PlayStation 4 Is It Worth The Cost?

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PlayStation 4 was released on November 15th, 2013. When it comes to gaming consoles the biggest competition is between the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 has a lot to offer, but it is understandable that you want to know everything about it before making this large of a purchase.

PlayStation 4

The PlayStation 4 is black and measures 305 by 275 by 53 mm. It is much smaller than the Xbox. The front of the console slopes back and features touch sensitive eject and power buttons. There is a thin gap that runs across the front of the PlayStation 4 where the games and Blu-rays are slid into it. There is a strip of light that runs brightly and then fades across the top in orange, white, or blue based on the state the gaming console is in.

PlayStation 4 Specs

The front of the PlayStation 4 has two USB sockets that are hidden by the gap. These ports are used to charge the brand new dual shock controllers that come with the gaming system. When first setting up the console you will want to make sure that you turn on the charge on standby option as this is not set up by default. You can charge the controllers using your laptop or by using a US to micro USB lead as well.

On the back of the console you will find several connections including Ethernet, HDMI, and a socket to connect the PS4 camera.

PlayStation 4 Games

There are already several PlayStation 4 games available for play. Some of the more popular titles include Lego Marvel Superheroes, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Kill Zone: Shadow Fall, and Assassin’s Creed IV. There has not really been a truly amazing game launched for the PlayStation 4 at this time. This means that there is nothing in the PlayStation 4 games department that really makes it stand out from its competitors. However, this is just an initial launch and with that being said there is likely to be some more impressive games released in the near future for the gaming console.

PlayStation 4 Controller

The PlayStation 4 controller is brand new. The Dual Shock controller may not look it, but it is much bigger than the controller for the PlayStation 3. The controller for the PlayStation 4 has a port where a headset can be attached as well as a speaker feature. There is a track pad that is touch sensitive as well as the motion tracking light that works similar to the way the Move did on the previous version of the gaming system. There are new buttons available including the share and options buttons, with the start and select buttons era being over. Perhaps the most noticeable difference on the PlayStation 4 controller is the longer grips that make the hold much more comfortable.

PlayStation 4 Review

Overall, there is no doubt that the PlayStation 4 has a lot of potential. The graphics alone make the games that are available a step above any others. One of the biggest issues with buying the PlayStation 4 before Christmas in 2013 is the lack of major games available for the console. Once the company starts offering games from some of the major companies and releases them in the future, this is going to be a console worth looking into. For those that are Sony fans, you will not be disappointed in the PlayStation 4 as you already know that everything will be better in the near future as fixes and new releases come out.

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