Metal Slug 2 – Even Better Graphics and Destruction Than Ever Before

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Metal Slug 2 came out for the Neo Geo system on February 23rd, 1998. Almost all gamers are familiar with Metal Slug 1. Today, you can play Metal Slug 2 on the original PlayStation 2 and Neo Geo gaming platform system. Of course, this one will be better than the previous version. It’s available for the Neo Geo CD as well. The company has worked hard to overdrive some features in this game. This new game comes with 362 MB after the new development. This version still uses some basic qualities from its predecessor. Yet, the gaming programmers have included some nice improvements for Metal Slug 2. You can get new weapons, vehicles, and many more features during actual gameplay. Also, you must pay close attention with food. It makes your characters shots stronger, but you will move slower if you get too fat from eating. So be careful when your character is going through each level.

Metal Slug 2 – The Gameplay

In the terms of gameplay that Metal Slug 2 introduces. There are 6 levels that you should complete in this game. The atmosphere of this game changes a little bit. They use WWII style set in the actual environment style of gameplay. Also, you can find a Gulf War parody in this game. After all, the game remains inimitable and faithful. There are iconic enemies from the previous version including mummies and gigantic bosses. What makes Metal Slug 2 even more interesting is the bonus system with many improvements. The Metal Slug 2 style is similar to its previous game, Metal Slug. You can get the same feeling with good improvements.

Metal Slug 2 – The Characters

It has been a long time since the previous version of Metal Slug. Both Lt. Tarma and Captain Marco have defeated Morden in Metal Slug. Since the defeat of General Morden, there are some factions who have now come into operation. They act as a force to finish what Morden could not complete for himself in Metal Slug. Morden is still alive and he has made an alliance with outer beings to achieve his devilish plan. In the last mission, it seems the aliens break the alliance and attack Morden. The main character’s force and Morden’s army form an alliance to beat the aliens. They are able to defeat the enemy at the end of the game. The main characters of this game are Germi, Kasamoto, Rossi, and Roving.

New Features in Metal Slug 2

Metal Slug 2 is a good game and you can play it either alone or with your friends. You can earn the benefits of some features including new weapons and vehicles, which are illustrated during gameplay on how to do certain moves or function vehicles in the game. All the basics are improved. Some bosses are so unique and you can see different themes at the end of the completed missions. The gameplay really doesn’t change much. Yet, the game becomes longer and harder to complete. There are 4 characters that you can pick with different uniqueness. Overall, Metal Slug 2 is interesting for many reasons to gamers who love the Metal Slug genre.

Metal Slug 3

If Metal Slug 2 doesn’t give you the satisfaction that you’re looking for, then there’s Metal Slug 3 which you can play instead. Metal Slug 3 will include more missions to complete. Each of them has different difficulties and length times to complete each level of the game. Now, in the terms of gameplay, it’s almost similar to the previous version of Metal Slug 2. Yet, the bosses become much stronger and harder to beat. So you’ll have to really focus on your gaming technique skills to find a way to beat these bosses. You can use super vehicles to empower your attacks. These special abilities will add both defense and attack features of your team. The characters are also able to use the knife and can even kick enemies right in the face. Now that’s badass and makes playing this game really cool to play. But of course, no Metal Slug game is complete without having an atmosphere for total carnage and destruction. Metal Slug 3 will be sure to not disappoint gamers who plays this game.

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