Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne – The Story of a Former DEA Agent Continues

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Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne is a video game, which is focused on third-person shooting. The game is made by Remedy Entertainment, and is being published by the Rockstar Games.

Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne Story

In the Max Payne 2 game, the player controls the former DEA Agent, named Max Payne. He is a fugitive, who is framed for the murder of his fellow cop and best friend. He got his name cleared, and is an NYPD detective, and sets out to resolve the conspiracy behind the death, with the help of Mona Sax. The game won various industry awards.

Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne Characters

The role of Max Payne is played by James McCaffrey, Mona Sax by Wendy Hoopes, Vladimr Lem by Jonathan Davis, Jim Bravura by Vince Viverito, Vinnie Gognitti by Fred Berman, Valerie Winterson by Jennifer Server, Mike “The Cowboy” by Gary Yudman and Alfred Woden by John Braden.

Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne Gameplay

The player plays the role of Max Payne and Mona Sax. The player gets a 9mm pistol, and also gets a chance to use weapons such as shotguns, handguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, sniper rifles, hand-thrown weapons. If the player faces multiple deaths during the game, the artificial intelligence of the enemies is made less effective. Also, some pain killers are made available to the players.

Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne allows the players to enable the bullet time. This mode can slow the time, but the players can still aim in real time. The time meter for bullet will keep decreasing, when the game is being played, and will automatically increase, when it is not being used, and can be replenished by killing the enemies. The game is a much improved version, as compared to the previous game, and the player can also arm Max with grenades or Molotov cocktail, when he is near the enemy. And, Max can also perform some melee attacks.

If you want an easy way to get through Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne. There are Max Payne 2 walkthrough guides and videos available online to help you get through this video game in no time at all.

Cheat Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne Cheat Codes

When you start the game, you can start it by entering “-developer” in the command line parameter. And, while playing the game, you can press ~ for displaying the console window. Here, you can enter various cheat codes, such as god, mortal, coder, getbullettime, gethealth, getberetta, getdeserteagle, getmp5, getmolotov, etc.

All of these PlayStation 2 cheat codes will help in getting those cheats activated so you can breeze through this game that much quicker.

Just enter the following Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne cheat code during gameplay for the cheat code to take effect.


With all this knowledge, you can successfully play and enjoy the game of Max Payne 2 The Fall of Max Payne.

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