Mirror’s Edge Catalyst – Faith Connors Quest For Revolution

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Mirror’s Edge Catalyst for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles is coming soon. It is a thrilling first person adventure game where you have to rely on your wits and skill, not on firepower, to avoid danger and defeat your enemies. Whether you are riding zip lines or performing parkour, every moment of the game is action packed. Here is a look at just how awesome this new game is going to be like. Even for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst PC gaming fans.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst Trailer
Faith Connors is seen kicking some enemies face off in the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst game trailer. (Photo: Screen Capture)

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Story

The story of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst takes place in a city called Glass in a dystopian future. It is an origin story of Faith Connors, the viewpoint character, who was also a character in the original Mirror’s Edge game. The city of Glass is ruled by a totalitarian government; any opposition to the government takes place in secret. One of the revolutionary groups relies on couriers called Free Runners to transport supplies and messages. Faith is one of these Free Runners, and your job is to help her reach her destination, using parkour and quick decision making.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Characters

Faith Connors is the main character of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. After losing members of her family in protests against the totalitarian government, Faith joined the Free Runners, and now she risks her life to help the remaining revolutionaries exchange messages. Through her appearances in other games, Faith has become a very popular character. People like her because she seems a lot more like a real human being than most video game characters do.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Graphics

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has realistic looking human characters and frightening soulless industrial backdrops. The first person perspective makes you feel like you really are teetering on the edge of a building or flying over the city on a zip line.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gameplay

When you play Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, you see everything from Faith’s perspective. Success in the game relies a lot on parkour and on hand to hand combat. Faith does not have any firearms in this game, but that does not stop other characters from trying to shoot at her. This means that one of your tasks in this video game is to dodge bullets.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Free Runners Experience

In the world of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, the Free Runners are couriers who have been chosen, thanks to their speed and agility, to deliver messages among revolutionaries. In order to be successful in the game, you will have to scale buildings, fit through tight spaces, and even ride zip lines. As if that were not dangerous enough, you are constantly being pursued by agents of the totalitarian government, who are trying to intercept the messages you are carrying. If one of them gets close to you, you have to use hand to hand combat to fight him off. The government agents have weapons, but you do not; you only have your strength and your wits. The game is almost always seen from first person perspective, with Faith as the viewpoint character, but sometimes during the fight sequences, the perspective switches to third person so that you can see just how much skill you are using.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst vs. Mirrors Edge 1

The original Mirror’s Edge game, also featuring Faith Connors, came out in 2008. The media has sometimes described Mirror’s Edge Catalyst as a reboot of the original Mirror’s Edge, but it is more properly a prequel. The games plot takes place before its predecessor; its plot functions as an origin story for the character of Faith. The mood of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is similar to the mood of the original game, but the graphics are a lot more advanced. You can notice this both in the appearance of the human characters and in the appearance of the backgrounds.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Social/Multiplayer

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is, for the most part, a single player game, but it does have some social features which some writers have described as multiplayer. Strictly speaking, you cannot play against another player simultaneously, like you could in the old Mortal Kombat, nor can you compete by playing side by side on a split screen, like in the old Dr. Mario game. Rather, to have a multiplayer game, you have to play at different times, but one person’s actions in one turn can affect the game world for the next player in the next player’s turn.

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Gaming Mechanics

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is an open world game in which you have to explore the environment and fight against enemies. Much of your time is spent exploring, running, climbing, and fighting. No matter how many times you play, you will always discover new surprises and adventures when you play this exciting new adventure video game for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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