Madden 15 – Brutal NFL Gameplay

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Madden 15 is the newest sports video game based on National Football League. It can be played on PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One gaming consoles. Equipped with brand new features, the Madden 15 brings the NFL experience as close to reality as it can get. With real time statistics and player ratings, the users of this video game will have to accustom themselves to dealing with all the trading plans, play strategies and fluctuating player ratings as in the real world.

This video game has several improved features discussed below like PlayerSense 2.0, Play Calling, CFM and Pass Rush mechanics. The makers of this video game have always wanted the users to get the feel of playing a live NFL game with life like graphics and changing statistics depending on their team’s performance.

Madden 15 Deep Dive

While playing defense the users can use the new defensive line jump by pulling the trigger at the right time to take out the QB or the runner. In case the trigger is pushed early the user might end up on the offside. New Madden 15 skills have been added which guide the users on playing the game and making better decisions. The Skills trainer attached will point out the coverage and weakness for the user to improve his game in no time.

Madden 15 Play Calling

The improved presentation goes beyond broadcast pack as it has been overhauled to let players get real time information about their team’s performance at any given point of time. The objective of revamping was to create an insightful system that makes users experience complete control by having the best players under their command. Users can now access unlimited data from all online games played with their new crowd sourced play suggestions. They can now see the most called plays and their success percentage. The enhanced game flow system identifies the opponent’s strategies along with community success. Madden 15 users can see how their successful plays have brought them wins. Plays based on concepts like fades, slants and streaks can be recalled by users.

Madden 15 Player Sense 2.0

This amazing feature has opened up the human aspect of playing NFL. It has improved player passions, relative understanding, head tracking, reach tackles and much more. The speed with which defenders usually break on throws will be determined by the zone coverage ratings. Madden 15 defenders with higher zone coverage ratings will have faster reaction to throws. This improved logic takes into count the player traits when it comes to swat, interception or a tackle. Man coverage ratings have also been designed to help player and defense behavior. The concept of disguised defenses has been added to keep the players guessing the opponent’s strategy.

Madden 15 Franchise CFM

The makers of Madden 15 have made big and exciting changes in Connected Franchise Mode (CFM) this year. Several additions have been made to Game prep and Confidence section. Game prep can be used by players to make sure that their team is primed up for the game and also earn XP for backups and new players. Every player in the team has a confidence rating which is directly proportional to the player’s and teams action on a weekly basis. Losses, poor performances and low trades can decrease a player’s confidence rating significantly. Other factors influencing this rating are the player’s position, performance rating and importance of the game played. Madden 15 players can track the changes in confidence ratings after every game on a separate screen. Every player is usually given a rating of 50 which is normal but this rating will fluctuate once the players start to exceed expectations or not be par with the others.

Madden 15: Game Prep

Game prep is Madden 15’s answer to practice mode in this video game. It allows users to make the proper choice for developing a strong team. Players of every team are given a decided amount of time to prepare for the game. Game prep gives users several choice of activity to choose from for their players. Each activity has been designed to either increase a player’s confidence or earn XP. Players will earn more XP or confidence based on their ability and the experience of their coaches. Practicing in-game skills will up the ante of players most of the time.

Madden 15 Owner Mode

An exciting change in the Madden 15 buy packages screen is letting users buy multiple packages and commit to changes at a single go. Owner mode has also seen several changes concerning sellable items of the team. It is much more challenging than the last time as now money depends on winning more and earning money through wins rather than selling team merchandise and building new stadiums. Owners of teams are given more control by allowing hiring and firing of staff during the season.

Weekly goals for Madden 15 players and coaches will now change as per their stats such as team rating, games played and player ratings as well. The weekly goals will be set taking into account the position in the depth chart as well. Users can now stimulate multiple seasons at a time adding more power to them. An in-depth screen tracks player’s progression and regression in connected franchise during the season so that users can check how they are performing at any time. Users can now also put their team on auto pilot mode when they are unable to actively take part. They can also select the time slot.

Madden 15 Pass Rush Mechanics

Madden 15 has its quarterbacks rated and equipped as per their talent on the field. Every quarterback will have an accuracy rating which ranges from very inaccurate to perfect. This is determined by their accuracy ratings and pressure of the pocket. The more higher the rating of the player, the more accurate their throw will be. However if the rating is low then there are more. So grab your copy in stores right now. Bring Madden 15 into the comforts of your own living room. You’ll swear that you’re sitting in the front row seats to an actual NFL game. The Seattle Seahawks CB Richard Sherman awaits your challenge.

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