Madden NFL 12 American Football

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Madden NFL 12 PlayStation 3, or Madden NFL 12 Xbox 360 as some may prefer it, is an EA football video game. It is based on the actual American National Football League.

This video game is designed to bring fans closer than ever to the NFL and make players feel as though they’re actually in the game. This video game features the original thirty two teams, favored players and stadiums in the league. The graphics are stunning and the soundtrack enhances the realistic Gameplay experience. This game stays very close to the true game of football, which bodes well for die-hard football aficionados.

This video game is also available on two game system platforms, PS3 and Xbox 360. Regardless of which system you’re using, the experience is unmatched when it comes to lifelike football games that’ll get your blood pumping.

Collision System for Madden NFL 12 PlayStation 3 Game

With both the PS3 and Xbox 360 version you get complete control of the players up to the point where impact occurs. This simulation in the PS3 and Xbox 360 game creates the most authentic head-on collisions in the history of the gameplay franchise for the player.

Improved Defensive Artificial Intelligence

With more than a hundred defensive gameplay enhancements, you get the strongest defense ability to date. This means that players in the area will recognize and respond to different plays, and even break out of assignments when necessary; the result is a team that really works as one. The creators really got this right.

The Custom Playbooks in Madden NFL 12 Gameplay

A highly anticipated feature of this new PlayStation 3 and Xbox video game is the ability to modify or create your own playbook, and the developers have really worked it in nicely. Now you can incorporate your custom playbook into a game plan and create authentic scenarios where you are in charge of the gameplay.

Redefining the Madden NFL 12 Soundtrack and Broadcast

Playing the Madden 12 game, you are able to enjoy NFL Sundays like you never have before thanks to its revived presentation. The new PS3 features all the team-specific shows, and even includes the cheerleaders and mascots. Expert film cameramen contributed to the development to give you a genuine on-the-field experience. Hundreds of improvements have been made to the visuals. You can get a feel for everything from the helmet sticks and weather and field surface, to the personalities of each player.

Become a Superstar: Build a Madden NFL 12 PlayStation 3 Franchise

Control the growth of your personal superstar player thanks to the progression system in the PS3 game, which allows you to earn necessary skill points by participating in games and practices. This enhances the gameplay, but not only that; Madden NFL 12 lets you build your own incredible franchise that includes cut days in preseason, player roles, free agent bidding system, and more.

This video game brings the NFL field to you, especially the PlayStation 3 version. This game is perfect to play on a Sunday with the guys, but it also makes for good family football fun. Fanatics will love both the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 versions and really appreciate the realism. Madden NFL 12 takes American football gaming to a whole new level.

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