Madden NFL 16 – A Professional Football Game for The Ages

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Madden NFL 16 is one of the most anticipated games of the ages. Everyone who has ever played a video knows something about Madden and the foothold it has on the entertainment industry. IF there is one football game that people know, no matter their background or origin, it is Madden NFL. There have always been football games that people have gathered around the television for, but none of them bring about the audience that the Madden football games have brought. Madden NFL 16 is set to be a highly popular and groundbreaking game that anyone would be fortunate enough to play.

Madden NFL 16 Skills Trainer

Madden NFL 16 Skills Trainer was one of the most fun modes to play for new players and veterans alike. It is a great mechanic that not only teaches people how to play the game but can help some of the more advanced techniques become more crisp and consistent. It comes loaded with tutorials and the fundamentals that help you increase your game farther than you ever thought possible. One of the more interesting features about skills trainer is that is purposely sets up positions to force you to adapt and change your play style to them. It is an interesting mode that any serious Madden player should try out.

Check out the official Madden NFL 16 trailer below to see what all the hype is all about.

Madden NFL 16 Player Ratings

The Madden NFL 16 player ratings are something that everyone knows and is familiar with. This is basically the summary of the stats of a particular player. It is not the only thing that someone should look at when trying to create the perfect roster or team but it is definitely a great start. The player ratings change all the time based on their actions in reality so it is always interesting to view.

Madden NFL 16 Playmaker Broadcast

Now, this is a real neat feature if you are someone that likes showing off their plays or certain actions they performed. Madden NFL 16 has really enhanced these features that not only gives the player more control over the replay but also makes it prettier than ever before.

Madden NFL 16 Ultimate Team

Madden NFL 16 Ultimate team is a very fun and desirable mode in the franchise that lets you lay with players no matter the generation or timeframe. You can also use these players in special challenges while earning coins to buy packs that let you get players and buy and trade them. This is a very fun mode that many Madden NFL 16 players play and is just one of the many ways that keeps Madden ahead of the football pack.

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