NBA 2K16 – A New Season of Pro Basketball Has Arrived

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NBA 2K16 pro basketball will be your next game to play with a brand new season. It’s an upcoming simulation video game of pro basketball that is developed by Visual Concepts. This game is also developed by 2K Sports. In fact, this is the 17th installment in the game franchise and the updated version of NBA 2K15. It has been expected to be published on September 29th, 2015 of this year. You can play it on the Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Playstation 4 video game consoles.

Be The Story at NBA2K16

There’s also a special edition version of NBA 2K16. It even uses the legendary NBA great, Michael Jordan as the main cover. Moreover, you can play the French version that uses Tony Parker as the cover athlete. In the German version of NBA 2K16, it uses Dennis Schroder while in the Spanish version uses Mar and Pau Gasol. Be the story! You can play freely to create your own story and experience of basketball simulation. There are many created or real teams and NBA 2K16 players to play. You can choose different game modes such as MyTeam, MyCareer, and standard games.

NBA 2K16 – The Game Play

NBA 2K16 basically is a basketball video game that simulates the National Basketball Association. Players can play the game with custom team or real team. To make it more convenient, you can customize different aspects such as players, presentation, camera angles, realism levels, and many other features. This game is marketed as being actual and realistic to NBA style game play. It has many features such as halftime shows, in-game commentary, pregame shows, replays, post game shows, real player movement, team crowds, and many others surprises features that are in this game.

NBA 2K16 – Franchise Mode

NBA 2K16 is created by Visual Concepts. It has become a successful game franchise that can be even simpler to play. At that time, EA wouldn’t publish any sports franchises on the Sega brand. The series got problems in the aspects of simulation. Within the development, this game had gained popularity among gamers and NBA fans. Sega stopped to support it with the Dreamcast, and then the series became the multiplatform license below 2K Sports. It even has a brand new NBA 2K16 roster for your favorite NBA teams.

NBA 2K16 Visual Concepts

Both Visual Concepts and 2K Sports develop NBA 2K16 to be the future of basketball gaming. Spike Lee is the most influential person in this game and within the film industry. Spike Lee has directed and written about the games’ My Career Mode. This man found out something wrong with the game and wanted to do something different with it. He realized that there’s something missing to this game and he wants to bring the story mode of NBA 2K16 to life for NBA fans and to NBA 2K players. Now, the developers claim this game will be the best and smartest among them all. But, we shall see…

NBA 2K16 – What’s The Game Mechanics Like?

It has been a year since you played NBA 2K15. So, what do NBA fans need for the next version? Most of them want it to be enhanced in My Career mode. According to review, this game has the ability to ask the teammates about shooting methods. There is going to be even more activities for the off-season modes as well. Mostly, the playoff bracket will be added for this game. Which I am sure every other NBA 2K fan is looking forward to as well.

NBA 2K16 – The Soundtrack

There are many DJs that are in the works for NBA 2K16 soundtrack. Some of them are DJ Mustard, DJ Premier, and DJ Khaled. I’m sure they will make the soundtrack for this game something fans will wanna hear while browsing through the menu features before a big game event. The soundtrack has 50 different song features. There’s also 6 playlists within the game. Players can choose any different playlist they want to listen freely or players can actually create their own playlist. Now that’s cool. Also, there are even some special songs that are exclusively made for the game. If this doesn’t get your blood adrenaline pumped for the new season coming up, then nothing will. Grab your copy of NBA 2K16, get out there on that basketball court and become your own story.

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