Mad Max – Explore A Dangerous Post Apocalyptic World to Survive

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Mad Max is well known as new astonishing adventure video game. It’s the third-person game utilizing vehicular combat. It’s set in open wasteland and based on famous Mad Max Fury Road film. Avalanche Studios becomes the developer of this game and released by Warner Bros. This game is specifically designed for Microsoft Windows, Linux, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. This video game was released on September 1st, 2015 in the UK and North America, September 2nd, 2015 in Australia, September 3rd, 2015 in New Zealand, and September 4th, 2015 in Europe. This game is set in a post-apocalyptic desert. There are caves, canyons, and other wilderness. The major character of this game is Max Rockatansky.

Mad Max The Story

Max Rockatansky takes himself into a journey to Silence Plains. He faces unexpected twist when War Boys attacks him on the way and steals his supplies, clothes, car, and weapons. The group, which is led by Scabrous Scrotus, leaves Max alone in the wasteland. During his journey to search for his Interceptor, he meets Chumbucket. He’s a hunchbacked mechanic who is crafting Magnus Opus. This vehicle later will be utilized by Max as the hope to take revenge on Scrotus. Both of them become partners and form some type of a partnership together. They set out of a base to search for water, food, upgrades, allies, and redemption.

Mad Max Characters

The main protagonist of the Mad Max video game is Max Rockatansky. His aim is to give his pay back to Scrotus. He befriends Chumbucket, who is a trustworthy mechanic in Opus. Both of them try to survive on the land full of insanity. Chumbucket once was a black finger before meeting Max. He was working with the others in Gas Town. He has the dream to build Magnum Opus, which is the most powerful and fastest car in the Wasteland. Well, the main antagonist in this game is indeed Scabrous Scrotus. He is a devilish warlord and the leader of War Boys. He’s the 3rd son of Immortan Joe. He owns the oil within Gas Town.

Mad Max Gameplay

Mad Max is mainly played as an action-adventure game. Its emphasis on vehicular battle in which the player takes on the role of major character Max. Based on the information given by game publisher, up to 60% of the game takes the player behind the wheel. Magnum Opus becomes the main vehicle, that’s used for war. There’s also a mounted cannon, flamethrowers, and a grappling hook that will be added to this vehicle. Magnus Opus will be upgraded with V8 engine and nitro boosts. There are some game play choices that are given. The player can choose to play aggressively or silently. It’s really up to the player on which way to proceed in this game.

Mad Max Garage

Then there’s the Magnum Opus Garage. It’s a name for an area which is included in Mad Max game. The garage contains Magnum Opus that Chumbucket crafted. The garage is made from railroad shipping jug and Old Ocean. This vehicle has many utilities, even to shoot the harpoon. This car is built to destroy enemies’ weaponry and vehicles. Players can aim and drive simultaneously with this car. There’s slow motion when players come in action. Although this game has the perspective of third-person point of view, the player can change it into first-person perspective. Max’s garage is utilized mainly to modify and upgrade.

Mad Max Weapons

There are many weapons used in this game. The most common one is boomerang. It’s a projectile weapon that has small damage impact. For better damage, the player can use sawn-off shotgun. It’s a firearm which is used through Max’s journeys in the dessert. However, the ammo for this gun is hard to find in the desert. There’s a time when it comes as a flop when fired. Another potential weapon is thunderstick / thunderspoon. It’s the combination of thunder and harpoon. These two weapons are mainly used during vehicular war. It produces the electricity when ignited. As a result, it also causes huge explosions.

Mad Max Graphics

What about the graphics of this video game? This game is released both for the PC and gaming consoles. The game is optimized for different platforms, with a comparable graphic quality. Relatively, the game offers optimal performance for any platforms. Mad Max has small difference in the aspect of graphics in different platforms. The PC version is better at the aspect of frame-rate. There’s also a test in which the PC is utilized on maximum settings for the graphics. You can conduct reviews about different quality of graphics for different gaming platforms. There have been many sites discussing the topics of this games comparison.

Mad Max Avalanche Studios

It was on February 14th, 2013, where a leaked screenshot of this game was teased by Avalance Studios. The game later was released during the conference of Sonypress. The game specifically was released for the PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, and Xbox One in 2014. There was an unclear relationship between the 2 projects. In April 2014, Avalanche Studios announced that this game would be delayed. The delay happened until 2015. The game is also re-tooled in some points during the development. It was finally used as the original concept of the series. The setting takes place both in Thunder Dome and Gas Town.

Mad Max Explore The Wasteland

After collecting all the valuable items, the player can use the garage to upgrade his Magnus Opus. There are many pieces of your car that can be upgraded, with many parts scattered around the desert. This game is played with objectives. The player should be able to gather many upgrades as possible to face the next aims in the game. There will be many attackers during the journey. It’s a perfect time to use the weapons such as flamethrowers, hooks, shotguns, and many more upgrades can be used on the car. Once the player captures outposts, allies will then give supplies to the player. The more captures you get and the faster you can upgrade the car. The better off you’ll be in the Max video game. So get out there, rule the Wasteland to survive and take control of Mad Max, The Road Warrior himself.

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