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Halo Combat Evolved is The first in the series that gave players the chance to shoot, strategize, and play with friends. It came along with the Xbox system, easily becoming one of the most popular titles for the system and as a whole. People love the difficulty and the multiplayer aspects of it. There has been so much love for the Halo games that it has spawned several sequels. With each sequel, it is difficult to match the excitement and engagement of the original, but Bungie does a good job of it. Both what carries over into each game and the new features produce entertainment that few other titles can match. PC users can even purchase a copy of Halo Combat Evolved for PC if they want a more online experience instead of the original Xbox gaming console versions.

Halo Combat Evolved Gameplay
An image screenshot taken directly from the Xbox game Halo Combat Evolved.

The Story and Characters of Halo Combat Evolved

Halo Combat Evolved is a futuristic game. Set in a science fiction type universe, it gives you access to locations and technology suitable for this time. While it is not hugely innovative, it does provide an excellent backdrop and setting. It does science fiction well. Everything from the Halo itself to the small details in the areas that you explore, it gives you a feel for the science fiction universe that we all know and love. You can find yourself mesmerized by this environment.

The story itself does not disappoint. While it is not the major selling point of the game, it is still enough to keep players interested, and it shows that a multiplayer game can be more than just that. It starts just after an attack on the Halo, which is where you are. You and others manage to escape through pods, though few others survive upon landing. Those who did establish contact with you. Together, you begin to fight against the enemy aliens who attacked you, The Covenant, and attempt to save your people. You must make hard decisions on your way towards saving the universe and yourselves from this dangerous alien race.

There are not many characters in Halo Combat Evolved. You play as Master Chief. He is one of the few remaining super soldiers, possessing powers that make him one of the best on the field. You will use his skills, and the weapons found throughout the game, to tear down the alien race. With you is the AI Cortana. She assists you while you explore and battle. One of the only other major characters in the game is Jacob Keyes, the captain of the Halo, called the Pillar of Autumn by the crew. You will meet other characters along the way, but the majority of what you see are unnamed aliens.

Check out the Halo Combat Evolved trailer below for a better aspect of what the Halo Combat Evolved video game is like from a game players perspective.

Halo Combat Evolved Gameplay

There is not much to say about the gameplay of Halo Combat Evolved. While it is a fun game, it does not stand out when compared to similar games, at least not in terms of gameplay. There is nothing innovative or new about it. It offers many of the same features and much of the same usability that you get in most other first-person shooters. While this does not bring down the overall quality and entertainment of the game, it does not do much for it, either. It is, in many ways, your average first-person shooter.

Play Halo Combat Evolved Multiplayer with Friends

There were two ways that you could play with friends in Halo Combat Evolved. Since the game came out before the release of Xbox Live, neither of these methods are online. The first is to play split screen on the same machine. Two people would share the same screen, as was normal during the time, and play based on that. The second was to have LAN parties, where players would bring and hook up their consoles to play all at once in Halo Combat Multiplayer mode.

Halo Combat Evolved did have several multiplayer modes. If you decided to play along with friends, you could go into these modes to play along with your friends. The multiplayer modes and features are what made the game a huge success.

Voice Cast of Halo Combat Evolved

Voice actors in Halo Combat Evolved did an excellent job. One thing that people adored about the series was the actors and how well they brought you into the world. The two main voice actors were Steve Downes as Master Chief and Jen Taylor as Cortana. They, along with the other voice actors, did a fabulous job with their characters.

The Future of Halo Combat Evolved

With the success of Halo Combat Evolved, it is no surprise that there was a Halo 2. It arrived with access to Xbox Live, allowing players to enjoy the multiplayer aspect of it with people from around the globe. It quickly became the top game, keeping that spot for a long while.

Audio of Halo Combat Evolved

People who played the Halo Combat Evolved game immediately fell for the audio. The team in charge of the Halo Combat Evolved soundtrack and overall audio made it more like an experience, something that brought you into the game and made you want to explore more.

Halo Combat Evolved and Its Reviews

The reception was exceptionally high. Halo remains one of the most popular series of all time. Halo Combat Evolved certainly did make a name for itself, bringing together everything most players craved at the time.

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