Parasite Eve – Help Aya Brea Stop The Mitochondria Outbreak Attacks in New York City

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Parasite Eve is an survival horror RPG video game that was published and developed by Squaresoft. Japan is always creative in the terms of creating video games, anime, manga type films and movies. Well, it isn’t shocking that they are able to present an amazing and cult classic video game such as Parasite Eve for the PlayStation video game console. Have you ever played this game before? Let’s talk more about its description, story, characters, weapons, game play, graphics, soundtrack, and the series.

Parasite Eve – The Story

The Parasite Eve story is based on a novel written by Hideaki Sena. The player is able to move around freely to use a particular combat style system. This game becomes the first M-Rated game of Square Enix. Up until now, the game even gained critics and reviews from the users and gamers. Mostly, they talk about the gameplay and the game display.

Parasite Eve takes place in New York City. The incident occurs on December 29th, 1997 of the storyline plot. Aya Brea plays as an NYPD (New York Police Department) rookie that is attending and opera at the famous Carnegie Hall with her date. During the opera performance, everyone starts to combust, except for Aya Brea and Melissa Pearce (The Opera Singer That’s On Stage). Melissa Pearce runs backstage and then mutates into some type of mutated monster. Aya Brea and her partner start their adventure to find out about Mitochondria. The major target will be Eve (Melissa Pearce). This creature is going to give birth to a special creature namely as the “Ultimate Being” later in the games storyline. For those of you who have not played this classic video game, I won’t give away too many details unless you play this video game for yourselves to see for yourself.

The Characters in Parasite Eve

Aya Brea becomes the main protagonist in the Parasite Eve video game. Aya Brea’s character made her appearance in this 1998 classic. In this game, she’s a rookie officer of the New York Police Department. She actually has a very special inner power to fight back against powerful mutated Mitochondria monsters that changed from their Mitochondria DNA by (Eve), who wants to conquer the earth. In Parasite Eve II, Aya Brea works for the FBI and she investigates further in the continued storyline plot to find out about the Mitochondria attacks and outbreaks. There was even a real Parasite Eve movie entitled “Parasite Eve” that came out back in Japan in 1997 as a kind of prequel leading up to this video game being created. There’s even brief mentions of the 1997 film that is referenced in the Parasite Eve video game.

Weapons Used in Parasite Eve

In Parasite Eve, the players are able to develop their items, armor, as well as upgrading their weapons. The parasite energy may be recharged gradually over time. When the player isn’t in battle mode, there’s an option to switch from your armor and weapons. There’s a tune up to alter your weapons and body armor. It means the player is able to increase weapon’s attributes by using acquired bonus points that you get when you defeat enemy monsters in your adventure. The powerful and stronger mutuated monsters you defeat, the more aquired bons points the player will receive. These bonus points can be distributed to your items, armor, or your weapons to make the player stronger and powerful as well.

Parasite Eve II – The Next Adventure

After you achieved success in Parasite Eve, there’s another adventure that you can play. The Parasite Eve story continues. It’s a similar game developed by the same developer in 1999. It’s the sequel to the previous Parasite Eve video game. The main protagonist is still Aya Brea. This game includes some features and additional playable characters. Aya Brea will involve herself in another Mitochondrial outbreak. This game actually is different from the previous one. The battles will take place in the real time of gameplay, so your action will be limited. It includes the same style of gameplay and elements as the first Parasite Eve game. You’ll notice that when playing this game. I love it when gaming developers can stick to the same controls, storyline plot and gaming environment that made Parasite Eve 1 and Parasite Eve II such a success back then in late 1990s.

Parasite Eve – The Game Play

Parasite Eve is an interesting role-playing video game. You can move freely in various fields and environments. The setting takes place in Manhattan, New York so you can use the Manhattan world map. The players movement will be limited to some destinations. Whenever the player walks on the hot spots, there will be random encounters to fight mutated Mitochondria monsters. After the battles, the reoccurring will gradually decrease. The enemies occur immediately and there’s no separate battle screen, like what Final Fantasy games do. The battle system used in the in-game battle is RTC or (Real-Time Combat). The player can use an active time bar that determines the chance to make an action attack on your opponent. While waiting Ayas turn to attack, you can control Aya Brea to make her dodge and move around the screen during the battle.

In this game, the player is able to level up. Aya Brea is able to learn new special abilities every few levels from fighting mutated Mitochondria monsters. The abilities are drawn from her parasite energy. This energy is also recognized as magic points in the game. The energy levels may increase during battles, but it becomes slower to recharge the more you use it in combat. Aya Brea will find many new weapons and ammunition scattered all over the place. Some weapons have amazing range and power. Interestingly, we can tune our weapons and alter them into even more powerful ones. If you’re having difficulties in getting through this game. There’s Parasite Eve walkthrough guides on the internet.

Parasite Eve – The Graphics

There’s no doubt, Squaresoft gives the best graphics in Parasite Eve. Parasite Eve players can enjoy the quality of high quality graphics and proper music of an original soundtrack that actually matches the storyline of the overall game. This game, in fact, provides for superb graphics. The animations of the character are good as well. You can enjoy any battles in a fun and adventurous sensation. However, the main character does move slowly. Her movement can’t keep up with the moves of her feet. So there is some drawbacks you’ll notice about this classic game. It seems that there’s no reason to even walk in Parasite Eve. To make proper progress, you need to find an item or a key to certain areas in the game in order to progress the storyline. Overall, the game gives more what it should be.

Soundtrack in Parasite Eve Game

Yoko Shimomura is the one that takes full responsibility to compose the main theme and soundtrack of Parasite Eve. It’s named “Primal Eyes”. The ending song of this game is very popular (Somnia Memorias). I listened to it. It’s a very good ending song to the game. The one behind this beautiful voice is none other than Shani Rigsbee. Basically, the composer wants to include inorganic music for this survival horror game. She wants something unique for this project. The idea of the project was obtained from a simple idea that the soundtrack should be remixed instead of rearranged.

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