Mirrors Edge – A Free Runners Experience

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Mirrors Edge is now available in the video game market to provide a more exciting gaming experience to all individuals who love to enjoy advanced video games. Mirrors Edge comes with an advanced gaming interface and it includes everything that provides maximum satisfaction to those who are in need of a more interactive role playing video game that can be used anytime while aiming for an enjoyable gaming experience together with their friends and family members. It’s a special type of a video game that can help gamers to meet new friends easily while satisfying their gaming experience with the use of the most popular characters and protagonists in the storyline of Mirrors Edge.

Mirrors Edge – The Story and Characters

Mirrors Edge has been stated as a new action adventure video game that has been created officially by EA DICE which is one of the most competitive developers of high quality video games in the industry. The Mirrors Edge story focuses on the special missions of a woman named Faith Connor, who’s against the idea of a Police State Dictatorship. It is something that can help video gamers understand the fact that freedom is always important in the daily lives of people all around the world. Kate Connors (The Sister of Faith Connors) is also included in the list of characters that gamers can control in Mirrors Edge.

Kate Connors is an officer of the city police. Aside from this lady, there are more other special characters in Mirrors Edge that will surely amaze those who don’t want to waste a lot of time and money on low class video games with an uninteresting story. Most of special characters in Mirrors Edge are free runners who serve as couriers for physical communiques that are meant to be distributed in different parts of their hometown. Let’s say for example: Mercury who’s a former free runner who trained Celeste Wilson and Clarence E. Kreeg (friends of Faith). The Mirrors Edge story of this video game starts with an unexpected incident where Kate Connors has been accused as a murderer and the person who killed the Pope in the city. Kate has been arrested and the police officers claimed that she won’t be able to get out of prison unless she’s been proven innocent.

Faith will look for leads that will save her sister from lifetime imprisonment and police brutality, but this Mirrors Edge mission will fail and will be replaced with a more challenging one. Your mission will be declared successful once the involvement of the police force has been exposed and the completion of Project Icarus has been revealed. It will force Faith and her friends to oppose the police force and strive harder to find out the truth behind all accusations that were thrown against her sister. In the Mirrors Edge storyline of this video game, Faith and her fellow free runners will be chased and killed by the police officers so the players should always try their best to protect their characters from the police officers who will try to oppose and kill them.

Mirrors Edge – The Free Running System

Mirrors Edge is a very unique video game and totally different from the other famous brands of video games that can be found in the industry nowadays because of its innovative gaming platform. Mirrors Edge has a free running gaming platform that functions smoothly at all times. The Mirrors Edge features simply makes this video game cool and more interesting in the eyes of those who want to enjoy modern video games that are not too difficult to control. The Mirrors Edge free running gaming platform will provide an individual with a chance to discover the most important facts about the things that make parkour training difficult. In other words, most of Mirrors Edge challenges and special missions that the players must accomplish in Mirrors Edge should be completed on the top of the city that serves as its setting.

Mirrors Edge is something that will really allow any video gaming user to experience the feeling of being a real free runner in video gaming simulation. The free running gaming platform that has been added in it was designed to make all Mirrors Edge challenges and missions in its storyline more exciting and full of unforgettable moments for those who will never hesitate to use it for pleasure and enjoyment.

Mirrors Edge – EA DICE

EA Digital Illusions CE (EA DICE) was the name of the company that’s responsible for the completion of Mirrors Edge. The stated company is always dedicated in providing the best options to those who really wants to be relaxed and protected from the negative effects of stress while spending a holiday vacation inside their own home. The new video game that has been introduced in this article serves as the latest product of the EA DICE industry. Mirrors Edge was released by EA DICE in November of 2008 with its Unreal Engine 3 that has an amazing ability to produce excellent resolution and high-definition graphics in any type of gaming platform where it’s compatible with the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 video gaming console platforms.

Mirrors Edge – EA Games and EA Digital Illusions CE (EA DICE)

If EA DICE serves as the developer of the Mirrors Edge video game that has been stated, EA is different. The stated company has strong connection to EA DICE, but it didn’t participate in the creation of the Mirrors Edge video game that has been mentioned. Electronic Arts focused on the process of publishing the Mirrors Edge video game instead of recommending additional features and changes that can make it more interesting and unique in the video gaming market. EA succeeded in promoting video gaming market because millions of gaming enthusiasts in many different parts of the world are already using it.

Mirrors Edge – The Graphics and Game Mechanics

The Mirrors Edge graphics looks great. It’s always clear and capable of providing a more exciting gaming experience to those who want to have an excellent video game that contains more realistic characters and setting. The Mirrors Edge video game mechanics is very simple. Each player in the Mirrors Edge video game has to choose a powerful character and organize a team of free runners who will expose, oppose and destroy the Police State Dictatorship in the utopian city that has been used as the setting for the Mirrors Edge storyline. I believe video gamers everywhere will have a fun time roaming through the rooftops, buildings and skyscrapers high above the Dystopian World in this video game.

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