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PlayStation 2 video gaming system was released on March 4th, 2000 from Sony Computer Entertainment for its first PlayStation 2 video game console and it was then followed by many developed countries. This next generation PlayStation video gaming console gives rise to a new world of video gaming and provided easy media for entertainment. This is the most popular gaming tool used by video gamers worldwide and it gives some facilities for online game playing also so that you can beat different gaming scores against the best video game players online.

About The PlayStation 2 Video Game Console

The PlayStation 2 video game console is dispersed on DVD ROM as well as CD ROM and memory cards. PlayStation 2 memory cards mostly have maximum capacity of 8MB but latest advanced versions are much improved. It is available in various colors where as matte black is the most popular selection for video gamers.

PlayStation 2 – Console Features

Various features of the PlayStation 2 video game console are given as below:

  • PlayStation 2 Video Games: The PlayStation 2 allows only genuine PlayStation 2 video games and they do not support increased speed of CD reading. It is good to work with standard speed to perform better in your gaming module.
  • DVD Playback: This PlayStation 2 gaming console is also useful for those who don’t want to play video games but love to watch movies. The US PlayStation 2 allows Region 1 as well as all regionally accepted DVD drives. You will enjoy movies with excellent quality and for ease of access, it comes with remote controller functions for playback control.
  • CD Playback: The PlayStation 2 video game console even enables audio music CD on its platform but Video CD’s are not supported. It provides easy interfacing with high quality sound services.
  • Peripheral Compatibility: The PlayStation 2 video game console provides backward compatibility and it can be easily interfaced with memory cards and controllers.
  • Internet Capabilities: It provides you the most amazing service with online connectivity, downloading and surfing so that you can enjoy all latest games easily.

PlayStation 2 – Disc Read Error

For the younger generation of video game players, PlayStation 2 was the most entertaining device when it was popular during it’s previous release in 2000. This video game console was found in almost every home in many different countries around the world where video gamers could easily access all the latest PlayStation 2 video games to beat their friends or to challenge themselves for many of the different selections of PlayStation 2 video games that were available to the public. But all the fun turns into trouble if single message appears on your screen saying: Disc Read Error. This is the most common error with all PlayStation 2 video gaming consoles, but you need not to worry, here are some easy steps to recover from this situation:

  • Disconnect your PlayStation 2 device from supply and remove all of the connection cables.
  • Take out all the screws and place them properly back into the PlayStation 2 gaming console after tracking the particular location of the problem.
  • Remove the warranty seal to check the inner circuit.
  • Tilt your PlayStation 2 gaming console towards right side and little upwards.
  • Remove the tape from any wires which is holding them together that connects to your PlayStation 2.
  • Clean your PlayStation 2 device with cotton buds or vacuum cleaner to remove all dust particles.
  • Take the PlayStation 2 disc tray out of cabinet: This process demands little, but careful effort on your part; you can see a gear of white color with 0.35” radius behind the laser and the other smaller gear of brass color. Clean the laser with cotton bud soaked in alcohol and turn the white gear gently towards either direction. Now you can easily remove Disc cover and check it by inserting a DVD movie.
  • It will surely work now, so it is time to place everything back in to its respective place and enjoy the game again.

PlayStation 2 – Dual Shock 2 Controllers

The PlayStation 2 Dual Shock 2 controllers are almost the same as its PlayStation 1 predecessor of Dual Shock controllers. It provides functions of vibration and generates analog controls for Sony PlayStation 2 video game console functionality. It includes the X, Square, L-R Buttons, analog sticks, Triangle, Circle and D-pad at a single location on the controllers. Users are provided an easy access to all these controls so that they can switch easily between them. It is available in various attractive color themes like black, ceramic white, ocean blue, crimson red, satin silver, slate grey, emerald green and candy pink. These compatible controller devices can be easily used for playing a huge library of adventurous games for your PlayStation 2.

PlayStation 2 – 60Hz Compatibility

To play with a 60Hz signal you first need to have a compatible device with your PlayStation 2 video game console. PlayStation 2 supports only NTSC system’s output so it is good to either own multi console systems or go for the NTSC. Most of the other countries use NTSC and Pal as their standard TV systems but there are few to support other systems like SCART etc. If your TV generates RGB output then surely you will face some problems while playing the NTSC titles on your PlayStation 2 device and you will need a compatible set of 60Hz range signals to avoid the problems of a rolling picture.

PlayStation 2 – Backwards Compatibility

If you were using the PlayStation 1 console and now want to switch towards the PlayStation 2 video game console, you need not to worry at all because PlayStation 2 sets are perfectly backward compatible and you can easily play your old PlayStation 1 video games with it. This is because the basic circuit designing for both PlayStation systems comes with little advancements in the PlayStation 2.

PlayStation 2 – Online Gaming Features

Many third parties run online games for PlayStation 2 video game consoles so that players can enjoy fighting with gaming opponents from all over the world. Even some of these games are terminated but still there is huge set of video games for players including racing, sports, knowledge games and fighter games etc. Online gaming is more popular among players because it give them chances to be more interactive with other video game lovers and this will motivate each video gamer for a powerful gameplay environment for gamers to challenge different video gamers around the world, so that players can prove their high scoring gaming skills and capabilities among larger numbers of video game players and users.

PlayStation 2 – Action Replay 2 – Cheat Software Device

Action Replay 2 is the popular brand for creating video game cheating so that users can use in-game cheats easily as it provides automatic modification to any specific number of PlayStation 2 video game titles. Action Replay 2 is the third generation version of these consoles which provides cheats for different PlayStation 2 video games.

Typical features of Action Replay 2 are:

  • It easily invite lives, provides super high jumps, regular power-ups, one-hit kills facilities with infinite money for many different PlayStation 2 video games.
  • Provides easy access to all levels in a game.
  • Enables facility of uploading, downloading, import and export between internet and storage devices.
  • Provides Region free operations.
  • Easily activate debug menus so that they can be used by programmers during testing and debugging of PlayStation 2 games.

In conclusion. The PlayStation 2 Video Game console is full of entertaining features and is preferred by video game players all over the world.

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