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Grand Theft Auto V is one month away from it’s official launch into video gaming stores around the world. It’s been over a year and a half since the official announcement of Grand Theft Auto V by Rockstar, but after a long wait, it is finally almost here. Set to be released on September 17th, on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Grand Theft Auto V (also known as GTA 5) already has scores of fans on their toes, and the game promises to be bigger and badder than ever. In fact, Grand Theft Auto V is expected to be the most successful title in the GTA series so far and the biggest game of 2013. Retailers are predicting that millions of copies of GTA V will be sold on release day alone.

Grand Theft Auto V Story

Ready to take over the South West? In GTA V you find yourself back in San Andreas, Los Santos, which is a fictional representation of modern Los Angeles. The story sees you, one of 3 protagonists, be sucked into a corrupt world of thievery, archetype criminals and humorous chaos as you “pursue the almighty dollar” in classic GTA style. The story is centered on the personal lives and ambitions of the 3 characters—an ex-con, a gangster and a drug pusher—and how they intersect.

Grand Theft Auto V Gameplay

GTA V story line aside, the gameplay is said to improve on all gameplay elements of previous games in the series. One major improvement is the vastness of the new GTA world, which encompasses suburbs, beaches, wilderness, mountains and much more, leaving a lot of room for exploration. Another notable feature is that one can switch between the three playable characters, Trevor, Franklin and Michael, during or outside of story missions.

Brawl and shooting mechanics are also better in Grand Theft Auto V, as are driving mechanics. Vehicles will drive a lot better in the new game, handling less like boats and more like racing cars, and they’ll be highly upgradable. It is also reported that Grand Theft Auto V story players will have customizable pets. Further gameplay enhancements include the ability to accomplish daring heists, BASE jumping, hunt deer, do yoga, working out, and even playing tennis and golf. There will also be a multiplayer mode, where players can join and form crews.

Grand Theft Auto V Graphics

Compared to the graphics of Grand Theft Auto IV and previous games in the series, the graphics are much more aesthetically pleasing. Looking at the Grand Theft Auto V teaser trailers and several screenshots that have been released to date, one can notice significant visual improvements, from the realistic appearance of the characters to the stunning details in the GTA V environment. One Reddit user even took it upon himself to compare screenshots from GTA IV and the new GTA game, to demonstrate that Grand Theft Auto V graphics have improved drastically.

Grand Theft Auto V Radio Stations

GTA fans will be glad to hear that the Grand Theft Auto V radio stations are the same ones from the previous games, although there is a change. A lot of missions “will be scored” in the Grand Theft Auto V story, meaning that certain tracks will be played at crucial moments to accentuate intensity and create atmosphere.

As can be expected, the signature Grand Theft Auto V radio stations will feature many of the old favorite tracks on Grand Theft Auto V, such as Queen’s “Radio Ga Ga,” Warren G’s “Regulate” and Stevie Wonder’s “Skeletons,” along with a few new ones.

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