Myst – Step Into A World of Adventure, Mystery, Imagination and Mystique

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Myst was first released in 1993 from the developers Cyan Inc. It’s now available for PlayStation 1 and is a fresh twist of puzzles and a graphic adventure. The game itself has several different endings you may get depending on how you choose to play the game and what actions you make your character take. Myst took off when it first came out, much to Cyan’s surprise.

Myst Gameplay Image
An image taken from the gameplay of Myst. You’ll have to use your wits to solve the many puzzles that will unlock the secrets to the truth of what happened on the Island of Myst.

The Plot of Myst

Myst is a video game where you take on the role of the Stranger. The Stranger finds a book called “Myst”, upon reading the book and learning about an island world by the same name, the Stranger touches the last page and is teleported to that very world. You must explore the island world if you have any hopes of getting out. There is a library on the island where you find a red and blue book, the prisons of Sirrus and Acehnar, the sons of a man who once lived on Myst island, Atrus.

Will you help the brothers escape or will you leave them to rot in the books they are forced to call home? Or will you find yourself stuck in their place instead? You’ll have to first figure out and decide your course of action. However, your choice will decide how this mystery of Myst will end.

Myst Characters

  • Achenar: He is one of the main characters in the game. He is first met where he is trapped inside a book with Sirrus. They are the main antagonists throughout the game.
  • Atrus: Atrus if the father of Sirrus, Achenar, and Yeesha, as well as being an important part of the D’ni. He is the biggest main NPC un the game.
  • Esher: – He is a D’Ni native and also a refugee. He was forced to leave the Great City when it was destroyed. Esher believes the D’Ni people are superior and wants to make sure they reach what they once were as a people.
  • Sirrus: Sirrus is first seen trapped within a prison book, and is one of the main characters within Myst. He and Achenar are the general antagonists within the game.
  • The Stranger: You. You are the protagonist without a name, create your own destiny.

Myst Gameplay

You play from first-person point of you as you explore the world of Myst. It is a click to move game, and you can interact with certain objects by either clicking or dragging them. Solve puzzles and find clues so you can escape back to your home world.

Myst Puzzles

The developers at Cyan wanted to make the puzzles seem as much a part of the game and part of the world of Myst instead of it feeling like a puzzle. For example, if you entered a house and there was no light when you got deeper into the home, you would need to look for a lantern and then matches to light the lantern. The puzzles of the game include common sense and observation most of all. Use your logic and wits to get past each puzzle and progress onwards with the game.

Meet Cyan Inc., Myst’s Developer

Myst took Cyan two years to develop. It took months to design the appearance and the puzzles of the Ages just by themselves. Cyan reportedly had a difficult time trying to create characters who were actually believable. They wanted the player to be enraptured in the game, not just sitting there with the obvious feeling of “it’s a game” constantly on their minds.

The game was actually tested with two people playing the game. The two would talk about one they liked and didn’t like rather than one person sitting and playing alone. The quick feedback allowed the developers to make the needed changes and create a game that people from all walks of life could truly enjoy. Now that you can play it on the PS1, you can truly see how far Cyan has come!

Myst Soundtrack

Most of the ambient music and incidental noises were made by Chris Brandkamp. Brandkamp actually had to wait until the graphics where completed so he could make sure the sound fit with the context correctly. In the beginning, Myst did not have music throughout the game. Once they realized the background music did not have a negative impact on the game and actually made the gameplay better, this video game got its own music.

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