Metal Slug – A Classic Arcade Shooting Game for Neo Geo Gamers

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Metal Slug gamers will always love this classical arcade game. Although some people don’t like shooting games, the Metal Slug arcade game isn’t any ordinary video game. You are able to face an interesting adventure with your partner through different stage levels. I mean, how can gamers find it difficult to criticize this game? In fact, most gamers consider it as one of the greatest shooting video games that was ever made. The boss of this game is general Morden. This evil creep only seeks world domination. Yet, Marco & Tarma are called into duty to beat this tyrant. They are badass fighters who want to bring an end to Morden’s ambitions. Too cool. Their best vehicle is a powerful tank namely Metal Slug.

Metal Slug – The Gameplay

You can choose either 1 or 2 player mode. You can use different buttons for different functions including shooting, jumping, and bombing. Pretty simple, right? When you are inside the tank, you must practice moving the bartizan while moving around. Once you get used to the functions on how to use it, you shouldn’t face any problems. In a nutshell, it’s about destruction, chaos and total obliteration in this game. Technically, you can actually blow stuff up! Now that sounds really fun. You need to blow up everything while you move forward. There are some power-ups and hostages that you can collect for more points. In the terms of control and gameplay, players won’t feel disappointed as this game is fairly easy to play. Aside from a tank, you may face some mechanized foes including aircraft, technical enemies, carriers, and much more.

Metal Slug – The Graphics

Metal Slug represents a classic game genre for classic Neo Geo gamers worldwide. On the Neo Geo platform, this game hasn’t changed much at all. It also has a lovely visual and graphic quality. Many gamers love this game due to its cartoonish expressions of the characters. During the game, you may see several slapstick humor sequences. It’s something that you won’t get from other games. This is why Metal Slug was so unique in terms of it’s style of gameplay to Neo Geo fans. Yet, there’s a slowdown when there are too many sprites, enemies, and swarms. Overall, the game is quite controllable. You may find many effects and details in the background. These will enrich the visual quality style of the game.

Metal Slug – The Sound and Replay

Metal Slug gives off an heroic ambiance. The Metal Slug music and soundtrack included in the game fits with each level of gameplay. It will be more interesting as you may hear the screams of enemies dying a horrible death at your hands. You’ll hear it over time and could become annoying as you keep hearing it. But it’s quite hilarious. Some people don’t get used to it though. In the terms of replay value, it’s also quite brilliant. Yet, the replay doesn’t work well in some secret areas and paths. Some players will compete against others to see who can set the highest scores as well as the fastest times in gaming and game completion. You just need to play well to beat any available records made by other Metal Slug gamers. It’s a pretty straight forward video game. Which is what is missing with today’s modern video games than it was back in the 1990s.

Metal Slug – The Reception

It was a big success. Metal Slug gained many fans and buyers. Playing this game on the Neo Geo platform is similar to revisiting an old friend. It’s just so classic, fun, cool, badass and appealing to anyone who starts playing this game. This game isn’t only for fun, but also for challenges. Since its first appearance, Metal Slug had gained positive reviews among gamers everywhere. There are some critics that didn’t appeal to the gameplay. People want this game to be accessible for online multiplayer. It should be able to compete against Xbox Live where you can play Metal Slug online. In the terms of reception, this game is quite successful. Do you want to find your memory back with this old game? Then check it out and play this classic game for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

I wish today’s modern high-tech video games would go back to their roots to make simple, graphical and fun games like this to play again. What the heck is happening to the video gaming industry since then? Video gaming companies and gaming developers need to re-visit their old roots of the 1980s and 1990s style of arcade video games to bring back the essence of video gaming fun like Metal Slug. Even the Metal Slug 2 game sequel to Metal Slug was a hit success.

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