects in the video games that were played by the user.

PlayStation 2 Introduction

The next home console platform that the company developed was the PlayStation 2 in 2000 that was available for the consumer with its unbelievable power, its thrills, excitement and exclusive quality to play both music CDs and DVDs for movies. This home system was not stoppable, it displayed the animation near reality from DVD quality as the typical optical disk media format. PlayStation 2 has become the very strong and most popular video game system in the whole world.

PlayStation 3 Introduction

Sony Computer Entertainment America introduced the PS 3 in 2006 for video gamers world wide. The PS 3 video gaming system was full of entertainment and joy for its users. It was the most advanced computer system with perfect interface for the next generation audience of video gamers. It is even the most efficient home entertainment system that is available on the market with a user-friendly interface for everyone. It is greatly better and an convenient device.

PlayStation 4 Introduction

The PlayStation 4 is black home console that measures 305 by 275 by 53 mm. It is much smaller than the Xbox. The front of the console slopes back and features a touch sensitive eject and power buttons. There is a thin gap that runs across the front of the PlayStation 4 where the games and Blue-ray DVDs are slid into the thin like opening. There is a strip of light that runs brightly and then fades across the top in orange, white or blue based on the state the gaming console is properly plugged in.

PlayStation Vita

PS Vita was launched by SCEA in 2012. It was a gaming system at the core of PS. This interface provided the best combination of gaming and social connectivity within a real world. They introduced the facility features of Wi Fi and 3G network connectivity on PS Vita with numerous applications included such as Facebook, Skype and Twitter.

PlayStation Handheld Systems

A handheld game console is a video game console which is very lightweight, and portable. These handheld consoles are available with a built in screen, speakers and game controls. These kinds of consoles are very smaller than home video game consoles and it contains the console, screens, speakers, and all of the control functions in one unit. This system permits individuals to take it with them wherever they may go and it is very suitable to play and carry from one place to another. The first handheld electronic game was released in 1976 of an auto race game. Different companies prepared their own single and very lightweight, handheld electronic game devices for use. Then, there was the most popular handheld console, Game Boy was released in 1989 by Nintendo and as of 2014, handheld system devices are continuing to become gpopular in the handheld console market with Nintendo 2D and Nintendo 3DS systems for handheld gameplay.

PS Online Services

The PS technical support and customer services are available to help customers regarding their purchased products. Help and support services offers you to join the PS website related to your general questions, any queries that are related to any PS devices, troubleshooting problems, hardware failures, software problems, and any problems about the purchased product and services. You can read various kinds of available support articles on the PS website via the internet or you can simply ask a question in the support section of the PlayStation forums. The representatives and other fans of PS are present there for your help. If you join the forums area and you did not find any help regarding to your problem, you can contact PS support and the services department for that purpose or you can simply discuss your problem there. The phone numbers of online services teams are available there also. You can call them for any product problems and to help you in an efficient and professional manner.

PlayStation Software

The software use for the PS can be downloaded and installed onto your related Sony PlayStation devices. The PS 3 system software can update the operating system of the PS that including the security patches, features, settings and other items. You can maintain your system by the latest versions of system software. The updated system software for the PS 3 was published in 2015. The software can update and download the updates on the PS 3 and PS 4 home consoles when available, or you can download it from the official PlayStation website. The USB storage device can be used to transfer it toward the PS 3 and install the updates from gaming discs that include of updated data.

PlayStation Media

PlayStation media server gives the facility to run application data on your MAC as a DLNA compliant upon the media server that allows you to simply share a folder and this folder can be used to browse your PS devices. Soon after, there will be a display of the media file such as MKV, now you can push the button to play/download the file. The media server can process real time video Trans coding through the Mencoder.exe to the PlayStation device. However it has ability to play other unsupported files. During the installation process it is ready to launch and you can play codec packs that are necessary to install to your compatible PlayStation devices.

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