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NHL 15 is an ice hockey game created by EA Canada as the 24th installment of the NHL series. It has been designed to be played on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The NHL 15 game has been incorporated with new controls, options, dynamic physics and new graphics which promise to create an exciting game for players.

The makers have invested deeply in making the surroundings; the arena, the players and the game come to life so that users can get a realistic experience every time a game is played. Features like real puck physics, collision physics and sincere emotional reactions make NHL 15 by far the most true to life ice hockey game on video. Played in Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360, the game perfectly mimics the physical impact outcome when two players collide on the ice. The makers have also included never before used real puck physics that let the puck roll, bounce and spin across the ice with unpredictability like in a real game. With real time collision effects and unpredictable puck movement, users will have to think hard and scheme harder to win games. Below are highlighted some of the brand new features of NHL 15 that make the game worth a buy.

NHL 15 – 12 Player NHL Collision Physics

Bringing users closer to real life action, NHL 15 has collision physics which affects all 12 players in the game when they are involved in pileups, net scrambles or collisions. With true to life graphics and collision physics system, every player is affected equally in a pile up scenario or in a secondary collision.

This not only makes the game unpredictable but also subjects players to authentic collision probability. With entirely remodeled puck physics, every puck interface is made to feel real and gives random and authentic puck spins, rolls and bounces like in a real game. The users can play the game experiencing chaos and excitement with their team.

NHL 15 Superstar Skill Stick

The revolutionary Superstar Skill Stick feature gives more control in the hands of the user. Now a player in the game can defend the puck and receive passes at the same time. It also facilitates a significant number of deke actions that will come in handy.

Easy to use, the new Superstar Skills Stick adds a lot in terms of maneuverability, defense action and incredible control with right analog stick. It brings to the fore the amazing sights and sounds along with the feel of playing ice hockey like never before. The left stick however is more useful in combining skating movement with deceptive moves to fool the other team. The combination of both sticks gives much scope for the user to get past defenders and score easily. The Super Skill Stick multiples the chances of users to create their own signature moves to win a game.

NHL 15 Authentic Arenas

NHL 15 brings to its users the experience of being and playing in a live stadium with genuine crowd reactions. To achieve this the makers of NHL 15 have captured in detail the stadium structures and features like exits, screens, seating arrangements, lighting focus, tunnels for players to enter and exit. The pictures and images have been replicated from almost 30 stadiums hosting the game in exclusive details which makes the user sense the 19,000 fans cheering and shouting for their team.

NHL 15 New Commentary Team

NHL 15 presents NBC sports commentary team of Mike “Doc” Emrick and Ed “Eddie” Olczyk in this version of the game. TSN analyst Ray Ferraro will advise about the game details at ice level. The team will be providing inputs all through the season so that the users have a real experience of pre-game commentary and the game insights of the team. Commenting on possibility, strengths and wins, the duo will give users the same nervous excitement that they experience at pre-game discussions.

NHL 15 Vision AI

This technology has helped the makers to create normal reactions in uncontrolled players of the opposite team in response to the game at all times during the play. The flow of the game seems seamless due to the enhanced level of player’s intelligence to the surrounding events. That means the opposing team can now identify areas where they can score, expect passes to be made and plan sudden attacks against the user.

NHL 15 Authentic Player & Equipment Models

Each player model in NHL 15 has three layers on it. The first being the body, then the equipment and lastly the jersey, all three layers are independent and will react to contact with players and pucks more realistically. Unique clothing technology has been used to make the movements of players come to life as in real game. Players and goalkeepers can also celebrate after a hit or a win together as a team which was not possible earlier. Other features include unbelievable player likeness, emotional reactions and animation on the ice during game. They have tried to capture a particular player’s reactions, facial expressions, body language and celebratory moves on the ice. The NHL 15 also has a NBC broadcast package which is almost parallel to the real thing. With authentic arenas come authentic crowd.

The NHL 15 has over 9000 individual models incorporated with multiple animations which co-relate to the events happening on the ice. The user can watch the crowd in detail to see the audience with posters, wearing costumes of the favorite team and encouraging the users and their team. The crowd also reacts to every goal, hit and penalty. The crowd also contains a section that cheers for the opposing team as well. With these above features, the NHL 15 incorporates many multifaceted technologies used to represent ice hockey in a video game. The official cover of NHL 15 will contain the picture of Patrice Bergeron of the Boston Bruins as per the voting done world wide. The NHL 15 will contain leagues from America, North America, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Czech Republic.

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