Neo Geo – Bringing Arcade Style Gaming Right to Your Living Room

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Neo Geo? What do you know about it? Well, it’s a family of video game hardware that has been developed by SNK. From 1990-2004, this video gaming brand originated with the publication of renowned Neo Geo arcade system, the MVS and its home console (AES). Both of them were so much powerful and each of them had the compatibility of different game releases. Yet, the expensive price for both of the products had moved them away from their competitors such as the Super NES and Sega Mega Drive. SNK released a CD platform as their latest product years later. It’s more affordable with different games released on the CD version. However, you need to understand more about the history, technical details, specifications, advanced entertainment system, SNK Playmore, and many others as you read on.

Neo Geo
Neo Geo – Bringing Arcade Style Gaming Right to Your Living Room

Neo Geo – The History

Actually, the Neo Geo CD was considered to be limited in success. It’s because of its slow performance of the CD-ROM drive. In order to compete with famous 3D games, later SNK produced a brand new product in 1997. It’s called the Hyper 64 arcade system. In fact, it’s the next generation of SNK’s MVS. This system didn’t get good notification amongst the public. Later, SNK extended the brand by producing 2 mobile consoles, namely Pocket Color and Pocket. They were made to compete with the Game Boy from Nintendo. However, this company suffered from financial problems in 2004. They officially failed after it.

Neo Geo – Technical Details

There are many technical details that we can learn from this product. In the aspect of the joystick, each of the controllers has the same width. They contain the same 4 button appearance as the MVS cabinets. This gaming machine offers a memory card system by which a player can save a game. This concept is quite popular to use later by other gaming consoles. The arcade style version of this hardware is often called as MVS. It gives the availability of different slot variations. Both the AES and MVS can play identical games or machine code. Later, there will be many enhancements applied for this game console.

Neo Geo – Specifications

Neo Geo uses 7 different processors, which divide the workload for audio, game play, and visuals. The CPU that is used for this machine is quite astonishing. The SNK includes custom image chipset that allows the system to sketch sprites in upright strips which has the pixel width of 16. It also produces up to 512 pixels in height. Unlike other consoles of its era, this machine doesn’t use tile-map surrounding layers. Instead, it uses fix layers to create the image. There’s an onboard sound chip that’s given to the system, namely Yamaha YM2610. It gives 15 sound channels with special digital noise effects.

Neo Geo – AES (Advanced Entertainment System) – What is It?

Neo Geo (Advanced Entertainment System) or AES was released in 1992. It was a groundbreaking and amazing new home arcade video gaming system that brought the arcade games to our home for the 1st time. On the 20th anniversary of this classic retro gaming device, the latest version of this game console was released. If you had ever played the old version, you could taste the nostalgic event by playing its new version, namely NEOGEO X. This game console device includes an advanced arcade stick that can boost your quality of performance when playing many of the hot gaming titles. Classic games and consoles don’t die. They have to be re-born into a more convenient gaming sensation, and have an affordable price for video games world wide.

Neo Geo and SNK Playmore – So What’s The Difference?

Neo Geo was released by SNK Playmore Corporation in 1990, which promises to bring better arcade gaming experience to your home. It sounds like a dream come true, isn’t it? There will be no emulation, crummy ports, and other hassles. However, this idea has vanished now. Although this company has crashed in deep failure, it’s still considered the top-notch game developer with flashy sprites and fabulous action games. You can check for their greatest games on different markets, especially Google Play. The most preferred game will be Metal Slug 3. It’s so much attractive and interesting to play. So, what do you think about it? SNK Playmore becomes the major part of gaming history up until this present day.

Neo Geo – Hot Video Game Titles

Beside Metal Slug 3, there are other famous Neo Geo arcade games released by this company. KOF (King of Fighters) 2003 is one of them. It’s a fighting game published by SNK Playmore for home arcade use. In fact, it’s the 10th sequel of KOF series. Moreover, this edition has become the major platform for the series since the 1st game. This game is also made for both Xbox and Playstation 2. Another hot game that people play in Neo Geo is Samurai Showdown V. It’s also recognized as Samurai Spirits. This video game is the upgrade of the previous game. In the aspect of audio and graphics, this version is way much better.

Neo Geo – The Legacy

This game console is the first product that has the feature of removable memory storage (memory card). It has the function to save your current games. Recently, this is adopted into many other available consoles on the market. Recently, it has particular communities of collectors. It’s caused by the limited production and rare aspect of the games. However, the MVS market now provides a more affordable alternative to this gaming console. You can buy it in a regular market. In its development, you can get the arcade emulator for this console. It means you can play the games on your home or laptop computers. This program emulates arcade games on almost any PC. There’s also a virtual arcade that can be setup to support actual arcade operators. MAME is the most common gaming device to use as well as 3D Arcade devices. If you visit different video game websites, there will be reviews and sharing information about the console. There are also different sources that you can use to get the emulator.

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