Major League Baseball 2K13

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Major League Basebal 2K13 is nearly here. Do the home run trot, folks, because the 2K Sports video game is scheduled for release on March 5th, on both PS3 and Xbox 360, and apparently, it outdoes last year’s MLB2K12. Looking at the Major League Baseball 2K13 trailer that hit the net recently, you can spot several significant changes. Enhanced Graphics and smoother Gameplay are just some of the improvements baseball fans can expect in Major League Baseball 2K13.

Major League Baseball 2K13 – Gameplay

Blow open the game in true style with easier Gameplay and improved MLB 2K13 controls. 2K’s signature Total Control Pitching is once again featured on this simulation sporting game, and the unique interface makes for a satisfying Gameplay pitching experience indeed. Batting is equally satiating, but don’t count on hitting homers easily when you’re up against the likes of Jeff Samardzija and Stephen Strasburg. Major League Baseball 2K13 PlayStation 3 and MLB 2K13 Xbox 360 are meant to be realistic, and therefore, somewhat challenging.

Major League Baseball 2K13 – PlayStation 3

Speaking of realism, did I mention that Major League Baseball 2K13 features authentic commentary by Gary Thorne, Steve Phillips and John Kruk? In addition, in both Major League Baseball 2K13 PlayStation 3 and MLB 2K13 Xbox 360, several star players make an appearance. Manny Machado, Justin and B.J Upton (both now playing for the Atlanta Braves), and David Price are some of the greats you will see. Price is the ‘cover boy’ in MLB 2K13. Also featured on MLB2K13, are the Houston Astros. They are in the American League, this year, kitted up in their new uniforms.

Major League Baseball 2K13 – Xbox 360

Here’s another Major League Baseball 2K13 Xbox 360 Gameplay bonus: the $1M Perfect Game Challenge is back in Major League Baseball 2K13. Things are bit different. This time round, it won’t be a single winner that smiles to the bank. The million dollars will be awarded as follows in MLB 2K13: $750k will be divided amongst 30 winners, who will get $25,000 each, and then the ‘grand prize’ winner takes home the remaining $250 thousand.

Major League Baseball 2K13 – Graphics

As mentioned, Graphics and Gameplay are said to be better. Looking at pre-release MLB 2K13 Xbox 360 reviews, however, gamers seem to argue that graphics will likely be far superior on the PlayStation 3 console, based on what they’ve seen. By the way, the game will not be available on PC. Either way, MLB 2K13 is bound to give you countless hours of baseball fun and Gameplay, making it worth the sixty dollars.

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