Magician Lord – A Magical Neo Geo Game That You Can Play In Your Hands

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Magician Lord seems similar to Ghouls ‘n Ghosts by Capcom at first glance. You’ll play as a wizard who wants to defend the fictional realm of Cadacis from Gul-Agieze in this Neo Geo classic. Both the sound and visuals of this game are appealing. Although the sprites seem a little bit dumpy, the gameplay remains impressive. You also can hear stunning music during the gameplay action. The theme of the first level is quite beautiful. The most interesting part of this game is the transformations progress of the main character. You play a character who can transform into different forms such as Poseidon, Waterman, Samurai, Dragon, Raizin, and Shinobi. Each of them has unique special abilities that you can use to defeat your enemies.

Magician Lord – The Story

You will play as Elta. He is a magician who has a duty to protect his homeland against evil. In fact, he’s the last generation of the lord of magic. There are 8 missing books of sorcerer that he must find. As a player, you will face many horrors and chaotic levels during the gameplay action. You can use the joystick to move your character. The A button is for attacking while the B button is used for jumping. There are some guides or online videos that can show you how to play with this character efficiently.

Magician Lord – The Gameplay

The gameplay of Magician Lord Neo Geo is quite adventurous. You can jump, climb, and shoot during the game. There are many levels that Elta should face in Magician Lord. There are some bosses that will popup throughout the game. In order to complete Magician Lord, the main character that you’re playing has to reach the final stage and must defeat Az Atorse. It will be a long journey by yourself. Overall, the Magician Lord gameplay is quite standard and it’s really challenging, fast paced action. If you can’t complete a level in a timely manner, there will be a monster that will harass you in the middle of the game. Which should be pretty hilarious. It’s quite difficult for some gamers. Elta’s basic attack is weak. His best skill is the transformation process.

Cancelled Sequel of The Magician Lord Video Game

Although Magician Lord appears to be a successful game designed for Neo Geo gamers, the makers of this game cancelled the sequel to Magician Lord. There was a plan to release a sequel for Magician Lord in 1995. Yet, it was cancelled due to a particular reason. The proposition of Magician Lord remains the same for 2 years after the presence of the 1st game was released. When the player defeats the last boss. Elta will be able to seal him up with his special magical powers. During this time, the realm of Cadacis is covered with darkness. This condition may release the seal of Az Atorse and Gul-Agieze. Because if Elta does not seal Az Atorse and Gul-Agieze properly. They could bring back havoc to Elta’s homeland once more if the seal is once again broken. You can watch the Magician Lord longplay video below to see the games entirety for yourself.

Magician Lord – Reception

According to some sources, this game has gained positive reception reviews among Neo Geo gamers, but the ratings for Magician Lord is poor due to many reasons. The Magician Lord review of the game has been rated 7 stars out of 10. But Magician Lord cannot beat or live up to it’s expectations against its rival counterpart, the Ghouls ‘n Ghosts video game. Yet, Magciain Lord is quite unique with many features and quality graphics. It’s a classic game with an appealing visual and sound. It should be one of many favorite Neo Geo games that you can play on the Neo Geo platform.

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