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Microsoft Xbox is the most popular video game console manufactured by Microsoft in 2001. Microsoft Xbox was designed to compete with Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s GameCube. It is being used as a source of home entertainment. The enhanced features of Xbox are the music, photo collections and for users to watch videos by using Zune software. Xbox Live is a multiplayer gaming service which is available for Xbox player introduced in 2002. The original Xbox was ability to sport a Pentium CPU where as the Xbox 360 was introduced in 2005, increased video gaming power with a three core 64 bit power CPU. Xbox is a video gaming brand owned by Microsoft. It introduced a series of video game consoles developed by the Microsoft with three consoles released in sixth, seventh and eighth generations. The second console, the Xbox 360 was released in 2005. After the great successor of Xbox 360, Microsoft introduced a more enhanced gaming console that is the Xbox One, it was released on 2013. The Microsoft Xbox One combines a gaming console with the ability to watch TV, music, chat features where users can communicate with other people via the Skype messenger application, as well as watch movies through services like Netflix.

The History of Microsoft Xbox

Microsoft Xbox is one of the most famous brands of video gaming consoles in the gaming market. Xbox is created and owned by Microsoft Corporation. The Xbox video game console series was developed by Microsoft that published their sixth, seventh and eighth generation video gaming consoles. This brand comes with games applications, online services with Xbox Live, streaming services etc. The Microsoft Xbox brand was first introduced in 2001 in the United States with the release of the original Xbox console. The Xbox was the first video game console that was offered by an US company in 1996. Microsoft released the second console called the Xbox 360 in 2005. Microsoft then introduced the latest gaming console which is the Xbox One which was released in 2013.

Microsoft Xbox Corporation

Microsoft Xbox is a very common and famous namebrand known around the world. It is an American multination technology based company that has main offices in Washington. Microsoft is manufacturing computer software for selling, customer electronics, personal computers and services offered by the Microsoft Corporation. The best and efficient software of this company is the Microsoft windows operating system which is being used all around the world in every computer. Windows has a very user-friendly interface.

  • Microsoft Windows Built-in Features: Microsoft office suite includes graphics and a web browser features for internet explorer with it’s own built-in windows operating system and the latest version can be downloaded from the Microsoft website via the internet. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft. This Company entered in the personal computer production market in 2012 and they introduced the tablet computer worldwide. The Xbox video game console is the hardware product of Microsoft.
  • Famous Software Maker Company: It is the largest and world’s most well known software maker company. This company publishes books, titles of multimedia, offers email services, portable media players and peripherals related to computer such as input and output devices. The Microsoft windows operating system is offered via the MS-DOS operating system. Microsoft windows is now being used in all modern computers with their user friendly environment.

Microsoft Xbox Video Game Consoles

The Microsoft Xbox was released in 2001 in North America. It was the part of sixth generation gaming. This brand has great competition with Sony’s PlayStation 2 and Sega. The Xbox brand name came from a reduction of DirectX that uses the Microsoft graphics. Xbox Live services were introduced in 2002. It permits players to play video games online. Xbox Live became very successful due to its best features and services.

Microsoft Xbox Video Games

Microsoft Xbox video games are very user-friendly and the Xbox is the most powerful of its competitors. The Xbox video game console is the same as a standardized device. The Xbox has all the built in accessories that are necessary for use. Now the Xbox is being used worldwide and is considered the largest home console. The Xbox game console was introduced in 2001.

Features of Microsoft Xbox Video Games

Hundreds of video games were made for the Xbox 360 which have been released since its publication in 2005. There are numerous types of gaming bundles which are available with accessories. Xbox One gives you the facility to play games with your friends in an online network environment. It is designed according to the latest trend. It is a very convenient and accurate gaming console which is available in the gaming market. The Xbox One gaming console of this brand is very efficient wich has the ability to watch movies, sports, TV shows and has Skype messenger that’s available to stay connected with your family members and friends. There are other features of music and multitasking ability functions that will keep Xbox, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Xbox One account users busy for hours on end.

Microsoft Xbox Controllers

The Microsoft Xbox controller was known as the main controller for the Xbox video gaming console from Microsoft and it was launched at the Game Developers Conference in 2000. The standard and high quality controller bundle is available with the Xbox system. The controller is for the USB interface. Almost tens of millions of dollars was spent for the development of the Xbox and the Xbox 360 controller designs, but the Xbox One has the latest design installments that is used for better gameplay control for its users. It is similar to the Xbox 360 controller with offset analog sticks, buttons, directional pad and handle contour. The controllers are prepared by Microsoft which are more comfortable, convenient and user-friendly. It has a very lightweight battery compared to the previous Xbox version controller. The Microsoft Xbox One requires an internet connection and Kinect connection. This system itself is powered by the cloud.

Microsoft Xbox Online Services

Your product should be registered on the Xbox via their website and you can request for registration purposes online through your Microsoft Xbox console. You should first register your product by signing in to the online service center and after it clicks the (Add a Device Option). You should check out the warranty for your register gadget at the online service center. If your free repairs option is present with a warranty, you can easily repair your software without paying extra fees and costs. If any sort of technical issue has occurred in your device, you can easily get help from the online services center with your Microsoft account information from their customer support team. You can simply click on the problem options with your device. Then click the request service button from the device manager page and promptly follow the option commands to complete your service request that you’re looking for help on your issue. When you filled out the proper request options, you will receive the online service that you’re looking for, they will then send you an order number and confirmation email to your email box.

Microsoft Xbox Software

The Microsoft Xbox 360 emulator for its Xbox One console was built by Microsoft Corporation. The games can be downloaded from the internet with the use of a disc and can be placed into the disc tray for the validation process. There are more than 1,000 Xbox 360 video games that are currently being used. The updatable software and operational system for the Xbox 360 are available at the dashboard of the Xbox 360 menu display. The software exists on a 16MB file with a 32MB of system memory storage. The updates for the system can be easily downloaded from the Xbox Live support service area to the Xbox 360 and can be even installed.

Installation of Microsoft Xbox 360 Controller

Standard Xbox 360 wired controllers can be used to connect a Windows PC via the USB ports and the driver of the software can be installed. The CD for the Installation process that comes with the Xbox 360 controller for windows should be used before connecting the controller with the PC. If you have not installed the disc of the Xbox controller for windows, you can then download and install the software via the internet. When you have downloaded the software from the Microsoft website, you should select the game as a purchased product and then you can download the game content according to the windows version and Xbox controller instructions that are displayed. After downloading, you can click on the run button, it will automatically install the important files to your computer via the software.

Microsoft Xbox Hardware Problems

If you find three red lights on the Xbox 360 ring, it indicates a hardware failure problem which has occurred in your Xbox 360 gaming console device. If you find that there are three flashing red lights around the Xbox 360 power button instead of four green lights, it is a signal to the user that there is an internal problem that needs service help. This error that occurrs to owners of the Microsoft Xbox 360 is also known as the famously dreaded (Red Ring of Death). These warning signs can give off the graphical problem effects in the users gameplay experience such as pinstripe patterns on the screen, sound errors, extremely loud noises, checkerboard and no response of the power button turning off. This problem causes a type of screens freezing. The code of error can damage your hardware components. It indicates that the Xbox 360 console is enabled to receive power from the power supply due to the effects of the problem in the power supply cable which is not inserted correctly into the Xbox 360 video gaming console.

Microsoft Xbox Microsoft Support

If you have any questions regarding to the product and services, the Microsoft help and support services are available to help you. You can search for different problem and technical topics related to your purchased products and services. You can even visit the Microsoft TechNet forums section for Microsoft support services. Any problematic and technical issues that is related to the product can be submitted to the Microsoft online customer support services staff team. You can ask any questions at their online customer support portals by opening the Microsoft TechNet forum for the online customer portal area. Make sure to keep track of the news announcements and for all key postings so that you’re up-to-date and informed about other Microsoft services and products. However you can ask question by singing in to the Xbox Microsoft support section or visit their support page on their site if you have a question that needs to be answered about Microsoft products and services.

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